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Twin Valley Girls Softball League

Twin Valley Girls Softball League  
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Twin Valley Girls Softball League
Upton, Massachusetts


Thursday, July 27
Twin Valley Summer Softball


Twin Valley Softball League

Welcome to the 2017 Season!

The Twin Valley Girls Softball League is a recreational fast pitch softball league for girls ages 7 through 18 in the Twin Valley region of Massachusetts.


COGRATULATIONS to the 2017 TVL Champions







 Monday July 24th


#1 Hopkinton      vs    #8 Natick    Forfeit     in Hopkinton at Carrigan Field
#2 Hudson   11   vs    #7 Westboro    8        in Hudson at Hudson High School OD1
#3 Milford  12    vs    #6 Uxbridge     8          in Milford at Memorial Field (Town Park)
#4 Nipmuc   17    vs   #5 Marlboro      9       in Nipmuc at Memorial Field in Mendon

Wednesday July 26th 

#1 Hopkinton   2   vs     #4 Nipmuc     12              in Hopkinton at Carrigan 1

#2 Hudson      11   vs   #3 Milford       9                at Hudson High School OD1

Friday July 28th 

U10A Championship 

#2 Hudson vs #4 Nipmuc at Whitin Field in Uxbridge 


#1 Nipmuc       17     vs         #8 Milford        0             at Memorial field in Mendon
#2 Hopedale            vs         #7 Grafton       Forfeit     at Mellen far field
#3 Uxbridge   12    vs        #6 Westboro       1            at Whitin field
#4 Natick   Forfeit  vs       #5  Marlboro        1            at Natick High School

Wednesday July 26th 

#1 Nipmuc   2     vs   #5 Marlboro    1        Nipmuc at Memorial field

#2 Hopedale  6   vs   #3 Uxbridge      1        Mellen Far Field

Friday July 28th 

U14 Championship 

#1 Nipmuc vs  #2 Hopedale at Whitin Field Uxbridge

Tuesday July 25th


 #1 Hudson    8       vs      #8 Milford          6         at Hudson High OD2
#2 Hopedale  12    vs      #7 Marlboro        0            at Mellen far field
#3 Nipmuc     12   vs      #6 Millbury          3        at Memorial field in Mendon
#4 Hopkinton  2      vs     #5 Northbridge   2           at Carrigan 1

Thursday July 27th

#1 Hudson      6      vs    #5 Northbridge     2            at Hudson High OD1

#2 Hopedale   9     vs    #3 Nipmuc              7            at Mellen far field 

Friday July 28th

U12A Championship 

 #1 Hudson vs  #2 Hopedale


 #1 Framingham   10    vs    #4 Medfield      9     at Walsh Elementary
#2 Hudson          16    vs   #3 Holliston       4     at Hudson High OD2

Thursday July 27th 

#1 Framingham     13    vs     #2 Hudson        12       at Walsh Elementary 


 #1 Nipmuc  17    vs     #4 Grafton   5     at Nipmuc High School
#2 Hopedale  4    vs     #3 Auburn    8      at Mellen far field in Hopedale

Thursday July 27th 

#1 Nipmuc      9       vs    #3 Auburn    3          at Nipmuc High School 

Friday July 28th 

U12B Championships 

#1 Framingham    vs      #1 Nipmuc


 Umpires for Twin Valley Games - 2017

Umpires will be assigned for all scheduled games by one of the contacts listed below. 

In the event of a Game Cancellation or Field Change, the coach of the Home Team is responsible for notifying their contact of the change with appropriate lead-time. If an umpire has already traveled to a field or does not get appropriate time to react the home team will be liable for Umpire's fees for that game and for any reschedule.


Umpire Contacts:

Jack Moore  508-380-6681 for the towns of:  Ashland, Blackstone-Millville, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Marlboro, Medfield, Medway, Milford, Natick, Sharon.

Mike Goulet 774-242-9425 for the towns of: Auburn  Charlton, Douglas, Grafton/Sutton, Hopedale, Hudson, Millbury, Nipmuc, Northbridge, Oxford, Uxbridge, Webster, Westborough.  Mike is a new assigner assisting Mary Stanton.  If you can't reach Mike, you can call Mary at 508-612-3637.


Any additional communication regarding umpires, games or issues must be communicated through your Twin Valley Town Representative.

Wednesday, June 22
Reporting Scores

Twin Valley Girls Softball League
Twin Valley Girls Softball League
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