train with HART: Locations

Anthem Hills Park

Get Map to Anthem Hills Park 2265 N Reunion Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Baker Park

Get Map to Baker Park 1020 E St Louis Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex

Get Map to Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex 7353 Eugene Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Bishop Gorman

Get Map to Bishop Gorman 5959 S Hualapai Way
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

Capriole Park

Get Map to Capriole Park 2155 Via Firenze
Henderson, Nevada 89044

Centennial Hills Park

Get Map to Centennial Hills Park 7775 Elkhorn
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

Cornerstone Park

Get Map to Cornerstone Park 1600 Wigwam Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89074

Coronado High School

Get Map to Coronado High School 1001 Coronado Center Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Douglas Selby Park
located on Owens and Sandhill

East Career and Technical Academy

Get Map to East Career and Technical Academy 6705 Vegas Valley Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89142

Ed Fountain Park

Get Map to Ed Fountain Park 1400 N Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

Freedom Park

Get Map to Freedom Park 784 N Mojave Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Grand Teton Trail Park

Get Map to Grand Teton Trail Park 7850 N Bradley
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

Heritage Park

Get Map to Heritage Park 350 E. Racetrack Rd.
Henderson, Nevada 89015

Howard Wasden Elementary School

Get Map to Howard Wasden Elementary School 2831 Palomino Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Hyde Park

Get Map to Hyde Park 900 Hinson Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Kellog-Zaher Soccer Complex

Get Map to Kellog-Zaher Soccer Complex 7701 W Washington Ave
Las Vegas , Nevada 89128

Las Vegas Indoor Soccer Sports Complex

Get Map to Las Vegas Indoor Soccer Sports Complex 1400 N Rampart Blvd.
Las Vegas , Nevada 89134

McCarran Marketplace Park

Get Map to McCarran Marketplace Park 5800 Surrey Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Mike Morgan Park

Get Map to Mike Morgan Park 555 N Honolulu St.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

Paradise Park

Get Map to Paradise Park 4775 S. McLeod
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Paseo Verde Park

Get Map to Paseo Verde Park 1851 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Henderson, Nevada 89012

Rafael Rivera

Get Map to Rafael Rivera 2800 Stewart Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


Get Map to SECTA aka VOTECH 5710 Mountain Vista Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

Silver Bowl Soccer Complex

Get Map to Silver Bowl Soccer Complex 6700 E Russell Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

Sullivan Park

Get Map to Sullivan Park 965 S Washington Fields Dr
Washington, Utah 84780

Sunset Park

Get Map to Sunset Park 2601 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

Sylvestri Middle School

Get Map to Sylvestri Middle School 1055 Silverado Ranch Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89183

Teton Trails Park

Get Map to Teton Trails Park 7850 N Bradley Rd
las vegas, Nevada 89131

Vivaldi Park

Get Map to Vivaldi Park 1249 Seven Hills Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89002

Woodbury Middle School

Get Map to Woodbury Middle School 3875 Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121