Trailblazers: 2018 Team Rosters / Tournaments

Monday, March 12
Team Rosters


 2017/2018 Teams: 

Important Announcements:

10s Bath Capps
Sat- Feb 17- Blackswamp Tiffin- (5th Place Gold)
Sat- Feb 24- Paragon,  Holland Ohio (3rd Place Silver)
Sun- Mar 4- Skyway Rec Center Oregon Oh (3rd Place Silver)

11s Bath Wauben
Sun- Feb 18- Blackswamp Tiffin (5th Place Gold)
Sun- Mar 4- RGBA- Cincinnati (3rd Place Silver)
Sun- Mar 11- Paragon,  Holland Oh (5th Place Gold) 
12s Bath Ripley
Sun- Mar 18- Lima HS
Sat- Apr 14- OVR Regional Girls Championships, Columbus

10s Elida Sneary
Sun- Feb 18- Blackswamp, Tiffin- (1st Place Silver)
Sun- Feb 25- Shelby MS, Shelby Oh (1st Place Silver)
Sat- Apr 14- OVR Regional Girls Championships, Columbus

12s Elida Sneary/ Ramirez
Sat- Mar 10- Coldwater (2nd Place Silver)
Sun- Mar 18- Lima HS
Sun- Mar 25- Lehman HS, Sidney

13s Trailblazers Team  Coaches- Aubree Mowery, Gabby Odowd, Rachel Ciminillo
#30- Alli-                                                      Tournaments
#31- Kyra-
#32- Samantha-               Sat-Jan 20- Friendship Scrimmage Urbana
#33- Carsyn-                    Sun-Feb 11- Parkway- (3rd Place in Gold tournament)
#34- Olivia-                      Sun- Mar 11- Paragon Holland Ohio (1st Place Gold Tournament)
#35- Eva-                          Sun- Mar 18- Lucas Cty Rec Ctr                                           
#77- Ava-                          Sun- Apr 8- Parkway
#78- Olivia-                       Sun- Apr 22- Coldwater
#108- Cecelia-                   Sat- May 12- OVR Regionals Columbus

14s Trailblazers team   Coach Ron Coleman

#52-Cadence M-                                            Tournaments
#55-Kylie V-                   Sun- Jan 21- Friendship Scrimmage Urbana                  
#53-Lana B-                         Sun- Feb 11- Parkway- (2nd Place in Gold tournament)                                    
#58-Lili G-                           Sun- Mar 11- Galion HS (1st Place Gold Tournament)
#54-Gwen C-                    Sun- Mar 25- Findlay Univ 
#57-Faith D-                       Sun- Apr 8- ONU-Ada  
#59-Jaylen R-                    Sun- Apr 29- Parkway     
#56-Gracie F-                     Sat- May 5- OVR Regionals Columbus                  
#60-Lydia F-         


 The 15s Trailblazers Team   Coaches- Sydney Mohler, Emily Tabler
Tryout #
#36- Mckenzie-                                             Tournaments                                  
#37- Sophia-                         
#38- Josie-                             Sat- Jan 20- Friendship Scrimmage Urbana
#39- Kristin-                           Sun- Feb 25- Blackswamp Tiffin (1st Place Gold Tournament)
#91- Abby-                              Sun- Mar 11- Parkway (3rd Place Gold)
#94- Kennedy-                         Sun- Mar 25- Paragon Holland, Ohio
#97- Bella-                               Sun- Apr 15- Buckeye VBC, Columbus
#150- Evelyn-                           Sun- Apr 29- Sidney Lehman
#96- Kenlie-                             Sun- May 13- OVR Regionals Columbus 


 16s Trailblazers team Coach Ginger Stahr

#11-Claire H-                                           Tournaments                                                
#18-Miller K.-              Sun- Jan 21- Friendship Scrimmage Urbana     
#19-Leah S-                Sun- Feb 11- Paragon Holland Ohio -  (1st Place Silver)                        
#15-Rosie W-               Sun- Mar 11- Lucas Cty Rec (5th Place Gold)               
#31-Becca C-               Sun-  Mar 18- ONU                       
#13-Kelsey F-                                        
#20-Emily R-                Sun- Apr 22- Buckeye VBC, Columbus              
#30-Nevaeh V-            Sun- Apr 29- Lima Senior         
#25-Kassidy M-           Sun- May 6- OVR Regionals- Columbus
#84- Trinity- 


16s- Trailblazers Team- Coach Angie Murphy
#101- Sophie-
#102- Maya-                                                         Tournaments
#104- Anneesea-                 Sun- Jan 21- Friendship Scrimmage Urbana
#107- Makenna-                  Sun- Mar 11- Parkway  (1st Place Silver Tournament)                       
#112- Megan-                      Sun Mar- 18- Findlay
#115- Morgan-                     Sun- Mar-25- Centerville
#117- Hannah-                     Sun- Apr- 15- Lucas Cty Rec
#164- Mallory-                    Sun- Apr- 22- Jackson Center
#165- Eden-                        Sun- May 6- OVR Regionals- Columbus
#163- Kaylee-


17s Team- Coach Adam Choi

#86- Maya-                                                         Tournaments
#122- Peyton-                              Sun- Jan 21- Friendship Scrimmage- Urbana
#123- Victoria-                           Sun-Feb 25-  Sports Express (5th Place Gold Tournament)
#126- Ella-                                  Sun- Mar 4- Marion Harding HS (5th Place Gold Tournament)
#127- Paige-                                Sun- Mar 11- Findlay Univ (2nd Place Silver)
#128- Riley-                                Sun- Mar 18- ONU
#130- Taylor-                              Sun- Apr 8- ONU 
#169- Sofia-                                Sun- Apr 15- OVR Regionals Columbus
#170- Kaleigh-

 How to do the ON-LINE Training classes at the OVR- Score Keeping

 How to do the ON-LINE Training classes at the OVR- Score Keeping/Down Ref


This is the link on "how to" and "what score training" you need:
A new instructions document, which is now available on the OVR website: 

To start
1- Login to USAV Webpoint ( where you registered with USAV)
2- After you login to Webpoint- Click on   "Login to USAV Academy"
3- Click on  "Course Catalog"
4- Click on  "Catalog: Officiating Education Materials"
5- Click on  "Catalog:  Indoor Officiating Materials-- not for credit 
6- You can take all 7 courses to learn how to keep score, (Or at least take Catalog Lesson 7 to learn how to keep               score)

 You have to go to the USAV Webpoint site to start the process.

After completing the online curriculum, you will need final evaluation on-court by a professional certified referee to become certified as a junior second referee or scorer. Line judges and Libero trackers do not need to be certified. • OVR junior certifications are good for two seasons.