Sunday, July 18

Note: VIDEO ABOVE IS 6 YEARS OLD, so when coach is talking about 2012 High School Grads,   she is actually talking about "High School Freshman"



JULY 29/30 & AUGUST 5/6




Private Tryouts available

"All inquires will be kept confidential" 

email your softball resume to

tuffntuffer@comcast.net or 908-872-9324

-players must carry a 3.2 GPA or better-

TRYOUTS ARE FREE & our teams is Partially Sponsored

 Every girl that has played for 18U TNT Gold has gone on to play ball at some incredible universities. TNT Gold currently has players at Hofstra University, University of Virginia, Fordham University, Georgetown University, University of Maine, University of Pittsburgh, Mount Saint Mary’s, Temple University, University of Delaware, Drexel University, Lafayette University, Stoney Brook, DePaul University, Elon University, UAB, Seton Hall,  Rutgers University, Bowling Green University, USMA West Point, University of South Florida to name a few. Over the last 9 years TNT has helped over 72 young ladies, into some impressive universities. Many of our former TNT players have been named 1st & 2nd team all conference, in addition to academic all-American. 

TNT Gold is all about TRAINING, We have many avenues to help you find the University of your Dreams

TNT Girls train very hard, and are surrounded by the best training coaches in the country, including College Coaches, Speed & Agility Coaches, Strength Training Coaches, and what every other professional trainers we can bring in , to help are players be "Better then they think they can be" '

8 Former TNT Girls have appeared in the Womens College World Series.

One thing that we repeatedly hear from College Coaches, when TNT girls get there: They are ready and they are generally some of the hardest working girls on the team

One of your concerns may be distance. Girls that live a distance are common place on our team and other Gold teams. In past years we have 2 girls from Georgia, MD, NY, VA, SC & Ohio. Keep in mind that most national teams travel the entire country all year round. Your next question would then be about practice, and we will explain that at tryouts, but it is actually quit simple. 

If you would like to arrange a private (confidential) tryout, just call.  by phone or email. Please include contact information, Mother & Fathers cell , please fill out try out form and send back, thank you

All you have to do, is be willing to work harder then you ever thought possible, and you can

We are looking forward to hearing from you,  TNT GOLD COACHES

908-872-9324 or tuffntuffer@comcast.net


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