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Monday, June 27

Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July! 

The first week of games that were rained out have been re-scheduled:

2:00 PM Lucky Charms vs Da Bomb Squad Page Field 1 7/10/2016

2:00 PM Rebels vs Hot Chili Peppers Page Field 2 7/10/2016

2:00 PM All Americans vs Cougars Page Field 1 7/31/2016

2:00 PM Rivah vs Ball Busters Page Field 1 7/17/2016

2:00 PM Honey Badgers vs Girls NightOut Page Field 2 7/24/2016  

BAT TESTING will be rescheduled.

Up until second bat testing, bats that bear the 2015 ASA seal, are not on the ASA banned bat list, adhere to our rules and the umpire allows may be used.

All bats that will be used during games this season must be tested. 

Think sun for Sundays!! 



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