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Tualatin Youth Basketball Association
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Tuesday, October 7
New Website for TYBA

As of October 7, 2014, TYBA has a new web site address.

Please use this new link to register and get the latest information from TYBA

 Thank you!

TYBA Board 


Thursday, October 2
Classic teams for 2014-2015 season

Thanks to all who tried out! 


5th Grade AA: Coach- Bridget Hinrichs  1 Kailey B, 2 Braquelle B, 3 Brook B, 5 Brooklyn H, 6 Jamie J, 7 Amanda J, 8 Paige O, 9 Julia O, 10 Lusi T, 11 Ella T

6th Grade AA: Coach- Troy Javernick  1 Sarah C, 2 Aurora D, 3 Alyvia E, 4 Olivia J, 5 Kasidy J, 7 Natalie L, 8 Katie L, 9 Morgan M, 10 Kate V, 11 Payton W

7th Grade AAA: Coach- Brittany Rivers  1 Sophie B, 2 Sarah H, 5 Isabella L, 6 Natalie M, 7 Hannah O, 8 Morgan P, 9 Jacqueline P, 11 Olivia U, 12 Asia W, 13 Sophia W

8th GradeAAA: Coach- Henry Springer  1 Brooke C, 2 Natali D, 3 Mihlan G, 6 Emily J, 7 Kassidy L, 8 Lauren M, 10 Maliyah R, 11 Mason S, 12 Meredith W, 13 Anna W


5th Grade A Coach Gordon Russell   1 Dakota B., 3 Joseph B, 8 Michael H, 9 CJ H,  10 Rick H., 12 Grant H., 14 Quinn M., 16 Maxwell N, 17 Tyler N, 21 Everett R.

5th Grade AAA Coach Chris Hale  2 Jacob B.,  4 Peter B,  5 Maxwell C, 6 Eddie F,  7 Kellen H., 11 Evan H., 13 Harris K., 18 Noah O., 20 Malik R., 22 Tanner V.M.

6th Grade AA Coach Mark Charlton 3 Grant B, 4 Luke B, 7 Nolan F, 8 Connor G., 10 Cole H, 15 Kyle J, 17 Jackson L,    18 Kaya M, 27 Rian S, 33 Parker W.

6th Grade AAA Coach Greg Knakal   2 Jake A, 12 Blake H, 16 Hudson K, 21 Bennett N, 22 Christopher O, 23 Jackson P, 25 Keaton R, 28 Stanley S, 32 Jack V, 34 Mason W

7th Grade A Coach TBA 1 Trey A, 3 Campbell C, 4 Drew D, 5 Davis F, 6 Brett G, 7 Bryce H, 8 Kyle H, 14 Ez'deen M,   18 Ari R, 21 Anthony V

7th Grade AA Coach Jason Breum 2 Tyler B, 9 Blake J, 11 Jeremy L, 12 Riley M, 13 Cade M, 15 Bryce P, 16 Richard P, 17 Hunter P,  19 David U,  20 Cole V.

8th Grade AA Coach Evan Timperley 1 Elijah A,  2 Cameron A, 4 Jonah C, 10 Derek L, 11 Quinn M, 18 Christian R,      22 Cole S, 26 Samuel W, 27 Hunter W, 30 Gavin M.

8th Grade AAA Coach Dustin O'Donnell   5 Kyle D, 6 Caden D, 7 Alex G, 13 David M, 20 Jack R, 21 Nick S, 24 Ben S, 25 Bridger S, 28 Ethan W, 29 Connor Z.  

Tuesday, September 30
Order TYBA Apparel

TYBA Apparel is on sale!  Please click on the "Order TYBA Apparel" link above and start your shopping.

All orders must be in by 11/16/14.  All items will be delivered at TuHS during TYBA picture day on December 13, 2014.

To access the apparel flyers, please go to the "Handouts" on the left side of this site.  The flyers are listed under TYBA apparel. 

Thank you! 

Thursday, September 4
Classic Basketball News

Tryouts for TYBA Classic Basketball, a competitive basketball program for 5th thru 8th grade Tualatin Youth, will be held at Hazelbrook Middle School Sept 28th - Oct 1st.   Registration closes at midnight on Friday night 9/26.

Players need to be there for both days

Specific Tryout Times:

Sunday 9/28 Boys

12:45pm - check in for 5th & 6th Boys, 1-2:45pm Tryouts

2:45pm - check in for 7th & 8th Boys, 3- 4:45pm Tryouts

Monday Night 9/29 - Boys

5:45pm - check in 5th & 6th Boys, 6-7:30pmTryouts

7:15pm - check in for 7th & 8th Boys, 7:30pm - 9pm Tryouts

Tuesday Night 9/30 - Girls

5:45pm - check in 5th & 6th GIRLS, 6-7:30pm Tryouts

7:15pm - check in for 7th & 8th GIRLS, 7:30pm - 9pm Tryouts

Wednesday Night 10/1 - Girls

5:45pm - check in 5th & 6th GIRLS, 6-7:30pm Tryouts

7:15pm - check in for 7th & 8th GIRLS, 7:30pm - 9pm Tryouts


Need Classic Head Coaches 

We are actively searching for head coaches at all grade levels. At the 7th & 8th grade levels we offer a stipend for head coaches (without a son/daughter player on the team) of $1000.00 to $1500.00. We also encourage coaches, with players planning to tryout, to apply but no compensation is being offered.

If you are interested in coaching, or know of a qualified candidate, please email us at or visit our website to obtain a coaching application and more information on Tualatin Youth Basketball Association. The deadline for applying is Sept 10th.

TYBA Board

Monday, August 12
Message to Coaches and Parents

Dear Coaches & Parents,

Tualatin Youth Basketball Association's ultimate goal is to provide all players with a safe and positive environment to play basketball - an environment that encourages growth in life lessons not only as a player but also as a person. In order to accomplish this goal we will not tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. This includes but is not limited to bullying, excessive physical force, profanity, and/or disruptive behavior from any player within TYBA.

A player/person/parent/coach that exhibits any behavior that is negative and diminishes the environment we are striving to provide, will be removed from the league and not allowed to return for a minimum of 1 full season. We also run background checks on all of our coaches to ensure your children are in a safe and positive environment with solid role models.

Please help us by encouraging your children to demonstrate good sportsmanship, setting an example and being respectful to each other, parents, officials and coaches. Also, we look to all adults to be good role models and display positive, good sportsmanship examples - at all times. Thank you for your continued support of “our” program in Tualatin.

Mike Livermore

President, Tualatin Youth Basketball Association

"Honor the Game"

Tualatin Youth Basketball Association
Tualatin Youth Basketball Association

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