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Trident Tigers is registered with ZASU, the Zambia Swimming Union, in order to compete in ZASU national galas. ZASU functions under the umbrellas of the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development, and it also falls under FINA and the IOC.   ZASU administers Zambia's national and international swimming events, and is responsible for developing swimming within Zambia and for selecting swimmers to represent Zambia at international competitions.

The current office bearers on the Executive Committee of ZASU are:   

 President    Guy Phiri 
 Vice President  Adewale Grillo
 Treasurer  Sonjhi Shamambo
 Hon Secretary  Amanda Axiotis
 Recorder  Derick Van Staden
 Registrar  Debbie Gray
 International Coordinator  Dierdre Goveia
 Midlands Representative  Tinky Naidu
 Copperbelt Representative  Sophie Peach


 ZASU has laid out the channel of communication to which all clubs and teams are expected to adhere:   

  • Queries are to be addressed in the first instance to the Team Manager.
  • If the Team Manager is unable to answer the queries, he will refer to the ZASU Copperbelt Representative.  If necessary the CB Rep will refer to the ZASU Executive Committee ("Excom") before reporting back.  Please note that clubs/members may not contact any other ZASU Excom member directly.
  • Communications from ZASU will be relayed to clubs/teams through the Copperbelt or Midlands representatives, and clubs/teams are in turn expected to relay all relevant information to their members.
Clubs/teams pay an annual registration fee to ZASU, as do each of their swimmer members in order to participate in national galas (see ZASU Fees table below).  Each swimmer is also required to submit a registration form and a copy of a current passport and birth certificate, through their Team Manager.  This enables ZASU to capture accurate information about members who will be participating in their galas at either national or international level.
ZASU fees (just about all of which are currently covered by Trident) are detailed below.  Please take special note of the information given alongside:

ZASU Fee  Fee Charged   Note
 Affiliation Fee ZMW3000 per annum  This is the annual fee charged to each club or team affiliated to ZASU.
 Swimmer  Registration  Fee ZMW300 per annum  Each swimmer registering with ZASU through his/her club or team is required to pay  this fee in order to participate in ZASU galas.  Trident covers this fee.
 Individual  Entry Fee ZMW10
per event
 This is the fee payable per event at each gala, eg:  one swimmer's 50m free event.    Trident covers this fee.
 Relay Entry  Fee ZMW25
per event
 This is the fee payable per relay event.  Trident covers this fee.
 Below  Standard  Time (BST)  Fine ZMW50  A fine charged per event, to any swimmer who fails to achieve the Standard Time set  by ZASU for that event and age group.  Standard Times are put in place in order to set  a required standard of swimming.  Trident covers this fee and reserves the right not to  enter swimmers into events for which they are unlikely to meet Standard Times.
 No Show  Penalty Fee ZMW100  A fine charged by ZASU to any swimmer who fails to show for an event without  producing a valid sick note.  Parents are responsible for notifying TT management in good  time if their swimmer cannot participate in a gala for reasons of illness, and Trident  reserves the right to pass this fine on to parents who have not complied.  Each "No  Show" also attracts a 10 point penalty, which affects the overall team points.  Bottom  line:  swimmers must swim in the events in which they are entered unless they produce a  valid sick note in good time.
 Protest Fee ZMW200 per incident  The Team Manager may lodge a protest in writing within a specific time frame, and  accompanied by a fee, to query the the gala umpire's decision (eg if a swimmer is  disqualified and the Team Manager wishes to protest against the decision).  
 Hosting Fee (for galas and clinics) ZMW1500 per gala  This is the fee charged to clubs or teams who are awarded the hosting of a ZASU gala.  Clubs/teams are able to recover the fee through the entrance fee charged and any  catering profit raised.
 Administration  Fee ZMW100  From time to time swimmers may request ZASU to prepare letters with regard to their  swimming - transfers to other countries' clubs, and so on.  There is a fee charged for  this service.

 A downloadable list of fees plus other ZASU documentation (including the 2015-2016 calendar and each gala programme) can be found on our Handouts page.

Handout: ZASU Handouts

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