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Congratulations 18u TNT NATIONAL,   TOP 20 PGF NATIONALS.

Congratulations to 14U TNT EAST who finished TOP 10 at TCS WORLDS 

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TNT Gold/Premier/National has successfully competed at ASA Gold Nationals & PGF NATIONALS, finishing in the top 20 several times.


Dream about what you want to become, achieve and accomplish, don't just dream big,



2020&2021 Verbals

21,Julia Mrochko(IF/OF) University of S.Florida

20,Nichole Dorn(OF/IF)  Drexel University

2018 Verbals

Amanda MacBurnie(If/U)  University of Maine

Morgan Gienellie(3B,OF) Marist University

Madison McKevitt(OF)    Winthrop University

Meghan Conroy(P)        Drexel University

Mekayla Brennan (1B/P)  Lafayette College

Brianna Neely(OF)       University of Maine

Nicole Bechtel(C/IF)    University of S.Florida


2017 Verbals

Milena Lacatena(IF/C)   Youngstown State

Sarah Tannenbaum(OF)    Drexel University

GracePerechinsky(C/IF)  St Bonaventure*

Christine Frazee(P)     Monmouth University 


2016 TNT NLI's:

Kate Gordon(C/UT)      James Madison University  

Taylor Clark(SS/OF)    Virginia Tech University

Sabrina Odierno(C/IF)  Colgate University

Olivia Sborlini(IF/OF) Kent State University

Rebecca Gabert(OF/IF)  Iona College


2015 TNT NLI's :

Jennifer Cader(OF)     Kent State University

Lacy Smith(P/IF)       University Of Virginia

Rebecca Simms (UT)     University of Rhode Island

Mallory Pollack(OF)    University of Maryland BC

Erica Molovich (IF)    West Chester University

Morgan Almodovar(UT)   Wagner/Millersville University


2014 TNT NLI's :

Daria Edwards(IF/C)    Towson University

Erin Sabierski(P)      Long Island University 

Isabel Hansbury(UT)    Hofstra/St.Joes University

Abby Boyer(P)          Wagner University


2013 TNT NLI's

Nicole Casagrand(P/1B) University of Maryland(BC)

Trista Mokienko (3B/C) Bowling Green University

Sarah Dowd(OF)         Youngstown State

Aerika High(IF/OF)     Wagner University


2012 TNT NLI's:

Valerie Sadowl(SS/OF)  Univ. of Connecticut

Michele Duffy (SS/OF)  Kent State University

Megan Moore (C/1B)     Wagner University

Jackie DePietro(SS/OF) Seton Hall University

Courtney Solt (OF/C)   Quinnipiac University


2011 TNT GOLD NLI's:

Lauren Rajchel(OF)     Villanova University

Jamie Kertes(P/1B)     Bowling Green University

Chelsea Rex (P/OF)     St. Francis University

Jules Steurer (P/UT)   USMA West Point


2010 TNT GOLD NLI's:

Kelly Hieml (3B)       University Of Pittsburgh

Kate Roth(OF)          Temple University

Amy Weinberg(IF/C)     Bryant University

Lynea Cipielik(UT)     University of S. Florida

Liz Presto(C/IF)       Penn State University


2009 TNT Gold NLI's: 
Amanda Hietmier(C)     University of Pittsburgh
Sarah Landes(IF/P)     StoneyBrook University
Jen Harabeneah(SS)     Rutgers University
Danielle Cyr (OF)      Goergetown University
Megan Blank(SS/OF)     Goerge Mason University

2008 TNT GOLD NLI's:
Jess Hirshbihl(SS)      Hofstra University
Sarah Renolds(P)        Temple/LIU
Joanna Krasniski(SS/OF) Fordham University
Lucy Higgins(C/1B)      Rider University
Liz Christianson(1B)    Mount Saint Marys
Amanda Sadowl(P)        Mount Saint Marys
Samantha Schoal(OF/SS)  Temple University

2007 TNT Gold NLI's:
Pam DelPizzio(P)        Elon University
Jen Lepicki(C/1B)       Florida State University
Ali Henery(P)           Lafayette College
Kirstin ALlen(1B)       University of Maine
Courtney Zingle(OF)     Mount Saint Marys
Lauren Fry(OF)          Bucknell University
Natallie Mitchel(2B)    U of Alabama Birg

2006 TNT Gold NLI's:
Nicole Koren(P/OF)      University of Virginia
Ashley Ledato(OF)       Mount Saint Marys
Julie Pacino(OF)        UCLA
Maryane Magee(3B)       University of Delaware
Britney Stratton(P)     Hartford University

2005 TNT GOLD NLI's:
Erika Bernstien(SS)     Hofstra University
Patti Webber (SS)       Elon University
Amanda Heller (OF)      Rutgers University

above: "5 Academic All Americans": Patti Weber, Amanda Heller,Natalie Mitchell, Sam Schoal, Lauren Rajchel
(*)means transfer to our team, was done before she got here 

TNT Gold the "SHORT STOP FACTORY" - over the last 9 years TNT Gold has helped develop "12" D1 Short Stops. One was named all conference her sophomore in college. & another hit 270 with 7 hr's her sophomore year & "9" D1 Pitchers

2005 TNT Gold, youngest 18U Gold team to have ever played in
ASA Gold Nationals (finished 33 of 64)


"Great Players, have Great Grades"


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