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Friday, April 25



Champions See Photo Albums

14 B Owego Modified over B mets Blue

14 A Southern Tier Thunder 13 U defeats COB 2 ( Cramer)

15 U Oneonta defeats B mets Black 14 U 2-1 walk off single bottom of 7 th

16 B Bear Cats 16 U Defeats A Quality Collision

16 A  JC Eagles Defeats previously undefeated Windsor Knights I 9-0 in a rain soaked game

Brackets are completed games are set for saturday please make sure you read your email from henry

All Rostered players from the six divisions will be given a 2013 League Champion T shirt and one Coach/Manager T shirt
17 U SV Storm advances beating the Triple Cities Triplets 7-1

2013 TCTL Championships

UE Baseball Stadium

Saturday July 27, 2013

Game one Starts at 800 AM

Congratulations to all finalists and thank you to all members of the 63 Teams in the inaugural Season of the Tri County Teener League.The Union Endicott Baseball Booster Club will be running a limited concession stand during Saturday’s games.  There are six League Championship games being held at one of the finest Lighted High School Baseball Complex’s in NYS. Please keep in mind that this field as all fields governed by the Tri County Teener League is a Tobacco Free Zone.  Anyone seen chewing tobacco or smoking will be asked to leave the facility.Bathrooms are located next to the Softball Field on the Third base side of field.  Parking is available in the upper parking area or if needed near the Boys and Girls Club.   Good luck to all players and coaching staff’s  


 Thank you to Zappias Athletics for helping us out this season with T shirts, Baseballs and their donations of Ice Packs

 zaps logo

Scores needed for last nights games

Owego 14 u Modified team advances to 14 B Final at 800 AM 7/272013 AT UE High School           SHORTENED GAMES BECAUSE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER OR CURFEW (Vestal’s Arnold Park): Any games stopped after 5 innings (4 ½ if the home team is ahead), will be considered a complete game.  Any game called with less than 4 ½ innings completed will be replayed in their entirety as will games that are called after a complete game if the score is tied and is suspended by the ump for whatever reason.  Do to time constraints, these games may not be replayed if they are not made up before the playoffs and it is determined that the games will not have any significance in which playoff bracket the teams will be placed, so coaches should see to it that make ups are rescheduled to the next possible open date.


 Bylaw 4

 Lineup: A team shall have a minimum of 8 players to start a game or it is a forfeit. A team shall have 5 minutes from scheduled start time to field a team.  Should players arrive after the start of a game, they may be used as substitutes. The team shall not add a player to the lineup card after any player has completed two (2) official at bats. If the team begins a game with 8 players on the lineup card, the team shall not be penalized with an out in the ninth position. Should the team begin a game with 8 players on the lineup card and an injury or ejection occurs and no players have arrived to be used as a substitute, see NFHS Rule 4 Section 4 Art 1f







07/18/2013  530 PM games at Sertoma Owego/ Apalachin and  Arnold park have been cancelled in the interest of players and Spectators safety


The brackets have been loaded based on end of play from 7/16/2013. If you find an error or think there is an error please send a civilized email to either myself, henry or Jeff Valent.

Please check fields for conflicts as soon as you can so time can be adjusted .

The Board voted to do what we have done to get play offs going. there is room built in for rain outs .

Higher Seed has Home Field advantage. It is your respondsibility to print out your oppositions roster before you arrive at your game. Each team has an on line roster. No player can play on one team in the same age group.

 games that have not been played can be played post season if needed to fulfill community's 12 game season.

Thank you all for your patience in the past and in the future



 To clarify the time of the last posting. It was posted on 7/15/2013 standings are based on Tuesday 7/16/2013 at midnight

that is four hours from now 

Higher ranking Team has Home field advantage 

teams are now ranked first by wins then second by percentage . There are games that have significance to seeding today and tomorrow. Please be patient and await final seedings

please look at uploaded drafts of play offs and respond back if you see field conflicts or errors



 please make sure all your game results are sent in. We will be dividing teams into A nd B divisons for 14 U and 16 U divisions. Any team not available for the play offs needs to let us know ASAP.

To all area and tournament Teener teams Due to the timing of this year’s tournament and with the amount of games needing to be made up due to rain outs, the Teener Tournament leadership has agreed to cancel the 2013 tournament to allow area teams to concentrate on league play in order to complete the schedules in a more timely manner. While this is a disappointment due to the success of the last two years, we would rather offer a quality product where teams can better plan their participation and enjoy their tournament experience than have teams feel pressured to compete and still complete their league play obligations. We will have plans for the 2014 tournament at the January 2014 league meeting. We wish all team a successful completion to their summer play. 

Eric Olsen, PresidentEndicott Umpires Chapter


Please check your game results and make sure they have been uploaded. Please conform with opposing managers in case of rain. Don't just not show up assuming game is cancelled. Please reschedule rain outs. We are working on play offs and championships

Umpires Tournament game will be finalized by 7/7 PM cancelled


Play off matrix's have been uploaded under my site news heading

Arnold is rained out on 7/2


Bylaw 4

 Lineup: A team shall have a minimum of 8 players to start a game or it is a forfeit. A team shall have 5 minutes from scheduled start time to field a team.  Should players arrive after the start of a game, they may be used as substitutes. The team shall not add a player to the lineup card after any player has completed two (2) official at bats. If the team begins a game with 8 players on the lineup card, the team shall not be penalized with an out in the ninth position. Should the team begin a game with 8 players on the lineup card and an injury or ejection occurs and no players have arrived to be used as a substitute, see NFHS Rule 4 Section 4 Art 1f Penalty: Team shall forfeit the game. A.   Extra Hitter (EH): Up to 2 EH’s may be used, but are not required. They must be starters and shall not be added after any player has completed two (2) official at bats. The EH will be treated as a normal playing position, and treated as a starter in substitution.  The EH must play a mandatory 6 outs in the field.  If EH’s are used and a player leaves early for whatever reason, with no legitimate substitute, that player’s batting position shall be an out each time it comes up in the batting order. There shall be no DH allowedB.   . CONSECUTIVE BATTING ORDER – The coach may choose to make up a batting order consisting of all members of the team that are present for the game.  Players will bat in this order throughout the game.  Any player arriving after the game has started must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.  Any player that is lost from the lineup will be considered and automatic out.   Penalty: Team shall forfeit the game NFHS Rule 4 Section 4 Art 1fPenalty: DH use Coach shall be suspended for one game. 







Reminder to all

Bylaw 10



 The use of  smoking and or smokeless tobacco is prohibited during any game/ practice or tournament that is sponsored by the Tri County Teener League.  . We are a Recreational League and are here to promote youth sports and set an example to the players. There is a " Zero Tolerance " for both of these products. Coaches seen chewing tobacco will be asked to leave the field of play. Parents are also not permitted to Smoke or chew on the grounds
14 U teams please look at your schedules. I need to give kristophers an away game . if anyone is also short one game at home please email me so I can complete this schedule out. thank you pete


Any games that need to be moved because of rain outs please confir with the opposing manager and cc us so schedule can show changes

 Coaches contacts are found primarily under each individual teams rosters or on that teams individual teams page on Eteamz, Some of the coaches have their contacts in the " Handouts" section but this was placed for the sole purpose of adding late additions and secondary contacts


  West Corners 14 U KRISTOPH
7/11/13 5:30 PM -7:30 PM
COB 14 u A Miller COB Miller at krist14U - 13 th game tenatively cancelled 06/05/2013 George F Johnson School taft ave




think this is my fault, my coaches' contact info is not on the list.

Windsor Knights I Mike Reed 607-743-3433
Windsor Knights I Gary Kimble 607-206-0121
Windsor Knights II Tim O'Connor 607-727-2822
Windsor Knights II Wayne Doolittle 607-242-3479
Windsor Knights I & II Steve Freed 607-655-1317
Windsor Knights I & II Steve Freed 607-427-8267

 Rain out Protocol: managers should come to mutual agreement of make up date. secure the field and contact TCTL of changes so calander reflects changes


 NYS DBA for Tri County Teener League has been uploaded




June 2, 2013

only one game scheduled for today please check " schedules" not calanders  for game time and locations. results are posted for thursday, friday and Saturday's games. Anyone Scheduled to Play COB 14 U Van Putte should contact henry in reference to how these games will be handled. long story...



 June 1, 2013

 Umpires have been sent schedules,Coaches contacts updated under Handouts and under Rosters. Please send Insurance riders if not already done so. Adjusted rosters will be uploaded in next several days. Please send me game reults with home team showing pitch counts from Both teams. Any Highlights can also be added to Rults page. last todays results are live


Good Luck and Play ball



Coaches Contact numbers have been added as a  downloadable file in handouts folder

Opening Day for a few teams  530 PM kick off in Endicott 14 U

15 U was worked on last night. Please check your schedules for games over this openign weekend and confirm with opposing managers.


 Good Luck in 2013 and thank you for your patience.

If yo uget any good photo's of your team, game or fields send them to us we will be creating a photo page


Please follow instructions sent out last night for viewing your schedules . Doubled up games are being patched. Field Locations if in question should be easily confirmed by contacting opposing team. Most should be Accurate . Requested changes are in the works or already completed. All teams must that have not already done so need to send the league a PDF file verifying proff of insurance. This pretains to those teams that have used outside of ECTB insurance 



 To All:

Cut off dates May 3 rd Black out dates deadline
May 11 th 2013 Final Rosters . Please send them if you have them now
May 22 Coaches meeting Final meeting before play begins
Russian Club time to be announces
Team fees and league memberships needed ASAP
 Our next meeting will be April 17th at 7:30 pm. Location is the Russian Club in Endicott.
I have attached two documents for everyone to use. (1) document is the registration from for your teams (2) is the roster form from Pete so he can enter in the rosters on line. 
Anyone that wants to send their information early, please do so.

Important Information from last meeting:
Community fee = $50.00 per community on time fee to join the league
League fees = $75.00 per team
April 17 th - declare teams / next meeting
May 3rd - Need black out dates, insurance binder, rosters
May 15th - Final date for accepting rosters
May 22nd -- coaches meeting
July 7/10 - 7/14 Umpire tournament
Need a treasurer to finish out board of officers


Please send Roster's to



 Insurance is now available, we need all field locations to be covered asap



Communities That have paid their " Lifetime Membership Fee" will be given access code for ECTB Insurance link


The Tri County Teener League is a competitive and recreational baseball league founded in 2012 to serve the players of Broome, Tioga and Chenago Counties . It is a Not for Profit Organization that schedules and Administers Teener baseball for players aged 12-17

This League has Divisions for all levels of play, Each Team plays a 12 game Schedule and is automatically eligible for a single Elimination play off leading to It's Annual Championships tenatively scheduled for June 29, 2013 At Pete Sylvester Field in Endicott NY

Friday, January 11
Coming Soon!

TCTL is considering associating itself with ECTB. please look for updates

  Wednesday, July 17

5:30/6:00 games cancelled for tonight

To All

Please advise all coaches playing 5:30/6:00 games, that all games are cancelled due to heat index.

This is a New York State Law. *** NO EXCEPTIONS ***

 Anyone playing at 7:45 or later may play their scheduled game.

Thanks Henry

Tuesday, July 9
extend season?

please let us know

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