Tidewater Womens Soccer League: TWSL Board

Have a question or concern?  Please contact us and let us know what we can do for you.


President: Ashley Parker                                              Vice President: Alex Westfall 

twslpresident@gmail.com                                             twslvicepresident@gmail.com


Registrar: Debbie Marlowe                                          Treasurer: Michelle Dalton 

twslregistration@yahoo.com                                         twsltreasurer@gmail.com


Secretary: Rachel Axdahl                                           Communications/Technology Director: Mel McPherson

twslsoccersecretary@gmail.com                                twslcommunicationsdirector@gmail.com 


Open Division Coordinator: Michelle Schocklin               O-30 Division Coordinator: Trish Bennett  

twslopencoordinator@gmail.com                                   twslover30coordinator@gmail.com