Tri-Valley CORE Hoops: Welcome

Welcome to Tri-Valley CORE Hoops


Congrats to our 7th Grade Tri-Valley CORE Hoops SAS Tournament Champions!


Our core goal is to develop young men by providing them with a strong C.O.R.E.:


·      Character : “What you do when no one is looking”

·      Optimum Performance – You must understand how to take care of your mind and body so you can play the game of basketball at the highest levels

·      Respect – Learn to respect yourself, teammates, and the game of basketball

·      Excellence – Mastery of the fundamentals of basketball is key and must be placed above all else in developing youth players.



We want every young man on our team to follow 3 core rules

1)   RESPECT your Teammates – we want every young man to be supportive and encouraging of their teammates.   This means at no time will anyone tease or demean any player for making a mistake, missing a shot, etc.  There is nothing wrong with holding your teammates accountable, however this should always be done in a respectful manner.

2)   RESPECT Yourself – Basketball is a fast pace game where players are required to make split second decisions.  Everyone, including coaches, make mistakes.  We want our young men to continue to play the game without hesitating or showing visible signs that they made a mistake.  If a player misses a lay-up, we want that player to continue to stay in the play to either get the rebound or hussle back on defense as an example.

3)   RESPECT the Game – Referees, coaches, and parents sacrifice a great deal to allow our young men to play the game of basketball.   Our players will always act in a respectful manner.  If a referee makes a call against our team, we simply hand them the ball without question and continue to play the game.  At no time during or at the conclusion of the game will any our players make any derogatory comments in regards to our opponent, officials, or any other adult attending / participating at the game.

Playing Time

It is my philosophy to maximize playing time for each member of the team.  As long as a player is putting forth maximum effort and adheres to the rules above under Sportsmanship, playing time will be allocated evenly amongst all players for 3.5 quarters of play.  Players cannot develop at this age if they don’t play.  This philosophy means that we as a team may lose some battles that we could have won, however we win the WAR because every player improved to the maximum of their abilities. 

This is a competitive program, not a recreational league.  It is important to prepare our young men for the next level of basketball at the high school level.  The last ½ of the 4th quarter I will use my discretion in playing players who have put forth the maximum effort on both sides of the court (offensively and DEFENSIVELY) and who are showing the mental strength to execute the game of basketball.  This may or may not be the most talented player on the court.



As our young men begin to prepare for high school basketball, the ability to communicate with their teammates and coaches is essential.  We want to teach our young player the correct way in which to deal with conflicts that may arise with other players and/or coaches.  It is therefore essential, that if your son has any questions in regards to playing time, or what is expected of him during a game or practice that he speak directly to his coach.  As coaches we understand the tremendous time requirement youth sports place on parents and the how much you support your son.  However, I will not engage in conversation with any parent in regards to playing time.    If your son has any questions you must encourage him to go and speak with myself or one of the assistant coaches directly.

If your son is unable to make a practice or will miss a game, please have him tell me directly via my cell phone cell, or send us a text/email. 

Thank you for time in reviewing this information about Tri-Valley CORE Hoops and I hope have the opportunity to coach your sons.