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Wednesday, July 23
Latest Happenings

2014-2015  SEE HANDOUTS FOR 2014-2015 NEW BOARD MEMBERS!!!!! 

Board Meeting pushed off to AUG 7th due to Fair and All Stars 

Congrats to all our All Stars, Coaches and Volunteers for a Great Season!

 10 years win District 73 and lose at Nor Cal Division - but have a lot for which to be proud!

 11 years win District 73! - GREAT SEASON!


  12 years win District 73! -Our 12's won Section 6 Championship 2-1 but ended up losing in Nor-Cal Divisonal games agains Woodcreek and River Park!  A tremendous year!




2014 ALL STARS!!!!

10 Year Old All-Stars 11 Year Old All-Stars 12 Year Old All-Stars
1) Aidan Askil 1) Jacob Carlos 1) Silas Fredeen
2) Cooper Carr 2) Devean Arroyo 2) Jake Abrams
3) Auki Flores 3) Jayden Jackson 3) Markie Delgadillo
4) Kaden Petersen 4) Avery Sleeper 4) Matthew Govea
5) Dylan Fuller 5) Mason Jordan 5) Ryan Leonesio
6) Boston Souza 6) Cole Pacheco 6) Dalton Linn
7) Issac Hampto 7) Andrew Folly 7) Jack Swanson
8) Drake Browning 8) James Ericksen 8) Tony Modica
9) Griffen Sotomayor 9) Anthony Tullio 9) Steffin Winston
10) Nicholas Criscione 10) Cameron Ward 10) Jonathan Neal
11) Zach Mayol 11) Owen Coelho 11) Andy Owen
12) Connor Leonard 12) Logan Smith 12) Matthew Livingston
13) Addan Gutierrez 13) Ethan Lamb 13) Trent Brown


Trent Caldera
Cameron Haggstrom
Trevor Lovelace
Jakob Skinner
Liam Jones
Ernesto Ramirez
Robert Zacarias
Peyton Bass
Bryce Lockmiller
Ryan Smith
Nicholas Tullio
Jacob Smith
Donovan Coelho




Tuesday, January 19
Rain Out

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Cooperstown Gala

To all Turlock Little League Fans!!!!!!

Saturday March 26th 2011, Turlock American Little League will be putting on a dinner/auction at CSUS to help raise funds for our league. This event will feature a five course meal which will include, appetizers, salad, asparagus, twice baked potato and a 12oz Rib Eye and all you can drink beer and wine!!! At the event we will have auctions filled with many items including A trip for 4 to Disneyland, A round of Golf at Turlock Country Club and many MORE!!! We will also be Raffling of a Shotgun for the men and a $2000 Jewelry shopping spree with Limo escort. This will be a night filled with fun and excitment to raise money for Turlock American Little League!!! 

For information Click on the Cooperstown Gala Link on the Side. 

Friday, February 18

Field Cleanup Day

Saturday February 26 we will be having our field cleanup day at Julien field from 9-1. This will be the day where we will clean up the field and the surrounding area to get it ready for opening day and the rest of the season. We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to get as much work done as we can. So please let everyone you know to show up Saturday February 26 at 9am for field cleanup.

Sunday, March 6

Thank You!!!

We would like to thank everyone for showing up and supporting all of the players and volunteers that make up Turlock American Little League. Our opening ceremonies and drive thru BBQ went very well, and the day was also full of some great games that showed us what we have to look forward to this season. Thank you for your continue support of our league and we look forward to seeing you the rest of the season at the Baseball field.

Thank You!!!!! 

Makeup Schedule
The Major makeup schedue has been added to view the times and dates of the make up games click on the Schedule tab on the left side of the page. Minors makeup schedule will be updated soon. 

Tuesday, May 31
City Championship

Friday, June 10
City Tournament

2011 Turlock Little Leagues City Tournament Schedule

*** This is the newly updated playoff schedule. Schedule could change depending on the weather. Check this site for updates on teams and games. ***

Monday, June 6th

Game 1: AL #2 seed Tigers 12, NL #3 seed D' Backs 2 (F/4)

Game 2: NL #2 seed Dodgers 11, AL #3 seed Rangers 1 (F/4)

Game 3: AL #1 seed Orioles 10, NL #4 seed Rockies 1

Game 4: NL #1 seed Pirates 11, AL #4 seed Red Sox 1

Wednesday, June 8th

Game 5: AL #2 seed Tigers 5, NL #1 seed Pirates 3

Game 6: AL #1 seed Orioles 4, NL #2 seed Dodgers 2

Game 7: AL #4 seed Red Sox 10, NL #3 seed D' Backs 0 (F/4)

Game 8: NL #4 seed Rockies 6, AL #3 seed Rangers 3

Thursday, June 9th

Game 9: NL #2 seed Dodgers 7, AL #4 seed Red Sox 5

Game 10: NL #1 seed Pirates 4, NL #4 seed Rockies 2

Saturday, June 11th

Game 11: NL #2 seed Dodgers vs. NL #1 seed Pirates @ Julien Field 5:00 p.m.

Game 12: AL #2 seed Tigers vs. AL #1 seed Orioles @ Julien Field 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 12th

Game 13: Loser of Game 12 vs. Winner of Game 11 @ Julien Field 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday, June 14th (Championship Night)

Minor League City Championship Game @ Julien Field 5:00 p.m.

Game 14: Winner of Game 13 vs. Winner of Game 12 @ Julien Field 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, June 15th (If Needed)

Game 15: Loser of Game 14 vs. Winner of Game 14 @ Julien Field TBA

Turlock American Little League Sign Ups

 Sign up cost will be as followed $100 for Majors and Minors and $75 for Machine Pitch. We will accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards(with convenience fee). To sign up your child you will need to bring Original birth certificate and 3 proofs of residency.


1. Driver’s License 2. Voter’s Registration 3. School records 4. Welfare/child care records 5. Federal records 6. State records 7. Local (municipal) records 8. Support payment records 9. Homeowner or tenant records 10. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) 11. Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records 12. Insurance documents 13. Medical records 14. Military records 15. Internet, cable or satellite records 16. Vehicle records 17. Employment records

 Note:Three utility bills (three items from No. 10 above) constituteonly ONE document.


Saturday December 10th 1pm-5pm

Friday January 6th 6pm-8pm

Thursday January 12th 6pm-8pm

Friday January 13th 6pm-8pm

Saturday January 14th 10am-2pm


The First United Methodist Church on the corner of Arbor and Berkeley 


Tryout Dates

2012 Minor Tryout Dates

Tuesday February 7 Tryout Has Been Canceled 

 Thursday Feb 9

8's - 5:00-6:00

9's - 6:15-7:30

Saturday Feb 11

8's - 9am-10:00

9's - 10:15-12:00

All Tryouts will be held at Julien, and your child needs to make 2 out of the 3 to be eligible.  

Sunday, March 4

Cooperstown Gala

With the Little League season offically underway. It is that time again Turlock American Little League will be putting on its 2nd Annual Cooperstown Gala Dinner/Auction. This event will take place on Staurday March 24, 2012 at Denair Community Center. This will be a great event for us parents to get together have a real good time and raise some funds for the Kids. This will be a casual fun event, Tickets will cost $30 and Dinner and Free Drinks. To purchase Tickets you can contact Raymond Caldera 209-202-0956. Also if you are interested in Donating auction items or sponsoring our event you can also contact Raymond Caldera for all the info.

This will be a Great Night of FUN and one not to be Missed!

Junior and Senior League Tryouts

Will be held in Denair on April 14th at 1pm for more info contact Nate Mirza 620-2686.

Friday, November 2


Saturday, May 17
NEW 50-70 LEAGUE and Seniors-

13 YEAR OLD - 50-70 (50 FOOT PITCHER MOUND - 70 FOOT BASES) LEAGUE -    The 50-70 league is unfortunately cancelled for the remainder of the season due to a lack of participation (too few players each week)

SENIORS IS FOR 13-16!   Season Starts Tuesday May 20!


Wednesday, May 28
Minors Playoffs 2014

Monday, February 4
Thinking about Coaching Minors?

Thinking about Coaching/Managing Minors?  Our Kids need your help and the sooner the better!  Please complete a volunteer form (in Handout Section).  We need a copy of your drivers license (along with original) and let a Board Member know.--Thanks for volunteering!

Turlock American All Stars

Turlock American 2011 All Stars 
12 Year Old All Stars
Turlock American defeat Turlock National 12-8
Turlock American defeat Los Banos American 4-1
Turlock American v Atwater Friday July 8th in Atwater at 7pm 
Clay Abrams
Marcus Decouto
Devin Dekelaita
John Fitzgerald
Michael Govea
Connor Harmon
Isaiah Marable
Cam Martin
Tristan Palmer
Mitchell Pryschuck
Chris Steeley
Dylan Roberts
Damon treadwel 
11 Year Old All Stars
Turlock American defeat Chowchilla 20-0
Turlock American defeat Turlock National 5-3
Turlock American Lost Madera American 11-1
Turlock American defeat Turlock National 10-4
Turlock American defeat Madera American 8-4 
Brenden Curnow
Tyler Etharidge
Daniel Fareria
Dustin Green
Fabio Gutierrez
Aaron Hayner
Bryce Lockmiller
Alden Norquist 
Dominic Nunes
Michael Patterson
Jared Raposo
Dominic Silva
Dallin Tilby
10 Year Old All Stars
Turlock American defeat Los Banos American 4-1
Turlock American defeat Los Banos National  11-1
Turlock American v Madera American Friday July 8th in Madera at 7pm
Antonio Reyes
Justin Hines
Lucas Curtis
Cody Cury
Michael Mirza
Sean Locke
Tyler Gil
Mason King
Ty Lott
Casey Carr
Garret Fountian
Arik Bains
Kaleb Welch  

Monday, January 31

Little League headquarters in Williamsport PA has put out a list of approved bats for use in the little league program. Please check your bat with this list to make sure your bat is an approved bat. This was not a decision made by Turlock Little League but it is one that we have to enforce because it is one that has been made by Little League Headquarters. http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/2011ApprovedNonWoodBatList.pdf


Tuesday, January 11

Personalized Pennant Tiles

Personalized Pennant Tiles
T.A.L.L. Is offering personalized pennant tiles for sale to support your favorite team or player. For all the information on the tiles please view the personalized pennant handout.
Thank You
Turlock American Little League 

Handout: Personalized Pennant Tiles

Monday, March 14

Majors games are marked with a baseball, Minors are marked with the baseball field and Juniors are marked with a Glove. Home team is listed First

Thursday, March 17

Thursday, March 17

Monday, January 10

Schedule Icons 
Major League Games will be marked with a Baseball icon
Minor League Games will be marked with a Home Plate icon  
The home team is listed second 

Discussion Forum

Join us at www.turlocklittleleague.proboards.com to discuss all things little league and more. 

Monday, January 10

2011 Board Of Directors

2011 Board of Directors 

 On Thursday June 3 a new Board was elected to serve for the 2011 season below is a list of Turlock American Little League Board Of Directors for the 2011 season.

Ed Mirza, Paul Cooper, Andrew Whitehead, Nate Mirza, John Locke, Raymond Caldera, Raeanne Jones, Cheryl Weber, Vasco Raposo,  Phil Salazar, Michelle Smith, Leslie Finegan, Katy Phillips.



Monday, January 10