Tulsa Icons Basketball Club: Welcome

The Tulsa Icons Basketball Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the Tulsa Oklahoma metro area. Players are welcome from communities throughout Northeastern Oklahoma with practices based in the Tulsa Metro Area. Currently the Tulsa Icons Basketball Organization has (4) teams.

The teams are the following:

  1. Tulsa Icons 2014 - HS Boys
  2. Tulsa Lady Icons 2014- HS Girls
  3. Tulsa Icons 2018 - 7th Grade Boys - 13 and under

The Tulsa Icons Basketball Club is a competitive traveling AAU basketball team. The Tulsa Icons Basketball Club is an affiliated organization under the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

Tulsa Icons emphasize the core basketball, team building, and character skills that are required for each individual to be successful on the court, but most importantly as they matriculate through high school. The Icons's coaches believe in building its teams by building on each player's abilities, and through their dedication they intend for each player to have the opportunity to excel at the high school level to get noticed by colleges.

Core Basketball:  Tulsa Icons Basketball is founded on each player understanding and utilizing fundamental basketball skills learned through drills, individual, and team game situations.  Offensively each player focuses on ball handling, shot making, set offense, and full court offense. Defensively each player focuses on proper footwork, proper stance, and full/half court mixed defenses.  Although each player and their skill levels are different, the offensive and defensive schemes are structured that players learn multiple positions to increase their productivity, and to prepare for game situations.

Team Building:  Tulsa Basketball is built around youth developing their individual skills for the benefit of the team.  It is important that the youth interact with each other to learn one another's traits, along with socially interacting to build friendships

Character Skills:  Tulsa Basketball is about the enjoyment to be obtained from playing the sport; however each player is personally mentored to prepare them for young adulthood.  Since this organization is committed to working with each player throughout their high school years, Coach Cann emphasizes education and each player must maintain satisfactory school standards, along with preparing for collegiate standardized testing.

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