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Get Directions to TRIANGLE MIDDLE SCHOOL CONFERENCERaleigh Local Weather
Bret Bystricky
919-404-0444 x 1159
Fax: 919-404-2377
801 Buck Jones Rd.
Raleigh, North Carolina
  TMSC News: 2014 TMSC Division I Baseball  

Friday, May 9
2014 TMSC Division I Baseball

Division I Baseball Tournament:

First Round, Friday, May 2nd

#8 Cary Christian def. #9 St. David's, 5-4

#6 Franklin Academy def. #11 Cary Academy, 16-10

#10 Kestrel Heights  def. #7 Magellan Charter, 9-8

Quarterfinals, Monday, May 5th

#1 Wake Christian def. #8 Cary Christian, 17-2

#5 East Wake Academy def. #4 Grace of Raleigh, 10-3

#3 St. Timothy's def. #6 Franklin Academy, 14-4

#2 NRCA def. #10 Kestrel Heights, 10-0

Semifinals, Tuesday, May 6th

#1 Wake Christian def. #5 East Wake Academy, 18-4

#2 NRCA def. #3 St. Timothy's, 12-7

Championship, Thursday, May 8th 

#1 Wake Christian def. #2 NRCA, 11-1


Division I Standings: 

Wake Christian 16-0; 9-0 

NRCA 10-3; 8-1   

Grace of Raleigh 9-4; 7-3 

St. Timothy's 9-7; 7-3 

East Wake Academy 7-10; 5-4 

Franklin Academy 5-7; 4-6   

Cary Christian 4-9; 3-7 

Magellan Charter 3-8; 3-7 

St. David's 3-11; 3-7 

Kestrel Heights 3-10; 2-7    

Cary Academy 4-9; 2-7             


Division I Non-Conference Results:  

6-Mar: Wake Christian def. Neuse Charter, 29-0

6-Mar: Ravenscroft def. St. David's, 10-5 

10-Mar: St. Timothy's def. Friendship Christian, 15-0 

11-Mar: Endeavor Charter def. Trinity Academy, 14-8 

11-Mar: Grace of Raleigh def. Community Christian, 18-6 

13-Mar: Endeavor Charter def. St. Timothy's, 9-8 

14-Mar: Falls Lake Academy def. East Wake Academy, 7-2 

14-Mar: Ravenscroft def. Magellan Charter, 13-8 

21-Mar: Endeavor Charter def. St. David's, 7-6 

21-Mar: Wake Christian def. Cathedral School, 22-3 

27-Mar: Wake Christian def. Raleigh Hawks, 12-2 

28-Mar: East Wake Academy def. Neuse Charter, 15-0

31-Mar: St. Mary Magdalene def. St. Timothy's, 13-0 

3-Apr: Grace of Raleigh def. Friendship Christian, 14-3 

3-Apr: Cary Academy def. Cary Christian, 13-7

4-Apr: Neuse Charter def. East Wake Academy, 13-8 

4-Apr: Wake Christian def. Durham Academy, 8-5

4-Apr: Ravenscroft def. NRCA, 19-7 

9-Apr: Ravenscroft def. St. Timothy's, 15-8 

11-Apr: Voyager Academy def. East Wake Academy, 12-0

14-Apr: Endeavor Charter def. St. Raphael's, 8-6 

14-Apr: Roxboro Community def. East Wake Academy, 11-1

14-Apr: Cary Academy def. Triangle Day, 13-0

21-Apr: Franklin Academy def. Endeavor Charter, 11-10 

22-Apr: Ravenscroft def. East Wake Academy, 7-2 

23-Apr: Kestrel Heights def. Endeavor Charter, 6-2 

28-Apr: Ravenscroft def. Cary Academy, 16-0

2-May: Endeavor Charter def. Neuse Charter, 6-4 


Division I Conference Results: 

4-Mar: Wake Christian def. Kestrel Heights, 6-0 

10-Mar: NRCA def. Grace of Raleigh, 9-5 

11-Mar: Magellan Charter def. Franklin Academy, 6-0

13-Mar: Franklin Academy def. St. David's, 11-6 

13-Mar: Kestrel Heights def. Magellan Charter, 14-1 

14-Mar: Grace of Raleigh def. Kestrel Heights, 8-0 

20-Mar: Wake Christian def. East Wake Academy, 13-1 

21-Mar: St. Timothy's def. East Wake Academy, 5-0 

21-Mar: Cary Christian def. Cary Academy, 11-4 

24-Mar: Franklin Academy def. Cary Christian, 17-6 

25-Mar: Wake Christian def. NRCA, 5-1 

25-Mar: Grace of Raleigh def. Cary Academy, 8-0

25-Mar: St. David's def. Magellan Charter, 15-13 

25-Mar: St. Timothy's def. Kestrel Heights, 10-6 

27-Mar: East Wake Academy def. Franklin Academy, 13-0 

27-Mar: Kestrel Heights def. Cary Academy, 6-5

27-Mar: Grace of Raleigh def. Cary Christian, 12-5

27-Mar: St. Timothy's def. Magellan Charter, 7-0 

27-Mar: NRCA def. St. David's, 16-6 

28-Mar: St. Timothy's def. Grace of Raleigh, 8-5 

31-Mar: Wake Christian def. Grace of Raleigh, 8-7 

1-Apr: Grace of Raleigh def. Franklin Academy, 12-4 

1-Apr: East Wake Academy def. Cary Academy, 9-2 

1-Apr: St. Timothy's def. St. David's, 23-6 

3-Apr: NRCA def. East Wake Academy, 5-0 

3-Apr: Wake Christian def. St. Timothy's, 10-4 

9-Apr: Grace of Raleigh def. St. David's, 7-2 

10-Apr: Grace of Raleigh def. East Wake Academy, 10-8 

10-Apr: Magellan Charter def. Cary Academy, 16-5

10-Apr: Cary Christian def. Kestrel Heights, 13-12 

10-Apr: NRCA def. St. Timothy's (no score reported) 

11-Apr: Wake Christian def. Cary Christian, 20-2 

14-Apr: Wake Christian def. Franklin Academy, 22-3 

14-Apr: NRCA def. Magellan Charter (no score reported) 

17-Apr: East Wake Academy def. Magellan Charter, 3-2 (11 inn.) 

17-Apr: St. David's def. Cary Academy, 12-4 

17-Apr: NRCA def. Cary Christian, 9-0 

22-Apr: Cary Christian def. St. David's, 16-2 

22-Apr: Cary Academy def. St. Timothy's, 13-9 

22-Apr: Wake Christian def. Magellan Charter, 15-1   

23-Apr: East Wake Academy def. St. David's, 16-3

23-Apr: Franklin Academy def. Cary Academy, 16-7 

23-Apr: Magellan Charter def. Cary Christian, 11-0 

24-Apr: Wake Christian def. Cary Academy, 24-0 

28-Apr: East Wake Academy def. Cary Christian, 7-2 

28-Apr: Grace of Raleigh def. Magellan Charter, 10-3 


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