Trailblazers: Welcome

Tuesday, February 7

Welcome to the Trailblazers VBC- (A licensed club with the OVR)
We also have an "OVR Approved Club" status with the OVR-Ohio Valley Region
Sanctioned member of the Ohio Valley Region(OVR) of
USA Volleyball(USAV)
Member of AVCA-American Volleyball Coaches Association
Member of JVDA- Junior Volleyball Directors Association
Member of OHSVCA- Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association
Member of OHSAA- Ohio High School Athletic Assiciation
Member of NFHS- National Federation of High School Volleyball
Member of AIC- Accredited Interscholastic Coach Level II

Contact Info-Director-Ron Coleman
                    -Asst. Director- Ginger Stahr
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          “Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.” Mike Ditka
          “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein 
Our Mission:
We are a Club dedicated to improving volleyball skills. The Trailblazers VBC Staff is dedicated to providing our athletes with reasonably priced fees to enjoy and grow in the sport of volleyball. Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches focus on all the skills of volleyball and development as well as team offense, defense, and communication. We believe our Club helps young athletes develop skills that will help them in "life" by teaching them to set challenging, but achievable goals. We help our athletes attain their goals with personal commitment to the game of volleyball and support each other and work together as a team. All of our coaches have a passion for the game of volleyball and we hope to pass along our love of this game to every player in our club. 

Important Announcements: 

****2017 Spirit Wear form added to Forms/Downloads tab

This is a link to the Ohio Valley Region main web page-  "Ohio Valley Region" 

     Click on the following links:  
If your daughter was registered last season (2016 season) with USA Volleyball
To Renew USAV (2017) membership from last season go to the USAV Webpoint and select a
$10 USA Volleyball tryout membership, good for 5 tryouts,  or a USAV Full membership $62
The $10 tryout membership can be applied later to the Full membership if you make a team.
There will also be a $10 Trailblazers Volleyball tryout fee charged at the door.
            Click here-  Renew USAV Membership Registration

To Register as a new member (2017) or players that have not played Club volleyball with OVR-Ohio Valley Region
register with a $10 USAV tryout membership, good for 5 tryouts, or a USAV Full membership $62
There will also be a $10 Trailblazers Volleyball tryout fee at the door.
             Click here-   Register as New Member with USAV

Get your USAV Membership renewed with help from the following link:
            Click here-   Registration Help to Renew or become new member

Age definitions for OVR Divisions
            Click Here-

How to do the ON-LINE Training classes at the OVR- Score Keeping
This is the link on "how to" and "what score training" you need: 

To get to the Score Keeping location Training Material.
Use the browser Chrome or Firefox
      Please click on or go to this link 
       Under "Training Materials" Click on "Indoor Training Material"
   When you start a module do not click on Yes-Get Credit, instead click "No Thanks"
The two most important classes are "Scoring Basics Non-Deciding Set" "Scoring- Deciding Set" but you should take all the classes.

After completing the online curriculum, you will need final evaluation on-court by a professional certified referee to become certified as a junior second referee or scorer. Line judges and Libero trackers do not need to be certified. • OVR junior certifications are good for two seasons.

Ron Coleman
Trailblazers VBC


 "Word and Quote of the Week"
Week 1- "Enthusiasm"-  intense and eager enjoyment, interest. or appproval
Week 2- "Passion"-  a strong liking or desire for devotion to some activity. (like volleyball)
           Quote- "On your best days be Great, on your worst days be Good, Every other day be Better 

Week 3- "Effort"- a vigorous or determined attempt, the result of an attempt, an expenditure of energy to                           accomplish some objective 
                 Quote- "Remember, results aren"t the criteria for success, it's the effort made for                                        achievement that is most important"-- John Wooden
Week 4- "Industrious"  a word used to describe someone who is hard working
            Quote-  "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan

Week 5- "Determination" is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of                                              obstacles.
                 Quote-  When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit: -- Robert Rodriquez

Week 6- "Success"   the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
                   Quote- “The road to success is always under construction.” ~Lily Tomlin