Trident Tigers: Welcome


Trident Tigers is the official school swimming team of the Trident group of Educore schools in Zambia, drawing from the best pool of swimmers in Trident College Solwezi, Trident Preparatory Solwezi and Trident Preparatory Kalumbila.

The Trident Tigers team competes at national level in Zambia Swimming Union (ZASU) galas.  

Should you be new to any of the Trident schools and wish to try out for the Trident Tigers team,  or should you have any queries about Trident Tigers, contact the Team Manager, Carol Wilson.

Find out more about Trident College.


The next gala is 4th League at Mufulira on 24th / 25th February. We will be sending a team!  


Congratulations to Lizzie Wilson on being selected to swim 400 m & 800 m freestyle at CANA in Malawi in March. 


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