Texas Rebels: Summer Information

Wednesday, November 2

JC Baseball Welcome you to the Texas Rebels Summer Program

Teams for 2012 Summer

Texas Rebels 18u-Josh Jones
Texas Rebels 17u- Calvin Medlock
Texas Rebels 16u- Clayton Vaughn/Josh Razo
Texas Rebels 12u- Calvin Medlock/Josh Jones
Texas Rebels 9u- Clayton Vaughn

Summer events that are NOT included in summer Fees: 

May 19-20 Coaches Combine $150 per Rebel player regular fee $200
June 6 Blinn College Showcase $135 per Rebel player regular fee $180-$250
1. Teams will roster 13-16 player
2. Practice Schedule Wednesday/Friday
3. 18u and 17u will play in Showcase events
4. 18u will play in the WWBA event in GA June 28-July 6
5. Summer payments are: $225/March; $250/April-June 15th; $125 July 15th
NOTE: If a player has a balance from a past season (2010 Summer-present) that player must pay the full amount of summer fees by 1st tournament scheduled for that team. To start practice May 2, 2012 this player must also pay $725 by May 1, 2012 to attend workouts for the month of May.
If there are any questions about summer schedule please contact Calvin Medlock @ 713-249-8607