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Who are the TrueBallers...

TrueBallers is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  TrueBallers is for young men who are interested in competing against other top-ranked basketball programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

We have a made a commitment to helping our young men achieve success in academics and athletics.  One of the many goals of the TrueBallers program will be to teach life skills that can be used both on/off the court.  We are committed to making sure that the young men of TrueBallers will be productive members within their communities and society.

TrueBallers basketball program focuses on hard work, discipline and building good character.  It is the obligation of the coaches, players, administrators, and any volunteer of the TrueBallers program to conduct themselves with integrity and to be respectful to others. There is also an emphasis on good sportsmanship, individual player development as well as learning to play as a "team".

The head coach, Mike Turner, (Coach True) is a New York native who has played basketball since he was 5 years old.  Coach True also played for AAU during his middle/highschool days and was ranked #5 in the nation at the Point Guard position.  Coach True also played briefly at Texas Tech and later went on to play for the Armed Forces, playing around the world.  Coach True has also been coaching for about 10 years and has "loved every minute of it".


As a member of the AAU, TrueBallers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization accepting sponsors and/or donations.  Sponsorship and/or donations are tax deductible and will assist the players of TrueBallers in paying for uniforms, gym fees, tournament fees, and travel (hotel/gas fees).  Also if you would like to sponsor an individual player of TrueBallers you may do that as well.  In order to show our appreciation, we have a section on our team website (www.trueballers1.com) to display and advertise our sponsors.

Please contact Mike Turner "Coach True" 484-325-0287 or Tamil Parker-Turner 484-716-8887 for more information or any questions you may have.  You can also send an email to trueballers13@gmail.com.

Please don't forget to like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trueballers

Thank you in advance for your support!!

Mike Turner, Head Coach "Coach True"

Terquail Adderton, Assistant Coach

Tamil Parker-Turner, Executive Administrator

Teresa Parker, Administrator