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Monday, September 24
TFL Alumnus Jamoris Slaughter on WSB-TV as a Player of the Week (Vote this week for him to be Player of the Year!)
One of Tucker High School's best football players, and a TFL alumnus, Jamoris Slaughter #8, has been chosen by WSB-TV, Channel 2, as the Big Dad's player of the week for Week Four!  Please go to www.wsbtv.com/sportszonefriday to see the interview with Jamoris and to vote for him.  The player with the most votes at the end of the year will be Player of the YEAR!  You can only vote this week, so DON'T WAIT, go to the website and VOTE FOR JAMORIS!

Tuesday, October 23
Hangin' with Asher Allen, TFL Lions Alumnus and current Georgia Bulldog

Freshman Asher Allen graduated from Tucker early so he could begin his career as a Georgia Bulldog as soon as possible. After enrolling at Georgia in January, the cornerback has played in all six games, recording nine solo tackles and one tackle for lost yardage. He has also returned punts and kickoffs, bringing back a kickoff 35 yards against Western Kentucky and a punt 20 yards against Alabama-Birmingham.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher in high school and what was your favorite subject?

A: My favorite teacher was Mrs. Walters, a Spanish teacher who is now at Parkview High School. I had her all three years and she helped me a whole lot. She was tough but she'd ease up on me every once in a while.

Q: Do you speak Spanish well?

A: A little bit. I can turn on the TV and understand it. I can hear it, but to respond takes a little bit of time for me.

Q: What was your favorite television show growing up?

A: ESPN. It's been my favorite for a long time.

Q: Would you prefer to watch NASCAR, golf or wrestling?

A: Wrestling.

Q: OK, who's your favorite wrestler?

A: The Rock. I grew up on The Rock.

Q: What TV do you watch you don't want anybody to know about?

A: I'm not ashamed. I watch "SpongeBob." I'm a cartoon kind of guy.

Q: What's your favorite movie of all time?

A: My favorite movie ever has to be "Aladdin."

Q: So he'd qualify as your favorite Disney character?

A: Yeah, Aladdin.

Q: What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?

A: It's a thing my mama, who's from Texas, cooks. There's steak, eggs and small, square potatoes. With some kind of fruit punch, that's a perfect breakfast.

Q: What's your favorite snack?

A: Sour Patch Kids (He produces a box from his backpack).

Q: Who was your biggest rival in high school?

A: Marist. Out of all my four years, I think we lost to them once (Tucker lost to Marist 31-19 in 2003, when Allen was a sophomore).

Q: What was your after-school or summer job in high school?

A: Football practice. And I did a lot of work around the house.

Q: What's your earliest football memory?

A: I had three touchdowns in a game for the 130-pound Tucker Lions.

Q: What musical instrument would you like to play?

A: I'd like to play the guitar. I like Carlos Santana - I like the way he plays. My brother Greg Allen can play many instruments. He actually has a record company in Atlanta.

Q: Who's your favorite musician?

A: Would have to be Lil' Wayne.

Q: Besides playing the game, what's the best part of gameday?

A: Just hearing that crowd. It's so magical in any stadium. Anytime I can put the pads on, it's a blessing.

Q: Who has the best nickname on the team?

A: (long pause). Probably Brandon Miller. His nickname is Baby. It's like the most opposite word ever. He's the biggest, fastest dude, and they want to call him Baby.

Q: What made you want to play at Georgia?

A: I'm very close to my family. I felt good about it and my family felt good about it. It's big-time football and it was only an hour away from my home.

I knew I didn't want to go too far away.

Q: Who's your favorite former Bulldog.

A: Champ Bailey.

Q: What do you listen to before a game?

A: Lil' Wayne. I like to listen to a little rap music to keep me upbeat.

- Chris J. Starrs


Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on 101106

Tuesday, January 23
TFL Alumnus Jones makes his mark at Chamblee

Miller definitely has players, some of the nation's finest, such as Roddy Jones, a 5-9, 190-pound running back.

The Chamblee Bulldogs finished with their best mark since the 1970's last season at 9-3, and made the playoffs for the first time in 22 years. The good news is that now the 'Dogs of head coach Brent Miller (102-73-1) move to a new region, Class AAA Region 5, with 16 starters returning.

Miller's team was one of the surprises in Class AAAA last season and advanced to the second round of the state playoffs, losing to Rome, 27-17. The playoff appearance came on the heels of a 4-6 record in 2004, Miller's first at the school.

There is no hidden secret to the success that Chamblee enjoyed last year.

"It's very simple...a great work ethic and a strength program which is second to none," Miller said. "When I arrived here, I went to a free-weight system instead of relying totally on machines. It's worked wonders for the overall strength and quickness of our players."

Miller definitely has players, some of the nation's finest, such as Roddy Jones, a 5-9, 190-pound running back, who recently ran a 4.42 forty. Jones has 40 touchdowns and almost 3,000 yards in rushing over the past two seasons in Miller's Tight-Slot offense.

Jones has offers on the table from Georgia Tech, Maryland, Akron and Clemson.

Academics are not a problem at Chamblee, a charter/magnet school for music in Dekalb County. Jones is pre-qualified with 1360 on his SAT and a GPA of 3.2.

Jones is not Miller's only weapon. There's also 6-5 tight end Nicolai Swartzkopf. The 225-pound senior has a GPA of 3.4 and he's qualified to play at the next level, as well.

Two youngsters will run the Bulldog offense and Miller likes both of them.

"They are young but they can play. Both are in the tenth grade...but they are good athletes,” Miller said.

Garett Williams and Warren Norman – the fastest of the two (4.6) – will see duty at the quarterback spot.

Miller likes for his teams to play smashmouth football on both sides of the ball, and he's got a defense that's more than capable. The split-six defense Miller employs is anchored by defensive tackle Amorgie Uzzi, a 6-4, 290-pounder.

"I'd like to think that we can make a run at the region and state playoffs again this year," Miller said. "We've got some talent returning...plus we have had some success in the summer passing leagues...and at 7-on-7 tournaments."

Last season's playoff games did wonders for Miller's Bulldogs. It instilled the confidence in them that they can indeed play at the next level of competition. The 2006 season is just ahead, and the Chamblee Bulldogs are ready to take it to an even higher level of play.

Tuesday, October 23
Former TFL Lions star and Georgia running back Thomas Brown defying odds on field, in classroom
ATHENS, Ga. — You're supposed to need at least a year - and often longer - to fully recover from a torn ACL.

But there's Thomas Brown, running hard and feeling better than ever in the Georgia backfield, less than 11 months after doctors cut on his right knee.

You're supposed to do just enough to stay academically eligible when playing college football and there's a chance of moving on to the NFL.

But there's Thomas Brown, taking a huge load in the classroom this semester with an eye toward picking up his diploma in 3 1/2 years.

Never say no to this guy. He'll probably just prove you wrong.

"I have a lot of goals," Brown said. "I really don't do anything else except go to class, go to practice and go home."

While he tries to sneak in six hours of sleep each night, it's not easy. There are plays to learn and film to watch. There are books to read and assignments to write. But Brown figures it will all be worth it when he's playing in the NFL next season, with a Georgia diploma hanging on his wall.

He's taking seven classes this semester: four on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, three on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a total of 21 hours. Five of the courses are in speech, his major. He also signed up for African literature and philosophy. If he passes them all, he graduates.

Then he can turn his attention this spring to getting ready for the NFL draft.

"It would be sad to be here all this time and not walk away with a degree," Brown said. "I come from a very educated family. My mother and father are both very educated. My sister, as well. I thought it was very important for myself and my family to get my degree."

He's just as motivated on the field. After leading the No. 11 Bulldogs in rushing his first two years, Brown tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee midway through last season. He could have taken a redshirt year to make sure he was fully healed, but he read up enough to know that a shorter comeback was possible.

Brown was already running by the summer. He reported for the start of preseason camp - a mere 9 1/2 months after his injury - proclaiming himself fully recovered.

"I saw the minimum time for coming back from an ACL was usually six to seven months," he said. "So I kind of made that my goal. I wanted to be back to doing everything, or close to everything, by mid-June. I tried to stay pretty focused and pretty disciplined with my regimen."

Of course, Brown still had plenty of doubters going into last Saturday's season opener against Oklahoma State. But they hushed up after his performance: 12 carries for 48 yards and two touchdowns, three kickoff returns for 80 yards, and a 7-yard pass reception.

Just to have Brown returning kickoffs was remarkable. That was how he hurt his knee last season, and no one would have blamed him if he had asked out of special teams duty.

"Oh yeah, everybody told me that," Brown said with a smile. "That was kind of the first question when I came back: Was I going to get back there and do kickoff returns? When I told them I would, a lot of people had some very strong, choice words for me. But I don't play the game scared."

Georgia's coaches and players are amazed at Brown's focus when he puts his mind to something.

"I don't know what makes him tick the way he does," head coach Mark Richt marveled. "It's like he's got something to prove. His determination and mental toughness are probably unmatched on our team since I've been here. I can't really think of anyone who's tougher than him."

In fact, Richt was the one who revealed Brown's class load. The player planned to keep it to himself.

"He wants to graduate this semester, and he needs 21 hours to do it," Richt said. "A lot of people were telling him not to do it. But he thrives when people say he can't do it. Whether he makes it or not, I don't know. But his goal is to get ready for the NFL when the season's over, and to graduate in 3 1/2 years. He's not going to prolong it."

Quarterback Matthew Stafford got a sampling of Brown's makeup when the players gathered for summer workouts.

"We were all out there conditioning and working hard, and he's sprinting at the front. I was just amazed," Stafford recalled. "I never saw him with ice on his knee. He never missed a day because of a swollen knee or anything. But if anybody could do it, it's him. He's got the most freakish body ever."

Brown's workload is likely to increase Saturday in the Southeastern Conference opener against South Carolina. Fellow senior Kregg Lumpkin broke a thumb against Oklahoma State and will likely need at least a month to fully recover.

Look for Brown to take plenty of handoffs. Look for Brown to return every kickoff he can. Look for Brown to take his place on the punt coverage team.

Yep, that's right. He also serves as a "gunner" on Georgia punts, running downfield in hopes to getting to the returner just as he's catching the ball.

"He just loves football," Richt said. "He's doing everything he can to help us win. He wants to be the best at everything he does."

The Associated Press

Scouts chase Tucker star - Asher Allen
Fast, versatile senior can fill many roles. Tucker is always a popular stop for college football recruiters. This year, the Tigers have five rising seniors who already have been offered major college scholarships, led by Asher Allen.

Allen, who has met college entrance requirements, had more than 50 scholarship offers by the end of June. Allen is one of the Southeast's top prospects and ranked No. 3 overall in Georgia by Rivals.com.

"It's a blessing to get this much attention," Allen said. "It started early in my junior year. I had guys like [Georgia linebacker] Tavares Kearney and [South Carolina cornerback] Brandyn Young talk to me about it and what to expect."

Allen is coveted by colleges because he can play so many positions.

Various scouts have projected Allen at tailback, wide receiver, cornerback and kick returner.

He has been clocked at 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash and, perhaps most importantly, has a 3.56 GPA.

"Asher is definitely one of the top prospects we've had over the past five years," Ballard said. "He has very quick feet, runs real fast. When you look at his highlight tape, you will see him score a lot of touchdowns and make plays. He is a playmaker."

Other Tucker players who have been courted by major colleges include Myke Compton by Memphis and North Carolina; Dwayne Harris by Boston College, Maryland and North Carolina; Jotis Head by Memphis and North Carolina; and Donnie Hardy by Memphis.

"We really work hard on getting looks for our kids by college scouts each year," Ballard said. "When we mailed out Brandyn's tapes last year, we also included some plays by our younger players, including Asher. We want to show them some players that will be special later on."

Last year, Allen rotated between slot receiver and tailback on offense, and he switched between cornerback and safety on defense.

In the second round of last year's playoffs, Allen got the ball on a reverse, juked two defenders, barely avoided falling and scampered for a 66-yard touchdown against Northwest Whitfield.

Such plays made Allen a hot commodity.

"Asher is really doing well with all the recruiting," Ballard said. "He does an excellent job at putting the team first. He has the right priorities."

Allen said the biggest thing on his mind is helping Tucker win a state championship.

He visited many of the ACC and SEC colleges this summer.

"I really don't have any favorites yet," Allen said. "I want to go to a school that has a great atmosphere for college football. I also want to go somewhere that has outstanding academics just in case an injury happens. I want to be able to get a good job and support my family."

Michael Carvell - Staff, AJC
Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jeff Saturday
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Jeff Saturday bio
Saturday has been starting fixture on Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts line for 8 seasons.

Jeff Saturday #63
Position: C
Years Pro: 7
Draft Date: free agent
Draft Team: free agent
Born: 06/08/1975
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
College: North Carolina

Pro Career

2005: Started 16 games at C…earned Pro Bowl honors for first time in career, while also being named first-team All-Pro by Associated Press…has been starting fixture on line for six seasons, while also playing in 1999…with linemates, has helped club produce 5,000+ net yards in franchise-record eight consecutive seasons, while six of team’s nine 400+-point seasons have come in last seven years…line has helped WR-Marvin Harrison produce club-record seven consecutive 1,000+-yard and 10+-TD seasons…with linemates, has helped QB-Peyton Manning record eight consecutive seasons with 25+-TD passes and 3,000+ yards…line has yielded only 140 sacks in last 112 games (lowest in NFL)…line surrendered league-low 20 sacks in 2005…club has ranked in top five in NFL six times in last seven years in fewest sacks allowed (14, 1999, 1st; 20, 2000, T1st; 30, 2001, 10th; 23, 2002, 4th; 19, 2003, 3rd; 14, 2004, T1st, 20, 2005, 1st)…line has helped team amass 300+ net yards 103 times in last 128 games, including 350+ yards 73 times and 400+ yards 33 times…line helped RB-Edgerrin James produce 1,506 rushing yards, his fourth career 1,500+ season, including nine 100+ games…Colts have had a 100+ rusher 55 times in last 110 games.

2003: Started 16 games for 4th consecutive season for Colts … has started last 64 games and has appeared in last 74 games, longest streaks by a Colts lineman … with Saturday, line helped allow Colts to score 447 points, T2nd-most in NFL and highest total in franchise history … it was only 7th 400+ season in club history and 4th time in last five seasons (429, 2000; 423, 1999; 413, 2001) … line has paved way for club to produce 5,000+ net yards in six consecutive seasons, longest streak in club history … line has helped QB Peyton Manning become only NFL QB with five consecutive 4,000+ seasons, assisted WR Marvin Harrison to become only NFL WR with four consecutive 100+-reception seasons, aided RB Edgerrin James (1,553, 1999; 1,709, 2000) win two NFL rushing titles and helped RB Dominic Rhodes (1,104, 2001) become only undrafted NFL rookie free agent to produce 1,000+ season.

2002: Saw action as starting C in 16 games for third consecutive season … joined LT Tarik Glenn and RG Ryan Diem as only linemen to start each game.

2001: Started 16 games at C, opening every game for second consecutive season…joined LT-Tarik Glenn as only linemen to open every game…ranks as one of most underrated players at his position in NFL…the line helped Colts produce 10 individual 100+ rushing performances, the most by any NFL team…the 10 individual 100+ games tied club seasonal-best of 10 in 1999, while club did it 9 times in 2000.

2000: Started 16 games at C in first season as full-time starter … played vital role in club allowing only 20 sacks, tied with NYJ for lowest in NFL … the NFL avg. was 39.6 … 20 sacks allowed are third-best mark in franchise history (14, 1999; 19, 1969) … Colts allowed 20 sacks in 591 dropbacks (one for every 29.6 attempts), the second-best mark in franchise history (one for every 40 attempts, 1999) … line paved way for RB Edgerrin James to win second consecutive NFL rushing title.

1999: Started 2 of 11 games at LG…DNP 9/12 vs. Buffalo, 9/19 at New England, 9/26 at San Diego, 10/10 vs. Miami, and 10/24 vs. Cincinnati … started 11/21 at Philadelphia and 11/28 vs. NYJ for injured Steve McKinney … split time with OG-Waverly Jackson in games 13-16 and playoff game 1/16 vs. Tennessee.

College Career

Three-year starter … started 37 consecutive games … named All-ACC first-team as senior … started 12 games, and helped team to 11-1 mark … helped team average 378.9 yards and 27.8 points per game … named Academic All-ACC … won award for Academics, Athletics and Leadership both final two seasons … named All-ACC first-team as junior … led team to 10-2 mark … started 12 games at C as sophomore … finished third in voting for All-ACC center … played in 12 games as freshman with three starts … holds degree in business.

Personal Bio

Full name is Jeffrey Bryant Saturday … born in Atlanta, Georgia … attended Shamrock High School … instructor for Colts 101 and 201, an annual women’s football clinic … participated in 2000 Avon High School football Lift-a-thon fund-raising event to raise money for student-athletes school … worked with Riley Hospital on a benefit motorcycle ride and is involved with D.R.E.A.M. Alive, Inc. with teammate Tarik Glenn … Saturday and his wife, Karen, reside with their children, Jeffrey Douglas (11/15/00) and Savannah Faith (9/3/02), in Indianapolis.

Patrick Pass
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Patrick Pass bio
Patrick Pass played for the New England Patriots from 2000-2006 and was a member of the Super Bowl Champion Patriots of 2001, 2003, and 2004. He signed with the Houston Texans before the start of the 2007 NFL season, but is currently a free agent.

Pro Career

2003: Appeared in 13 games with one start for New England ... Rushed six times for 27 yards and caught four passes for 21 yards ... Returned 11 kickoffs for 254 yards ... Added 10 special teams tackles.

2002: Participated on special teams and as a reserve fullback in 15 games ... Recorded eight solo special teams tackles, tied for fourth on the team ... Returned seven kickoffs for 123 yards.

2001: Participated as a reserve fullback, kickoff returner and on special teams in all 16 regular season games, as well as all three postseason games ... Caught six passes for 66 yards (11.0 avg.), including one touchdown and gained seven yards on one rushing attempt ... Accumulated 222 yards on 10 kickoff returns (22.2 avg.) ... Tallied 11 special teams tackles ... Accumulated 263 yards on 11 kickoff returns during the 2001 postseason and ranks second in Patriots postseason annals in each category.

2000: Played in five games, including two starts during his rookie season ... Added to the Patriots active roster (9/16) following a two-week stint on the practice squad ... Rushed 18 times for 58 yards and caught four passes for 17 yards ... Added to special teams tackles.

College Career

Pass earned four letters at Georgia (1996-99) ... Versatile player for the Bulldogs, performing as a running back, pass catcher, punt returner, kickoff returner and even completed three-of-five pass attempts during his career ... Totaled 1,022 yards rushing on 221 carries (4.6 avg.) and added five touchdowns during his Georgia career ... He also caught 35 passes for 435 yards (12.4 avg.), including two touchdowns ... Returned 26 kickoffs for 562 yards (21.6 avg.) and 15 punt returns for 136 yards (9.1 avg.).

Personal Bio

Patrick Pass was born on Dec. 31, 1977 in Scottsdale, Ga. ... Drafted by the Florida Marlins in 1996, and played at Melbourne (Fla.) in the organization’s rookie league that year ... Elevated to Class A Utica in 1997, playing until he had to report to Georgia’s fall camp in August ... Again played in the Marlins minor league system in 1998 ... Gatorade Circles of Champions Georgia region Player of the Year, adding All-American honors from USA Today at Tucker (Ga.) High ... Two-time all-state Class AAA pick by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and the Georgia Sports Writers Association ... Also earned all-south, Journal-Constitution Top 50 and Macon Telegraph Sweet 16 honors ... Named DeKalb Neighbor Player of the Year ... Three-time All-DeKalb County choice ... Named DeKalb Offensive Player of the Year by the DeKalb Touchdown Club ... Team captain, scoring 13 touchdowns as a senior ... Holds the DeKalb County career-record by rushing for 5,046 yards ... Also excelled in baseball ... Voted Mr. Tucker High by his classmates ... Majored in sociology at Georgia.

Tuesday, March 23
Former TFL College And Pro Players

Thomas Brown - UGA Now a Atlanta Falcon
William Middleton - Furman
Trey Buice - Ball St
Asher Allen - UGA
Wyatt Middleton - Navy

Roddy Jones - Ga Tech
David Montgomery - Gardner-Webb
Jamorris Slaughter - Notre Dame
Neiko Thorpe - Auburn
Edward Daniels - Mississippi College
Drayton Calhoun - LSU
Darius Jones - Air Force
Calvin Tiggle - Ball St
Carlos Rogers - Ohio Wesleyan
Brandon Priest - Tusculum
Chandler Priest - Union
Shea Monroe - Jacksonville St (Student Coach)
Joe Moore - Mississippi College

Inky Johnson - Tennessee

Patrick Wilson - Gardner Webb