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We are recreational basketball program for the youth of Toms River. Divisions are defined by school grades. We have boys and girls divisions ranging from 3rd grade through High School. In addition, we have a clinic division for 2nd grade boys and girls as well as a Challenger division for special needs children. We are an ALL volunteer organization. Our board members and coaches give freely of their time to provide the youth of Toms River an opportunity to participate in an organized recreational basketball program. Please be respectful when contacting board members as they have willingly provided their personal phone numbers and email addresses (Board/Division Leader Link) to assist parents with questions or problems.

The TRBA has a Zero Tolerance policy regarding player, coach, or spectator behavior.  Any player, coach or spectator who, in the opinion of the TRBA board, acts in a threatening manner toward another player, coach, spectator or official, will be BANNED from the TRBA.  NO EXCEPTIONS, NO REFUNDS. 

The TRBA believes in and encourages the principles of good sportsmanship. Verbal harassment of game officials, players, coaches and spectators WILL NOT be tolerated.  Anyone attending a TRBA event who speaks or behaves in such a manner will be asked to stop the offending behavior/language. If the behavior continues, the game will be stopped and the offender(s) will be asked to leave the building.  The game will not continue until the offender (s) leaves the building.  The referee has the authority to call a forfeiture. 

Offenders may be BANNED from the TRBA.  NO EXCEPTIONS, NO REFUNDS. 




                                         TRBA 2015 Summer Sessions


The TRBA will be offering four recreational sessions this summer:

Boys/Girls 3rd Grade
Boys/Girls 4th/5th Grades
Boys/Girls 6th/7th Grades
Boys/Girls 8th-11th Grades 


All sessions will be made up of co-ed teams(both boys and girls).   
The games will start in late-June and run Mondays through Thursdays and some Fridays (if needed).
Gym locations have not yet been finalized. There will be two or three games per night. Game times will start at approximately 6pm. Each team will play two games per week.  The season will be over by the first week of August.

Ideally, each team will consist of an equal number of players from each grade level and gender. However, this depends on the mixture of registrations received. Our goal is to create fair and balanced teams, with an emphasis on fair play and sportsmanship.

Each team will have one practice prior to start of games.  The practices will be held during the week prior to the first game. We will provide TRBA t-shirts for the games. Players are to provide black shorts to be worn for all games.
                                  Online registration is NOW CLOSED                                               


NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER MAY 15th. All refunds are charged a $5.00 transaction fee.                                                                                                                                                                               

If you have a question about teams, practice times, game times etc, please contact the division leader directly. The division leaders for the Summer are: 

Boys/Girls 3rd Grade -  Kevin Stankowitz  

Boys/Girls 4th/5th Grades - Rob Bozicez

Boys/Girls  6th/7th Grades - Scott Thompson, Nat Amadeo, Jackie Strauss

Boys/Girls 8th-11th Grades -  Ken Peterson   

Divison Leader contact information is available by selecting the Board/Division Leaders Link on the left. 



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If you have a question about teams, practice times, game times etc, please contact the division leader directly. Use the link on the left  called "Board/Division Leaders".

Divison Leader contact information is available by selecting the Board/Division Leaders Link on the left. 

League information is available by selecting the selecting the Schedule of Events, Registration Information, Registration Fees, Refund Policy, Insurance Policy, Teams and Division Links on the left.  Please review these links for any questions you may have.

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