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$65 from January 5th to February 15th, $75 after Feb 15th.
Wednesday, March 12
Registration for Summer 2014 Softball now open!
Individuals can register On-line or by mail-in registrations.  We will again be accepting team rosters (with team names/color) submitted by the coach, please get in touch with your coach before you register so you can enter the name of your team when you register. If you are a new team and do not have a team name yet, use the coaches last name in place of the team name. We are also accepting individual registrations and you will be placed on a team.
Registration fee is now $75 which will be waived or refunded for any one person bringing in a paid sponsor for their team. See our sponsor form for more information. When registering on-line, there is an additional fee.   

Our website is continually updated, visit regularly for game information, league news, fundraising activities and more.

                            Got Questions??  Send your question to

Enrich your life, come play with us!

Handout: Mail-In Registration Form

Monday, February 10
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