Toms River Girls Softball League: Welcome

All Games for Tonight, Thursday July 28, are CANCELED
due to the weather
Please check the website DAILY
for schedule updates as there
will be many changes!

Attention ALL Managers:

We need your All Star Selections to be emailed asap to:
6u----6 players
8u----4 players
10u----3 players
13u----3 players
18u---6 players  

*18u Playoffs will start on
Tuesday August 2nd


*13u Playoffs will start on
Thursday August 4th
& Friday August 5th

*10u Playoffs will start on
Monday August 1st

*weather permitting

Welcome to the
Toms River
Girls Softball League!!

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Winning Team Mgrs. in 10u-13u-18u Rec games, please email winning scores to:




Toms River Lightning
Fall Classic 2016!

Come join us down at the beautiful Jersey Shore as the Toms River Lightning organization hosts our Fall Classic on Columbus Day weekend, October 8th and 9th!
4 game guarantee(weather permitting).
1st and 2nd place awards in every age group along with MVP medals for all round-robin games!
Open to teams in any classification(ASA, Pony, USSSA, Club/town teams, etc)(must be insured), each team will play 3 games on Saturday to be seeded for Sunday single-elimination playoffs!


Great complex, CLEAN Bathrooms!

NO DROP-DEAD TIME LIMITS!!! Each game will be no new inning at or after 1 hour 20 minutes, however, we will finish that inning, if needed!
Come play at one of the newest & best softball complexes in NJ!

Toms River is a perfect place for a weekend vacation as well as playing against some great softball competition from the East Coast. We are just a few miles from Seaside Heights, and 1 hour south of NYC, 1 hour east of Philly and 1 hour north of Atlantic City.

YMCA Complex also will be used located at 1088 W. Whitty Rd., Toms River, NJ 08755

*Age groups: 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u/18u
*Cost:  $550/team ; includes umpire fees and gameballs! 


All parking at all fields  is "at your own risk".  Do not park on the grass at the N. Bay Ave complex, you could be ticketed!  Do use additional parking in the "corral" behind Field 4



   2016 Playoffs!!  

10u Division Playoffs:

10u "B" Division:

1st Round
#9 Chipmunks 
vs  #10 Swans
 August 1st @Bay 1   6:00pm

Semi Finals
#6 Stingrays 
vs  #9/10 winner
August 2nd @Bay 1  6:00pm

Semi Finals
#7 Ladybugs  
vs  #8 Seals
August 2nd @Bay 2   7:45pm




  10u Blue Division Finals

August 4th  @Bay 1  6:00pm 






10u "A" Division:



1st Round
#4 Dolphins  
vs  #5 Squirrels
August 1st @Bay 1  7:45pm




Semi Finals
#1 Tadpoles 
vs  #4/5 winner
August 2nd @Bay 1  7:45pm

Semi Finals
#2 Angels  
vs  #3 Grasshoppers
August 2nd @Bay 2  6:00pm





 10u Red Division Finals
August 4th @Bay 1  7:45pm 




13u Division Playoffs:

13u "B" Division:

1st Round
vs  #10
August 4th @Bay 2  6:00pm




 Semi Finals
#6 vs  #9/10 winner
August 5th @Bay 2  6:30pm

Semi Finals
#7  vs  #8
August 4th @Bay 3  6:00pm

  13u "B" Division Finals

August 8th @Bay 2  6:00pm





13u "A" Division:



1st Round
vs  #5
August 4th @Bay 2  7:45pm


 Semi Finals
#1 vs  #4/5 winner
August 5th @Bay 1  6:30pm

Semi Finals
#2 vs #3
August 4th @Bay 3  7:45pm

  13u "A" Division Finals

August 8th  @Bay 2  7:45pm 



 18u Division Playoffs:


   18u Semi-Finals    

#1 Panthers  vs  #4 
August 2nd  @Bay 4  7:45pm

   18u Semi-Finals     

#2 Tigers vs  #3
August 2nd  @Bay 3  7:45pm


   18u Finals     
 August 4th  @Bay 3   7:45pm










Veterans Sports Complex

1643 N. Bay Ave. Toms River


Sunday August 7th 

10u----Field 1     8am-10am



12u----Field 2   8am-10am

14u----Field 2  10am-12pm


 18u----Field 1   12pm-2pm 






For more info please email:


Attention Managers:  

Please email your All Star selections to:

6u & 18u------6 players per team

8u-------------4 players per team

10u & 13u------3 players per team 

The 2016 All Star Games
for ALL age groups 
will be held on

Tuesday August 9th
 at the Complex
1643 North Bay Ave!


All Star Game Night
Tuesday August 9th!

All-Star Players should be at their field at least 1 hour
prior to your game for  warmups & to get your All Star shirt!

6u---6:00pm--Field  1 


National League
 (Rays, Sailfish)  


American League
(Sand Dollars, Starfish)

6:00pm----Field 2   

American League
(Cosmic Rays, Flash, Stars)  


National League
(Comets, Galaxy, Meteors, Rockets)

10u---7:45pm----Field 1   

National League

(Angels, Dolphins, Squirrels, Seals, Chipmunks)


American League
(Tadpoles, Stingrays, Grasshoppers, Ladybugs, Swans)


13u ---7:45pm--Field 2 

National League

(Wolfpack, Foxes, Cheetahs, Longhorns, Grizzlies) 


American League
(Mustanges, Otters, Huskies, Raptors, Gators)

18u--7:45pm----Field 3   

National League

(Tigers, Bobcats) 


American League
(Panthers, Jaguars)