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HOW TO GET PICTURES (click to expand)

While I have a whole page on this site dedicated to answering frequently asked photo questions, I thought I would highlight one basic question that comes up frequently.  If you see a picture you like in one of my web galleries on "," and you would like a print or the high resolution image file, you can order directly from that site.  This is a professional retail photo ordering service that I pay for which accepts credit cards and your order is printed through Bay Photo Lab which has been in business since 1976 offering high quality photo finishing and mailing.  The pictures are mailed directly to you in a couple of days (not bad for approx $3).  I don't handle or see your financial transaction on the order.

If you don't want to use a credit card, can't seem to get the shopping cart to work, or have any type of special request, you can always e-mail me with the file name and size of the picture you want.  I'll develop it locally  at a quality printing service and deliver it to you (check or cash accepted) usually within a week.

I only charge a very small amount of money for my prints (approx $2 per picture) which goes towards keeping this website up and running.  These prices are significantly less than the roaming professional sports photographers such as Max Preps.