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Trinity Jr. High Team
2013 Trinity Jr. High Team



Mid Penn Champion 1997

Mid Penn Colonial Division Champions

  • 2012
  • 2011(undefeated 16-0) 
  • 2010 

"We are here to coach CHAMPIONS"
Head Coach John Barrick ( or 717-329-9179 text me)




**We will have an online registration, please check the site for the link and register ASAP

Tryouts each night at 6-8:30 players should arrive at 5:30 to help set up and get ready for tryouts

What to wear for tryouts (all days)
Seniors and Juniors- Black
10th graders-White
9th graders-Green

Expectations for 2013 tryouts
"If you make the team in 2013, then you have accomplished something!"
With a season of junior high volleyball under our belts (spring 2013), we are looking at the following numbers
-13 or more incoming freshman trying out
- 8 Sophs trying out

The competition for a spot on the team is going to be at an all-time-high.  Several players that made the HS team last season may not have a spot this fall.  Several former Junior High players that made the JH team may not make the HS team at Trinity.  (We even had to cut players from the JH team because of so much interest).

Players will be assigned a number on the first day of tryouts.  Results will be posted either Tuesday or Wed night on this web site via their assigned numbers.

If you do NOT make the team...
-and you think we were wrong as a coaching staff, then play junior olympics and come back and show us we were wrong
-if you want to be a team manager, then please email me

Please see the complete team schedule on this page for the fall schedule.
Once tryouts start, players are expected at every practice as we pursue our 4th straight Colonial title and our first District three title.

If there is a problem with vacations, get a hold of Coach Barrick asap at or text me 717-329-9179.  I will try to work with you as best I can, however we are expecting over 30 athletes trying out this season.

Click here to REGISTER

for 2013 THS Volleyball Tryouts.

Registration is open now until Friday,  August 9th.

Please contact Coach Lindholm with any registration questions, problems or concerns... 

TRY-OUT FORMS and PROCEDURES / Sport Physicals Available for 2013-2014 Athletes


Everyone trying out for any THS sport during the 2013-2014 must have handed in the following:


  1. a physical dated after June 1st with a physical form
  2. an emergency form
  3. a baseline ImpactTest taken within the last year (access code: FF8BD3CEA1),
  4. and the online registration form.
All forms must be received by Jeff Hutton (, our THS trainer, by August 9th.  Click here for THS's "PRE-PARTICIPTION INSTRUCTIONS" and forms. 

Althletes must be "Cleared for Tryouts" by Friday, August 9th to be elligible to tryout on August 12th.  This link will be updated weekly.  See table below for status on elligibility.

Questions?... or

Jeff Hutton, THS Trainer


2013 Full Season Schedule - Varsity and JV teams

August 2013 Open Gyms at Trinity      Try-outs August 12th      PICTURES!! Thursday, August 14th 4PM

August 5 open gym 6-8
6th open gym 6-8
7th open gym 6-8
8th open gym 6-8
9 off

August 12th Tryouts 6-830, players to arrive at 515 to help set up and get ready
13th Tryouts 6-830
14th Tryouts 6-830.  Please complete "Time-to-Sign-Up" for Welcome Picnic by        tomorrow... 
15 Pictures @ 4:00; Practice 6-8.  Payment for Maryland trip due Monday, August 19th 
16 Practice 8am-10am (arrive at 7:30am); 5:00 WELCOME PICNIC at the Goyette's House in Dilsburg... Parents and siblings invited.

19th P (all practices 6 to 8 unless otherwise noted).  Payment for MD trip due today.  
20th P
21st P
22nd P
23rd P
24 Varsity scrimmage at Exeter leave from school at 7 am return  home around 4

26th P
27th P
28th P
29th Varsity and jv scrimmage at Chambersburg, bus at 230 play starts around 4
30th P

9-2 P (yes on the holiday, we have a match the next day)
9-3 Away at Hershey bus at 2, jv match starts at 4
9-4 P
9-5 Home opener vs. Palmyra all players at 5
9-6 Overnight trip to Maryland
9-7 JV and Varsity match in Laurel, MD jv match starts at noon

9-9 P
9-10 Away vs. LD bus at 215 jv match at 415
9-11 P
9-12 Home vs. Milton Hershey
9-13 P
9-14 Saturday CV varsity tournament no bus players arrive at the school 730

9-16 Home vs. West York
9-17 Home vs. Middletown
9-18 p
9-19 Away vs. Steel High bus at 215 jv match at 430
9-20 off

9-23 P
9-24 Home vs. Harrisburg
9-25 P
9-26 Home vs. Mech
9-27 P after school, set up for tournament
9-28 Saturday 1st Annual BIG FOUR tournament at Trinity, JV and Varsity both play, volunteers needed all day
10 am Trinity vs. York Cath
12 pm Delone vs. Berks Cath
2 pm Consolation
4 pm Championship
(each match is jv best of three, varsity best of 5)

9-30 Home vs. Hershey
10-1 Away vs. Palmyra bus at 415, jv match at 630
10-2 P
10-3 Home vs. LD  PINK OUT (this match could be moved)
10-4 off

10-7 Away at Milton Hershey bus at 215, jv match at 430
10-8 P
10-9 P
10-10 Away at Middletown bus at 215, jv match at 430
10-11 JV practice only
10-12 CV JV tournament, no bus players to arrive at 730  

10-14 Away at Mechanicsburg bus at 430, jv match 630
10-15 Home vs. Steel High Senior Night
10-16 P
10-17 Away at Harrisburg, bus at 330, jv match at 530
10-18 P final jv practice

10-21 P
10-22 Home scrimmage vs. TBA 530-830
10-23 P
10-24 Away scrimmage vs. TBA
10-25 P
10-26 district three aa playoffs round one

10-28 P
10-29 district three aa playoffs
10-30 P
10-31 district three aa playoffs
11-1 P
11-2 district three aa championships

**pink out match vs LD will be moved to a friday or saturday night
**one more away trip will be annouced on a Saturday

rest of schedule to be released in March once finalized

2012/13 Offseason has begun.

What are you going to do to make yourself a better player in the offseason?

1.  Play club volleyball
2. Attend Trinity open gyms in the spring time
3.  Get on a city island team ( of quads or doubles in the summer time
4.  Play in an outdoor grass tournament over the summer
5.  Touch the ball on vacation

Remember I am here to help you at any time, i'm on a text, email, or phone call away.

Maryland Over Night Match/Trip - PARENTS, on or soon after August 14th, please click here for transportation form

Both JV and Varsity teams will take part in an over night trip to Maryland where we will attend a University of Maryland Women's Volleyball match and play a match against Pallotti H.S. (

Many adult drivers will be needed.  After try-out results have been posted (Wed., August 14th), parents of the team will be asked to click on the link above and complete a short (3-question) form to help the coaches organize player transportation to MD and back to Trinity.  Please note that a short paper form must be completed by adult drivers prior to the event.  Thank you for your help with this!

Trip Details

Departure from THS:  Friday, September 6th @ 2:45pm

Destination:  College Park, Maryland - Hampton Inn Hotel - rooms have been blocked for players, parents and coaches


Friday 7:00pm - University of Maryland Women's Volleyball Match;

Saturday @ noon - JV followed by Varsity matches at St. Vincent Pallotti H.S. in Laurel, MD 

Expense:  TBD for hotel and meals (estimated at $60) 

Departure from MD:  Saturday, September 7th @ 3:00pm; players will be dismissed to a parent or designated supervisor (parent note required) to return home