Cupertino Little League: Registration FAQs


After I register online, what documents do I need to show in-person to complete the registration?

If you are new to the League, you will need to provide the following to complete your player's registration:

  • Original Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Proof-of-Address
  • Provide proof-of-address at one of our Player Verification sessions. In order to establish residency, you must show three different forms of documentation, such as a driver’s license, a cable bill, and a credit card bill. Other forms of proof are accepted.

When does the season begin and how long does it last?

  • Once the teams are announced, practices begin usually the first or second week of February. This gives each team about 4 weeks of practice before the regular season begins (usually the first or second Saturday in March). Once the regular season begins, there are 10 weeks of games (not including Spring Break) plus 2 weeks of makeup and playoff games. The season ends with Closing Ceremonies on the first or second Saturday in June. Please refer to the Schedules page for dates and times of all Tri-Cities events. If your child is selected onto a Tournament or All-Star team, or if his/her team is representing the league in the TOCs (Tournament of Champions), practices and post season play begins after Closing Ceremonies and could last through mid-July. Please take this into consideration when planning your summer vacations.

What day and time will the practices and games be?

  • The exact schedule for games and practices is not determined until after registration is over and teams are formed. There will be one game on Saturday and one game during the week. There also will be two practices a week for about 90 minutes each. (For the T-Ball schedule, see the following section.) Baseball is a time-intensive sport. Practices and games can occur up to 4 days a week. So, it can be difficult for children with other commitments like soccer or after school/Saturday classes to participate.
  • Managers and coaches, on average, devote in excess of 100 hours of their “free” time during a regular season. 
  • Practices usually start at 4:30 or 5:00 in the early part of the season. Once daylight savings begins, games usually start at 5:00 or 5:15. If you have a question about whether there will be a conflict with another activity, we recommend that you go ahead and register and if the schedule doesn't work for you, you may receive a refund.
  • For players in the Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions, we ask that you consider seriously your player’s commitment to baseball and his or her team. As the players progress through divisions, they begin to rely more heavily on the presence of their teammates. When players do not show up for practice or games, the rest of the team suffers. If you cannot commit to having your child(ren) attend 90% or more of the games and practices, please consider seriously whether baseball is a good fit for your player(s), especially at the upper levels of play.

My child has never played baseball before – what level should he or she sign up for?

  • 4-6 year-olds—> T-ball
    7-8 year-olds—> Farm
    9-12 year-olds must attend try-outs and will be placed appropriately

Can you tell me more about T-Ball?

  • At the T-Ball level, there is one practice during the week for one hour. The exact day and location is up to the coach, who will try to schedule it at the best time for all players. All T-Ball games are held at our main field, Wilson Park on Saturdays, usually at 8:30 or 9:00am. Players do not need to try-out for T-Ball or Farm levels.

My child wants to play on his friend’s team. How do I request that?

  • Requests for a child to be placed on a team with a friend can be made during the registration process. Placement cannot be guaranteed.

Where are Cupertino Little League games played?

  • T-Ball, Farm, Minor and Major League Home games are played primarily at Wilson Park.  Juniors' Home field is Hyde Middle School.

Does my child have to come to tryouts?

  • Your child must attend tryouts if he or she wishes to play in Minors, Majors, Juniors or Seniors. Children who are 6-8, who have at least one year of t-ball experience, are strongly encouraged to attend player assessments if they wish to be placed on a Farm team. T-Ball players do not have to attend tryouts, as placement is determined by League-age and friend requests.

What are valid proofs of residency?

  • Little League Baseball requires that players reside within the league’s boundaries, or have a valid waiver. In order to establish residency, three different forms of documentation must be shown. Usually this is a driver’s license, a cable bill, and a credit card statement. Other forms may be accepted.

Is my credit card number secure on your site?

  • All online payments made through Cupertino Little League are processed by Blue Sombrero, which enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with us.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Valid Proofs of Residency

Little League Baseball requires that players reside within the league’s boundaries, or have a valid Waiver. If you think you need a Waiver, email

The following constitute valid forms of proof:  

  1. Driver's License
  2. Voter’s registration
  3. School records
  4. Welfare/child care records
  5. Federal records
  6. State records
  7. Local (municipal) records
  8. Support payment records
  9. Homeowner or tenant records