Trident Tigers: Upcoming Gala Info

NAGS gala

Here is information about the next gala on the ZASU calendar:

 Gala: National Age Groups Gala 
 Date: Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th March 
 Venue: AIS Pool 
 Warm up
 starts  at:
13.00 Friday, 09.00 Saturday and 08.00 Sunday 
 Gala starts at: TBC
 Chaperones: Coach Muzeya Muzyamba and Carol Wilson
 Transport: Proflight to Lusaka on Friday morning, most likely returning Monday morning. 
 Accommodation: TBC - potentially Kilimanjaro Lodge 
 Kit List:

Apologies that we are out of stock of some items but as far as it is possible, please ensure that your child packs the following kit: 

  • Dark blue swimming costume (or any other FINA-approved costume)
  • Trident Tigers swimming cap (or a blue swimming cap)
  • Trident Tigers blue t shirt (or a plain blue t shirt)
  • Trident Tigers baseball cap or another sun cap for sun protection)
  • Trident College or Trident Prep tracksuit
  • Goggles
  • Swimming towel
  • Casual clothes for after the gala and for travelling
  • Shoes
  • Sunblock
  • Pyjamas and toiletries


 If you have any queries at all, contact Carol Wilson.


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