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Wednesday, August 10

There was a time just a few decades ago where being a Bulldog meant everything to the youth of Tracy.  Tracy High was the one and only school in town and the Bulldog football program was the prime attraction in the community.  "The town used to shutdown on Friday nights and pack the stands whether we were at home or on the road," said legendary Tracy High Coach Wayne Schneider.

As I've begun to closely follow and document the Bulldog football program over the past several years I've acquired an appreciation for the rich history of the program and the pride that the Tracy alumni have for their program.  I'm in the process of integrating numerous historical pieces to provide a detailed look at Tracy High Football from the 1920s to present. 

To start with, here is a short documentary done in 1987 by Bay Area news station KRON on Tracy High.  It is titled "The Boys of Autumn"    I've made a digital copy of it, placed it on You Tube, and created several DVDs.