Tulsa Icons Basketball Club: Prospective Players/Parents

Friday, October 15
Interested In Becoming A Icons Player

Tulsa Icons Basketball Club appreciates your interest in the program and recognizes that your child is your most valuable asset. The coaches are committed to treating each child fairly and with respect. Coaching can at times be difficult; however there is never a situation that a child should be mistreated.  We all want to win, however Tulsa Icons Basketball understands that the long term goal is for each player to develop, and continue to learn the game.  Winning is the result of preparation, and short cuts are not allowed.  With this philosophy Tulsa Icons Basketball believes that its youth will excel on the court, and most importantly in any endeavors off of it.

Tryouts for the 2013 season will be held on February 9, 2013. Location TBA.

For more information, please contact coach Cann at donells_cann@yahoo.com or (918) 706-8969.

Openings For Each Team:

Tulsa Icons 2014 - Need 5 more players

Tulsa Lady Icons 2014 - Need 5 more players

Tulsa Icons 2018 - Need 6 more players