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ZASU Handouts

2017-2018 ZASU Calendar2017-2018 ZASU Calendar

2017-2018 1st League Programme2017-2018 1st League Programme

2017-2018 2nd League Programme2017-2018 2nd League Programme

2017-2018 3rd League Programme2017-2018 3rd League Programme

2017-2018 4th League Programme2017-2018 4th League Programme

2017-2018 NAG Programme2017-2018 NAG Programme

2017-2018 NAG Rules2017-2018 NAG Rules

ZASU Standard Times Long CourseZASU Standard Times Long Course

ZASU Standard Times Short CourseZASU Standard Times Short Course

2017-2018 Swimmer Registration Form2017-2018 Swimmer Registration Form

WADA Prohibited ListWADA Prohibited List

2017-2018 ZASU Fees2017-2018 ZASU Fees

Trident Tigers Handouts

Trident Tigers Handbook Version 1.1 2015Trident Tigers Handbook Version 1.1 2015

TT Short Course Records All ComersTT Short Course Records All Comers

TT Long Course Records All ComersTT Long Course Records All Comers

TT Short Course Records by AgeTT Short Course Records by Age

TT Long Course Records By AgeTT Long Course Records By Age

Upcoming Courses & Clinics

Francois Boshoff December 2015Francois Boshoff December 2015

Gerhard ZandbergGerhard Zandberg

Penny Heyns October 2015Penny Heyns October 2015

Other Swimming Info

WADA Prohibited ListWADA Prohibited List

SA Qualifying Times Long CourseSA Qualifying Times Long Course

SA Qualifying Times Short CourseSA Qualifying Times Short Course

More Handouts:
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