Tracy High Football: PIC OF WEEK

Sunday, November 4

For this week I wanted to do a special Pics of the Week segment where I tell the story of the first playoff game chronologically through the pictures Lyneesa and I took.

5:30 p.m. Friday in the Team Room

In the first picture, I capture the coaching staff addressing the team just after they have left the locker room and are preparing to take the field for warm ups.   Roll call and some broad strategy are discussed.   On this night Coach Pribble also shares with them his frustration on how unkept they have left their locker room. 


POW 11 Team Room
5:30 p.m. Friday - 90 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 5:50 p.m. and Tommy Aguilera is the first Bulldog to step foot on the field on a beautiful early November evening.  The temperature all evening was fantastic for this time of the year.

POW 11_2 Taking The Field
70 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:03 p.m. and all the Bulldogs are now on the field so Coach Shrout huddles everyone up to begin stretching and full team drills.

POW 11_5 full team
57 minutes to kickoff

It's 6:17 p.m. and the voice of the Bulldogs Keith Britt has arrived in the press box and is going over his game notes.  

POW 11_6 Press Box
43 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:25 p.m. and warmups have begun for both teams.  Coach Mike Speer settles in on the sidelines and stares off at the Lincoln team in a moment of quiet reflection.

POW 11_3 Speer Looking
35 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:31 p.m. and warmups are in full swing.  Coach Shrout is summoned by the officials for a meeting.  There is informal talk about the season, the playoffs, and what could lie ahead next week and then the refs get into asking questions on whether there are any trick plays to be prepared for, what arm the quarterback throws with, and what foot the kicker uses.  The refs discuss the uniform policy and a few other items they will be watching carefully for during the game.  They also inquire as to who the captains will be for the evening.

POW 11_7_ Refs Meeting
29 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:51 p.m. and the coaching staff has concluded their final pre-game speech to the team to get them motivated.  Captain Angelo Ortega gathers the team for a team prayer and motivation before heading to the fog tunnel.    As I walked around the team at this point doing some videotaping, I gotta tell you, the location of this meeting next to the Porta Potties was not a good idea.  Thats why I took this picture from a distance.

POW 11_8 Team Mtg
9 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:54 p.m.  and the team prepares to run on the field one last time at home.  I had wanted to take this shot from straight on, but as I came out on the field with the team, there was already a photographer and a video guy straight on and I would have been blocking their view, so I took a less desirable side angle.

POW 11_9 Running on Field
6 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:55 and the team is now headed to the sidelines.  By the middle of the first quarter I'd say the stands ended up being about 50% full for this November playoff game.

POW 11_10 run on
5 Minutes to Kickoff

It's 6:59 p.m. and the National Anthem is in the final chorus.  "Helmets Up."

Playoff Anthem 1
1 Minute to Kickoff

We are about 12 minutes into the game and the Bulldog defense is trying to shut down the opening Lincoln drive.  A fake punt fools them and ultimately the Fighting Zebra's would find the end zone to take an early 7-0 lead.

POW 11_12 Opening Drive
5 Minutes In and Lincoln Is Marching Towards a Score

It's 7:16 p.m. and the Bulldogs are on a very long 11 play drive that includes 7 penalties.  I show this photo for two reasons.  1) Logan gave it his all to leap over a Lincoln defender and took a very serious looking spill.  2) I'm so disappointed in my photography at this moment.  It would have been a great shot, one of those top 10 of the season type of shots, and the focus point for that split second was locked in on the jersey of a Lincoln player 5 yards away from Logan.   When I looked down at the viewing monitor on the camera right after the play, I was VERY disappointed.

POW Out of Focus
7:16 p.m. - Logan Takes a Flip and I Miss A Great Shot

Coach Shrout called it "a drive for the ages."  Coach Pribble at halftime said he had never seen anything like that in his coaching career.  The photo below is the moment the very long first Tracy drive concludes in the end zone with Elias Williams running up the middle for a 7 yard score.  The drive took 8 minutes of actual time had 11 plays and 7 penalites and the game clock had 1 minute: 50 seconds left in the quarter at the time of the touchdown.

POW 11_13 End of Tracy Drive
7:18 p.m. - Tracy's First Scoring Drive Results in 6 Points

It's 7:25 p.m. and we are 4 seconds into the 2nd quarter when Logan Fife scores a 9 yard rushing TD to give Tracy a 12-7 lead.  The extra point would make it 13-7.

POW 11_14 2nd Score
7:25 P.M. Tracy Takes The Lead

It's 7:34 p.m. and we are at the 9:45 mark of the 2nd quarter.  You have likely already seen the closeup shot I posted over the weekend of Jordan Matson deflecting this pass to intended for Harry Rounds.  I decided to show the frame before it here to display the great positioning Jordan had in front of the receiver.  Unfortunately, the next play would result in a TD as Tommy Turner laid a perfectly thrown pass just within the fingertips of Rounds who made an incredible one hand catch in the end zone.

POW 15 Matson
An Early 2nd Quarter Great Defensive Play

It's 8:08 p.m. and halftime as Coach Shrout ditches the head set.  Lyneesa Marks took this photograph.  I made an error in watermarking it.

POW 11 _Shrout Throw
Pitch Right. Photo by Lyneesa Marks

It's 8:18 p.m. and Lyneesa Marks is photographing for me on the field while I'm in the team room.  Lyneesa captures the cheer team performing one last time at home.

POW 11_16 Cheer
Photo by Lyneesa Marks

It's 8:20 p.m. and we have a 20 minute halftime.  While the cheerleaders perform outside, the team is listening to some adjustments the coaches are making inside.  

POW 11_17 Team Room
8:20 P.M. Middle of Halftime

It's 8:24 p.m. and Lyneesa Marks captures the team returning to the field leading Lincoln 20-14.

POW 11_18 Return From Half

It's 9:08 p.m. and the 4th quarter is just underway.  This is a key play when Harry Rounds turns the corner and scores on Tracy.  It would have brought Lincoln to within 7, but the play was called back.  Shortly thereafter Lincoln punted which then led to the next scene.

A1_Q4_Penalty POW
A TD Is Called Back In The 4th Quarter

It's 9:22 p.m. and  Lincoln has punted to Tracy and downed it on the 2 yard line.  Fife hands off to Pope who sweeps around the left side and burns the Lincoln defense for a 98 yard TD and a 14 point lead.

POW 11_23 Pope Return

It's 9:40 p.m. and Tracy assembles to check off the accomplishments of their goals.  Onward to Del Oro and Round II.


It's 6:02 p.m. and Lincoln steps foot onto the field.

POW 11_4 Lincoln onto Field
58 Minutes Before Kickoff

In my first Picture of the Week, I found  a better team shot to represent the outcome of the 23rd matchup between West and Tracy.

10 POW Team Pic

In looking back at some old football pictures, I came across a folder where I had attended a Bulldog Football camp held at Tracy High in June of 2010.  Some of the kids seemed to look like players on our rosters now and I had Coach Shrout confirm that.  In the photo below, you see a young Trevor Pope eagerly taking on the bags.    You can view the folder to see if a current Bulldog is in them HERE.

Now and Then Pope
Trevor Pope Back in 2010 and now in 2018

In this Picture of the Week I capture Angelo Ortega coming in hot to attempt a punt block.  While the picture isn't bad, I could have made it so much better.  I had too large a lens and should have either put on a smaller lens or backed way up before the punt took place.  Also the depth of field is very narrow and is focused on the punters jersey.  Shooting in low light conditions and high shutter speeds limits some flexibility here but I should have tried to make some adjustments before the shot to expand the distance that would have been in focus.

POW 10 Punt

In this Picture of the Week, the varsity get their "groove" on before kickoff.

POW 10 Var Groove
Angelo Ortega Helps The Team Get Their Groove On

Friday night provided some special memories for many Bulldog families.  Here is one for the Pereira family.

Pereira POW 10

In this photo from halftime, student assistant Lyneesa Marks clicked the shutter at the perfect moment to get hands of the dance team in synchronization.  The dark West High stands in the background also helps to dramatize the picture.

POW 10_Dance_Hands_Marks
A Picture of the Week Taken By Lyneesa Marks

When I saw this scene go down at the beginning of the JV game, I knew I had a Picture of the Week and got enjoyment out of watching the Bulldog defense apply some psychological warfare to the West offense.

JV POW 10_Psych
Tracy Attempts to Employ Psychological Warfare at the Line

The JV team with freshmen get one last chance to run through the cheerleaders banner.

POW 10_JV Banner

I got down on the ground to shoot up into the helmets for a few plays.  On this one, I got Trevion Shadrick-Harris taking a kick return down field and pointing to his ultimate destination.

POW 10 Point

The JV cheer liked their jump picture so much last week, we decided to do another one this week.

Half POW 10 JV Cheer_Jump

Trevor Pope providing a little crosstown affection to a West player.

POW 10 TP Hug
Trevor Pope Offers a Hug To a Rival West Player

It was about a year ago that Elias Williams came up to varsity and starting making an impact.  Here he is on Friday night out running the West defense for a Tracy score.

POW 10 EW Running

Coach Shrout had all the seniors come out part of the way on the field for the coin flip Friday night as they particpated in their last Crosstown game.

POW 10 Seniors on Field
One Last Crosstown Game For The Seniors

Lyneesa Marks captures Marti Rhinehart in one of her last cheer performances during a football game.  Fortunately, we have one more home game.

POW 10 Marti
Marti Rhinehart Airborne

In this Picture of the Week, I was shooting directly into the sun which really challenged me on whether I would get a decent photo.  With some photoshop work behind the scenes I got this to an acceptable level.   The Frosh and JV "Boys of Fall" return to the field one last time for the 2018 season.   See you guys next year!

POW 10_JV Return Final

In this Picture of the Week, I zoomed in on a JV lineman who is getting squeezed by some West beef.

JV POW 10 West Squeeze

In this Pic of the Week I capture the JV cheer team finishing up a performance between the 1st and 2nd quarter.  This photo and hundreds more will show up again when I present the cheer "Season In Review" movie at their team banquet in early March.

POW 10 JV Cheer Air

In a final picture of the week, I combined several photos I took in sequence of Coby Larson's 46 yard TD reception from Logan Fife early in the 1st quarter.  The photos show it was not an easy catch as West defenders did harass the reception a bit as Coby brought it into his chest at the 10 yard line.

POW 10_Larson Series
Coby Larson Hauls In a 46 Yard TD Pass For The 2nd Tracy Score

PICTURES OF THE WEEK (and a short video)


Lucy the real Bulldog (a sweet dog courtesy of the Cavallaro family) was a great photo opportunity on Friday night.  Here she attempts to take a bite out of a football before the team takes the field.  Lucy will appear in 1 or 2 more Pictures of the Week later tonight.   

I just created a 1+ minute video of my view looking through my camera lens as I photographed the team taking the field.  My primary focus was the team, not the dog.   I assure you the dog got my attention about 1 minute into the video as I see it appear in my viewfinder headed straight towards me.  I tightened up thinking I was about to get bit with no where to move.  I kept filming and hoped for the best.  View it here.

POW 9 Lucy
Lucy Takes A Bite

POW 9 BSJ Entry
view full size

Cheer coach Sheila Soares makes my Picture of the Week list as she gives a hug to a cheerleader after solid performance on Thursday night.

POW 9 Sheila Soares
view full size

I was worried but this cheerleader didn't seem worried that I might be a little too close to the performance during the Night Rally.

POW 9 Backflip
view full size

The band and dogpound were great this year at home supporting the team.  

view full size

Great weather, fall colors, and streets filled with Bulldog fans make this photo one of the top Pictures of the Week!

POW9_Parade final
view full size

POW 9 Hands
view full size

The lighting was a little dark on this corner of the stadium when I took this picture, but the dresses still look beautiful in this Picture of the Week representing the start of the Night Rally last Wednesday.

POW 9 Dresses
view full size

One final National Anthem at home makes the Picture of the Week list.

Anthem POW 9
view full size

A definite Picture of the Week winner as JV cheer jumps for my camera.

POW 9 JV Cheer Jump
view full size

The Senior Class show their love for winning the Most Spirited Class Award for Homecoming.

POW 9 Kiss
view full size

The team enters what may be the last time in 2018???

POW 9 Team Entry
view full size

Our inflatable Bulldog dips into a 4 point stance for a moment before the varsity game

POW 9 Blow up Brutus
view full size

Two freshmen bulldogs crunch a Lodi flame on Thursday evening.

POW 9 Frosh Crunch
view full size

The dance produce a dynamic performance entertaining the stands that were almost a capacity.

POW 9 Dance Team
view full size

The Senior class gets up close and personal with me at the end of their skit.  I really enjoyed the spirit and enthusiasm of the kids on Wednesday night.  It made for some great picture taking.

POW 9 Night Rally Closeup
view full size

Sunday, October 21

The Powder Puff game is one of my favorite events to photograph each year.  In this Pic of the Week, I capture the Juniors about to take the field.

POW 9 PP JRs entering
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I was drawn to the sidelines in the 2nd half of the Powder Puff game as I watched Savannah Seals come off the field.  She had this very focused stare back towards the game and I just thought this picture turned out really special.  I photographed thousands of faces this week and could have put many solo shots up, but I went with this one.

POW 9 Seals Looking
Savannah Seals Looks On In The Remaining Moments of the Powder Puff Game
view full size

The school at sunset makes for a nice background as Logan Fife warms up in his final home game of 2018.

POW 9 Fife
view full size

I took many group shots during the Powder Puff game, but this one stood out as one I wanted to share during my Pics of the Week.

POW 9 Faces
view full size

view full size

Lucy returns for her 2nd Picture of the Week as she takes the field as captured by my son who was helping me photograph on Friday.

POW Lucy
Lucy Is Excited As She Takes The Field
view full size

My son captured this photo of Trevion Shadrick-Harris catching a ball over the middle which helped to set up a TD a few plays later.

POW 9 Shadrick Harris_BSJ
view full size

Game Faces

Game face PP POW 9
Game Faces
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I capture the awkward elegance of the Senior Cheer Team during the Powder Puff game.

POW 9 SR Cheer
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I get a nice sharp photo of the Captains taking the field.

view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I capture the JV cheer team performing between quarters of the game.

Pow 8 cjeer
view full size

Sunday, October 14

I'll have more throughout the night, but here is the first one showing Tyler Gaudreau during pre-game warmups.

POW 8_1 Gaudreau

The JV game was lopsided in favor of St. Mary's and the boys were down at halftime, but the JV cheerleaders kept things positive for all four quarters.  Here is one of many happy photos I took at halftime.

POW 8_Duo JV Cheer
view full size

There are two things I like about this picture.  The first is the reaction via the eyes that the player is preparing for another hit or needing to secure the ball.  The 2nd is the perfect symmetry in which the St. Mary's helmet is in alignment just behind the Tracy helmet.

POW 8 Eyes_Helmet_JV
view full size

230 pound Jason Reyes has his hands full blocking 255 pound Rams lineman Gino Allen.

POW 8_Reyes blocking
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I capture a very focused John Palmer.

view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, Logan Fife shows he is an escape artist as he would eventually pull away from this tackle attempt and scramble up field.   My multi year investment in some high quality camera gear pays off in a picture like this.  I'm probably 40-50 yards away and working with marginal high school stadium lighting.  To get farily good focus, sharpness, and freezing of the action is a testament to modern cameras.  

POW 8_Fife Escape
view full size

Tracy did not have many big plays on Friday night, but this was one of them as Trevor Pope barrels downfield and picks up a nice block along the way.  You even see Mr. "Black Hat Football" (Richard Estrada who runs a popular high school football blog) in the background.

POW 8_Pope running
view full size

The St. Mary's baseball facility had stairs which offered this birds eye view of the team at halftime.

POW 8 Overhead
view full size

Sunday, October 7
POW 7 Pedigo
The early evening light was perfect for this close up of Zach Pedigo warming up before Friday's game vs Lincoln.  It was worthy of a "Picture of the Week."

The Bulldogs enter their home field for the 2nd to last time and this photo is a Picture of the Week candidate.

POW 7_Entry
view full size

I had Lyneesa Marks helping me capture the Senior Night events.  In this Picture of the Week, Football team manager Maddy Baker is photographed by Lyneesa.

M_Baker Sr Night
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I capture a couple of cheerleaders flying during a break between quarters.

POW 7_Cheer Fly
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, I capture the JV cheer team dramatically getting into their performance.

POW 7_JV Cheer drama
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week, I captured Isaiah Smith coming out for his senior introduction.  Isaiah had one of the most energetic entrances out of all the seniors.

POW 7 Smith Entrance
view full size

I always try to capture a good team photo at the end of the National Anthem.  This one got the nod for a Picture of the Week.

POW 7 Helmets Up
"Helmets Up"
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, I capture Dylan Anderson looking to the sidelines trailing 38-7.  

POW 7_6_Scoreboard
view full size

Another senior night moment captured by student photographer Lyneesa Marks as she documents a great family and fan club for senior Trevion Shadrick-Harris.

POW 7 Shadrick_Harris_Lyneesa
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, I capture the freshmen line getting ready to attack each other.

POW 7_6_Frosh Line
view full size

Sunday, September 30
In the first Picture of the Week from Tokay last Friday, I catch Logan Fife with a little 47-0 smirk on his face at halftime.

POW 6 Fife Smirk
Logan Gives That "47-0" Look At Halftime

POW 6_Anthem at Tokay

In my next Picture of the Week, I capture Nate Stroup receiving a pass from Logan Fife.

POW 6_2_Stroup Catch_pre
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, JV player Justin Maas-Espinoza is captured charging down the field.

POW 6_3 Maas_espinoza
view full size

Leading 43-8 at halftime, the JV return feeling pretty good about themselves.

POW 6_4JV Halftime Return
view full size

In the next Picture of the Week I was a bit bored pre-game looking for something interesting to photograph when all the way across the field I saw this split second moment between Coach Shrout and Christian Pereira.  Thought it made for a good "Pic of the Week."

POW 6_Shrout_Pereira
Coach Shrout Gives Christian Pereira Some Pre Game Encouragement
view full size

In the next Picture of the Week, Blake Vollbrecht comes over to celebrate with Elias Williams after a long TD run.

POW 6_TD Jump_Celb

In my next Picture of the Week, I went across the field to the home side to meet up with our cheer team who were stuck in kind of a bad situation for the game.  No halftime performance and no real good position to cheer from.  They made the best of it for 2.5 hours and had smiles on their faces for this shot.

POW 6_Var Cheer Zupo
Varsity Cheer Were Good Sports On Friday
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I capture a cheerleader capturing some air and trusting her friends below.

POW 6_high_Cheer
view full size

POW 6 INcoming Flag

Sunday, September 16
In my first Picture of the Week, I capture Parker Bonin Getting ready prior to the start of the game.  I knew the sky was going to offer some interesting backgrounds in my photos and video if I got low enough and pointed up.

POW 5_5 Web_Bonin Kick

After the youth cheerleaders had their performances at halftime, I noticed one of the young girls hanging out on the sidelines with team manager Maddy Baker.  I thought this shot was worthy of a Picture of the Week nod.

POW 5_10 Future Cheerleader
A Future Tracy High Cheerleader?
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I capture the JV team headed my way as they enter the field.  I always hope they will see me, but I've had some very close calls.

view full size

In my next Picture of the Week, I was getting ready to exit the classroom where the players and coaches gather for halftime, when I looked down and saw some cool looking gloves.  I took a quick photo and thought not too much more of it until I got home and began editing it a bit on the computer.  I came up with this as one of my Pics of the Week.

POW 5_2 Hands
view full size

Sunday, September 16

In this next Picture of the Week I was shooting straight towards the linebacker position and got Giovanni Rodriguez wathching the early developments of the play before he moves in to make the tackle.

POW 5_Frosh_Espinosa
view full size

The Bulldogs were penalized 9 times for 90 yards.  By late in the game, there was mounting frustration everytime the flag flew in eyesight of Coach Shrout.  Here was one of the moments which of course made my Picture of the Week segment.

POW 5_3 Not Again
Coach Shrout Saying "Not Again"
view full size

The JV Cheer was having fun on Friday night with lots of scoring and there was plenty of filtered daylight out for me to get some good pictures without the harsh sun in their faces.  Here is a photo late in the game along with a little special effect to highlight the flyers.

view full size

JV Cheer was feeling pretty good at the conclusion of their game on Friday, so they asked for a group picture.

POW 5_JV Cheer
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, Lyneesa Marks who is helping me take photos this year, submitted this shot to me on Saturday after she pulled it off her memory card.  I thought it was a nice shot and angle.

POW LYneesa Marks
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week, Freshman quarterback Dylan Anderson appears to be getting held up as a Los Banos defender holds on by a thread.  Upon closer review, he just has thin air.

POW 5_8  Holding On By a Thread?
Holding on by a Thread?
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I capture an excited JV team ready to take the field.

JV Tunnel 2018
view full size

Sunday, September 9
In my first Picture of the Week I capture this wide shot showing the play on the field as the sun sets on Game 4.  With the days getting shorter, next week's game at home vs Fortuna will likely be the last one where there is any hint of daylight and a sunset during the varsity game.

POW 4_1 Field
Friday Night Lights Fall Football

In my next Picture of the Week I capture (with the help of some remaining daylight) a nice shot of some players at the end of the National Anthem.

POW Anthem4
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week, I capture Coach Justin Evans getting his point acrosss to some players late in the JV game Friday.

POW 4_Coach Turner
Coach Evans Gets His Point Across
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I capture a JV cheerleader from a distance performing a difficult manueveuer.

POW 4_5_JV Flip
view full size

POW 4_Cheer Closeup
A Closeup Look at a Picture of the Week
view full size

I think this next Pic of the Week will make Coach Hall proud as his defense gangs up on a Buffalo rusher.

POW 4_JV Defense Gang
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week I got a shot of the varsity cheer in action.  I felt bad for them on Friday:  1) They did not get a chance to perform due to the Manteca Homecoming, and 2) their sideline work had to be done on a dusty track (just like the old Tracy stadium).

POW 4_Varsity Cheer 9_7_18
view full size

In this Picture of the Week I capture the team warming up on a late summer evening.

POW 4_Warm_Ups
view full size

In this Picture of the Week with a little added special effect, I capture Elias Williams navigating through the Manteca defense.

My Pictures of the Week Like This One Will Release at 6 on Sunday
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Monday, September 3
POW 3_1 Trevion Stiff
Pictures of the week Like This One Will Post Monday eve

In my next Picture of the Week, the JV cheerleaders learned a little bit about having to imrpovise when disaster struck.  A last second decision to keep the banner alive was performed just before the players rushed through.

POW3_2 JV Banner

In this Piture of the Week I capture a David vs Goliath type of moment as Tracy's Kyle Silveira goes up against a beefy Turlock Bulldog.

POW 3_3 Size
Kyle Silveira Faces An Uphill Battle

In this Pic of the Week I capture the Bulldogs returning to the field feeling pretty good about making the game competitive trailing just 14-10 at that point.

POW 3_4 return
Returning To The Friday Night Lights

Sunday, August 26
In my first Picture of the Week, I capture Freshman Austin Ho-Sy getting some hydration after a lot of work rushing on the field.

POW 2_1 Ho_Sy
Austin Ho-Sy Gets A Water Break

In this next Picture of the Week I capture the Freshman team in a moment of reflection just moments before kickoff.

POW 2_2 Frosh Team Together
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week I captured a nice father / son moment when varsity coach Mike Speer had his son with him on the sidelines during warmups.   The son was a good sport letting me get close with camera and not getting too shy.

POW 2_3 Speer and Son
Some Father/Son Time Pregame
view full size

Here is a nice photo of Chase Henderson starting a long run thanks to some good up front blocking.

POW 2_10 Henderson
view full size

Amazing what the cheerleaders can do in their routine.  Here is some early season perfection I captured in mid air.

POW 2_JV Cheer Jump
view full size

In my next Picture of the Week, Trevor Pope allowed me to hover over his head to capture this angle of an intense stretch during the varsity game.

POW 2_4_Stretch
Coach Bonin Gives an Intense Stretch to Trevor Pope

In my next Picture of the Week I capture the JV returning from halftime.  Little did they know just how close a game this would be down to the wire.

POW 2_5_JV Reentry
The JV Re-Enter For an Exciting 2nd Half of Football
view full size

I really like the contrast and the vibrance in this photo of the Dogpound I took on Friday night.  It made my list for "Picture of the Week."

POW 2_Dogpound
view full size

In this Picture of the Week, JV defensive coordinator Steve Hall provides some "words of encouragement."

POW 2_11 Encouragement

On Friday evening I noticed for the first time that a home that backs up to the practice field at Tracy High had strung some backyard outdoor lights.  It made for a nice look while headed to the locker room.  I did not realize it at the time I shot this photo, but the lights had an interesting effect in this photo of Bradley Maddox.

POW 2_7_Lights
Bradley Maddox and the Patio Lights From 300 yards away

In this Picture of the Week I capture the offensive line giving some protection to Dylan Anderson as he attempts a pass.

pow 2_8 Frosh Pass
view full size

One of my student assistants got this great shot of the dance team performing at halftime.

POW 2_10 Dance
The Dance Team In Full Motion

I really like this Picture of the Week showing the team in unity preparing to take the field.   The inflatable mascot is only starting it's 2nd year of service, but makes for a very nice background in the photos.

Ready for Battle
Ready For Battle
view full size

18  Football Schedule Montage
view full size

Sunday, August 19

Welcome to my first week of a special Sunday night feature where I review the 1,000+ pictures I took and look for the unique photos that stand out and have special meaning. 

My first one was taken a few minutes before the start of the freshman game.  I was wondering what kind of thoughts must be going through these freshmen as they stared at their first high school opponent on the other side of the field. 

POW 1_1 Moment Before Battle
Moments Before Their First Battle

In my 2nd Picture of the Week, I was observing the new cheerleaders as they took the field for the first time.  Many were being a bit conservative as you would expect for their first game performing, but a few were getting into it, like this cheerleader who had plenty of energy even though it was well over 90 degrees.

POW 3_3 Size
A JV Cheerleader Showing Plenty of Enthusiasm
view full size

This is one of my favorite pictures from Friday.  In this photo I capture speedster Trevor Pope returning a kick and is "locked in" on an approaching defender.

POW Pope Looking
Trevor Pope "Eyes" An Approaching Defender
view full size

In this next Picture of the Week, I capture the Dogpound having a great time at their first game of 2018.  The spirit looks really positive for this year.

POW 1 Dogpound
The Dogpound Looks To Be Very Enthusiastic This Year
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In my next Picture of the Week the Bulldogs line up for their first play from scrimmage.  Unfortunately things did not go well after this ball was snapped.

POW 3 First Formation
First Play From Scrimmage For The Frosh
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In my next Picture of the Week I shift to the varsity for the moment and show the team as they squad up for the first time in preparation for battle.   The sunlight coming across the field at that moment was extremely harsh and made for some washed out photographs.  I tried my best in post production to clean this up a bit.

POW VAR 1_Squad Up
Squad Up For Battle
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In the next Picture of the Week I capture the Bulldogs running onto the field in front of their very spirited fans.  There was a good turnout of Tracy fans for this game.  

POW Var2
The Bulldogs Take The Field To Their Supportive Fans
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In this next Picture of the Week I capture freshman Tyler Ward taking a hard hit as he makes sure to hold onto the ball.

Freshman Tyler Ward Receives a Jolt
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In this next Picture of the Week, JV cheer shows off their acting skills in the middle of their routine.

POW 1 JV Cheer_Flair
JV Cheer Showing A Little Flair For the Dramatic
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In this next Picture of the Week from the freshman game, I capture corner Cody Lammerts lock on visually to his man.

POW Frosh 3_Cody Lammerts
Cody Lammerts Is Locked On His Man
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The Tracy Fans came out in force and provided a great atmosphere for the first game of 2018.   Let's do it again next Friday.

POW 1 Fans
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Bryce Shelton is captured by one of my student photographers showing how prepared he is for Game 1 just before the National Anthem.

POW 1 _Shelton_Flex
Suns Out, Guns Out
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In this Picture of the Week, the locker room is focused on Coach Speer for some halftime adjustments.

POW 1_Locker Room
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In this Picture of the Week, Logan Fife finds Elias Williams cutting across the middle.

POW 1_Fife to Williams
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In my next Picture of the Week, I capture a cheerleader performing in front of the Tracy fans before the sun went down.

POW Var cheer 4
Varsity Cheer Performing In The First Game of the Year
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I've got two new student assistants assigned from the school helping me this year.  I quickly turned my cameras over to Lynessa Marks and Christopher Barron to help me out.  In this photo, I believe it was Lynessa who captured this nice action shot of the cheerleaders at halftime.

POW 1_Cheer_Halftime
Varsity Cheer In Their First Performance of 2018 On the Field
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My student assistant Christopher Barron shows good composition skills capturing this sideline shot of some football alum who just graduated.

POW Barron_1
Class of 2018 As Photographed by Christopher Barron
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I believe my camera was in the hands of Lynessa for this Pic of the Week of the team coming back from halftime.

Var Our House
This Is Our House
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In my next Picture of the Week I capture Coach Mike Speer providing some motivation to his defense.

Coach Speer Gets The Attention of His Defense
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In this final Picture of the Week, I capture Coach Mauricio Martin getting a nice postgame victory hug from his daughter.

POW 1 Martin
Coach Martin Gets a Victory Hug From His Daughter
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In this next Picture of the Week, I capture Elias Williams working hard to pick up extra yards in a first quarter drive.

POW Var 1_Williams
Elias Williams Pushes Aside a Jaguar
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In this Picture of the Week, the varsity defense team up to halt a Manteca ball carrier.

POW 4Varsity defense
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