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ATTENTION!!! New Little League Safety Rules go into effect as of January 2018 requiring new bats in all youth baseball leagues worldwide. Any bats that were used in previous seasons are no longer allowed in League play. All new bats will have the USA Baseball logo as seen below. Click the links below to go to Little Leagues web site to provide info on the new standards 

This rule only affects baseball. Softball bats that were previously used are still accepted, 


          Little League Announcement                Bat Information

              List of Approved Bats                        Little League Video  


Clubhouse Tips

Breaking In A Glove

Are you or your young athlete planning on using a new glove this season? If so it is important to properly break it in prior to use. Just like a new pair of shoes or a new leather jacket takes time to get comfortable, so too does a new glove. Breaking a glove in allows it to be more flexible and easier to close making it easier to catch with. Many manufacturers will start the break in process but will leave it up to the individual to finish breaking it in to their own liking. There are many methods to break a glove in. Some prefer to use Glove oils or creams and some use warm water to start the softening process. A wooden mallet or a wood bat can be used to pound the leather helping the process along. Some sports shops will provide a break in service for an added fee if you prefer to have it ready to go out of the box. Many have memories of putting a ball in the glove and tying it up with rope and throwing it under your mattress and sleeping on it!!! In the end the best thing for a new glove is use. Have a good catch as often a possible. Throw a ball into it to help create a good pocket. Whatever your method, remember this is a piece of leather and anything you add will affect it. Be careful and have fun with it. It can be a lifelong memory and maybe the method you chose will be handed down to the next generation. Here are some links to give you some advice on what you might like to do.

  How to Break in a Glove           The Glove GURU


Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 1/20 star IN PERSON REGISTRATION 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM Eli Terry Jr. Middle School
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