Northern Trailblazers: Trailblazer Challenge Tournaments

Thursday, October 30


Trailblazer Challenge I (14's) January 24th @ Antigo Middle School  

Gold 1st-Trailblazers 14 Black, 2nd-Warriors G14, 3rd-Medford Storm 14-1 & WI Ice 14 DM

Silver 1st-Trailblazers 14 Orange, 2nd-WI Ice 14North

Bronze-1st Trailblazers 14 White, 2nd-SSTORM 14                       

Trailblazer Challenge I (16's) January 24th @ Antigo High School

Gold 1st-Trailblazers 16 Orange, 2nd-Medford 15-1, 3rd-CWVC 16-2 & DePere Diggers 16

Silver 1st-MVP 16-1, 2nd-EMVC 16

Bronze 1st-Seymour Lightning 16's, 2nd-Waupaca Fire 16's 

Trailblazer Challenge II (12's) January 25th @ Antigo High School

1st-Trailblazers 12's, 2nd-G12 Heat Red, 3rd-N. WI Stars       

Trailblazer Challenge III (13's) February 28th @ Antigo Middle School

Gold 1st-WI Ice Purple, 2nd-Medford Storm 13-1, 3rd-Seymour Lightning Strikes & CWVC 13-1

Silver 1st-Trailblazers 13 Orange, 2nd-DePere Diggers 13 

Trailblazer Challenge III (15's) February 28th @ Antigo High School

Gold 1st-Eau Claire Air 15-1, 2nd-Medford Storm 15-1, 3rd-Green Bay Select 15 Black & WI Ice 15 Black

Silver 1st-NWVBC 15, 2nd-Waupaca Fire 15's

Bronze 1st-Trailblazers 15 Orange, 2nd-Medford Storm 15-2 

Trailblazer Challenge IV (17/18's) March 1st @ Antigo High School

Gold 1st-Eau Claire Air 18-1, 2nd-Eau Claire Slam, 3rd-CWVC 17-1 & WI Ice 17 Lady Jacks

Silver 1st-Trailblazers 18 Orange, 2nd-Chequamegon Lakers

Bronze 1st-G17/18 Heat Red, 2nd-N. WI Stars 17 

Trailblazer Challenge V (13's & 14's) March 21st @ Abbotsford Schools 

 13's Results:

Gold 1st-Laser VBC, 2nd-Medford Storm 13-1, 3rd-MVP & Trailblazers 13 Orange

Silver 1st-Eau Claire Air 13-1, 2nd-WI Ice 13 Black

14's Results:

Gold 1st-Medford Storm 14-2, 2nd-CWVC 14-1, 3rd-Trailblazers 14 Black & Medford Storm 14-1

Silver 1st-Trailblazers 14 Orange, 2nd CWVC 14-2



Tie Breaker Information: Badger Region Protocol #1 Tie Breaker Criteria Used    
C)Two way tie: 1. Head to head between tied teams          
D)All Other ties: 1 .Match% (matches won Divided by matches played).  2. Sets% (sets won divided by sets played) 
3. Total point differential (total # of point won subtracted from total # of points lost). 4. Coin Flip   

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