Wednesday, October 10
TRLL 2018-2019 Board of Directors
The TRLL Board of Directors is an all-volunteer leadership organization committed to managing and enhancing the Little League experience for the youth of Toms River, NJ. Regular TRLL Board of Directors meetings, typically held monthly and posted on our website, are open to the public for all TRLL members and parents that would like to attend. A TRLL parent must attend at least two Board of Directors meetings during the current election year to be able to vote for TRLL Board members at the annual elections (held each October). TRLL encourages all parents to volunteer and take an active role in making our Little League the best experience possible for the youth of Toms River.

Click Here to download/view/print the Toms River Little League Constitution detailing the roles and responsibilities of the Toms River Little League Board of Directors.

The Toms River Little League 2018-2019 Board - Effective October 10, 2018

President:  Eamon Mulholland -

Executive Administrative VP:  Brian Doyle -

Executive Operations VP & Umpire In Chief :   Dan Mackin  -

Secretary:  Monica Wood -

Treasurer:  Carmine Danielle -

Safety Officer: Bob Wood -

Work Bond Director:  Craig Caruso -

Player Agent 1:   Jim Knight -

Player Agent 2:   Scott Keller - 

Scheduler & Indoor Facility Director:  Mike Young - 

Tee Ball 4-5 VP:  Matt Arango -   

Tee Ball 6 VP:  Lance McEwan - 

Pee Wee 7-8 VP:  Larry DiChiara - 

Majors VP:  Pete Avallone - 

Seniors/Juniors/AAA VP:  Greg Padula -

Fundraising / Sponsors / Events:  Michele Stefan -

Fundraising / Sponsors / Events:  John Hometchko -   

Equipment Director:   Vinny Vergona -

Maintenance/Building Director:  Mike Woodman - 

Field Maintenance:  Dan Presti - 

Field Maintenance:   Shane Henehan - 

Field Maintenance:   Kerry Estomin - 

TRLL GodFather:   Bert Pero (non-board member) -

Field Maintenance:   Bill Hankins (non-board member) -

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