Trident Tigers: Meet Mobile

Follow ZASU galas on Meet Mobile!
Meet Mobile

Meet Mobile is a swimming meet app which was developed for the London 2012 Olympics and which has quickly grown in popularity.  ZASU has been very proactive in linking all of its national galas to this app, for the benefit of swimmers, coaches and supporters.  You can also find most of our international events on the app, too.

Using Meet Mobile, you can find your favourite swimmers, check their seed times, check the gala schedule for each day and best of all, get results in almost real-time!  You can follow your team's progress and you can also refer back to previous galas stored on the app.

The app costs USD9.99 per year and is available on Google Play or iTunes.

Each new gala is normally loaded to Meet Mobile a day or two before the gala starts.  Search for the gala by typing in relevant data - eg: ZASU 1st League. Check the results that are displayed and select the appropriate gala.  

Meet Mobile

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