Travel- Eagles: Welcome

Monday, August 8
Welcome to the home of "Travel Eagles' ! Members from Lakeland HS


August! soon we will all see who has trained and prepared. Maybe a sport or going to school or entering the workforce. Hope all of you have not fallen to the excuses and the buts!!! Prepare and win or come in second place and make excuses. Not living up to potential is a very difficult thing to deal with and the day you realize it, you most likely came in second again. You all can be first if you work and listen. 



 A review, just as we all face in the job market or in school. Coach said it at the banquet - 11 & 11, 500 or a C. The struggle Coach  mentioned was  so many close games and little things that almost happened, but did not.

No June thru August time as a team this past year. Not sure who or what is going on in the program. No holiday tourney play, while other teams were. But, those are just things that have to be overcome for a team to raise up and players to get better. Coaches were giving you ideas and thoughts on what you should be doing, but did you do any of them? You have to do it - no one else can do it -you have to do it!

Coach gave many of you his thoughts, now take that information and build from it. Play with a purpose and practice with the idea you have and want to get better.

The only real judgement is Wins or losses. That is it! You either help the team or you don't! Hard to take, but very true. You do what the team needs you to do to get the win or you have failed. That is why we play the game! Keep working to get better and help those around you get better. It is the same way in the work place and in everything we do. Don't  allow excuses to keep you from reaching your potential.   

Like Coach said train and play with a purpose! You will understand later how it will help with all you do! Free throws, conditioning, basics of the game -passing, catching etc....  Everyone should build from this, you are better than C players. Go out and show us all!  That means Seniors as well! Maybe it is another sport or maybe it is classes at college or a job/profession. Don't get caught being a follower, be one of the people who lead and make something of themselves and others around them. If you wait for something to happen you will be disappointed. Remember Coach Wooden's wisdom and do the very best you can. Have others look up to you as A+ people who love and play a great game.

See New Stories to think about weekly! 



Sunday, November 14
Eight Suggestions from the coach for success

The following are eight suggestions for success from the book - "Wooden" A lifetime of observations and reflections on & off the court. A great book that I suggest to all!! 

1.) Fear no opponent, Respect every opponent

2.) Remember, it's the perfection of the smallest details that make big things happen.

3.) Keep in mind that hustle makes up for many mistakes.

4.) Be more interested in character than reputation

5.) Be quick, but don't hurry

6.) Understand that the harder you work, the more luck you have.

7.) Know that valid self-analysis is crucial for improvement.

8.) Remember that there is no substitute for hard work and careful planning. Failing to                 prepare  is preparing to fail. 

 Again, Coach reminds us that these are true for all we do in life, not just basketball!!! Enjoy!!!