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Fall Ball Registration is now OPEN! Click the link above to take you to our registration page

Open to all divisions  Join today

Registration runs from July 22nd - August 19th 



Congratulations to the

Terryville AAA Indians for Completing their


They won the Championship game by a score of 10-5 and finished with a record of 16-0 !!!

Great job by All involved.  



Congratulations to The AAA Pirates for winning the 2018 Consolation Bracket Championship game!! 


Way to finish Strong! 



ATTENTION!!! New Little League Safety Rules go into effect as of January 2018 requiring new bats in all youth baseball leagues worldwide. Any bats that were used in previous seasons are no longer allowed in League play. All new bats will have the USA Baseball logo as seen below. Click the links below to go to Little Leagues web site to provide info on the new standards 

This rule only affects baseball. Softball bats that were previously used are still accepted, 

          Little League Announcement                Bat Information


              List of Approved Bats                        Little League Video  




Clubhouse Tips



A dynamic warm-up is defined as a series of sport specific movements that are designed to prepare the muscles for performance and are performed in a safe and controlled fashion.  

Getting your young athletes in the habit of a good pregame / practice warm-up is important to keeping them healthy through their athletic career. Even young kids need to warm up prior to physical activity. Although less likely to injure muscles than adults, young athletes can be hurt during play as well.

Simple stretches are not an ideal warm up for baseball and softball players. Although important for cooling down after a workout, they do not get your muscles ready for peak performance. Below find a group of stretches and dynamic activities that will get any athlete ready for play.

Please keep in mind this is just a guideline. These are common exercises that are used. Whatever you do, keep in mind all movements should be performed in a controlled manner and never rushed.

Consider creating a group of core movements that are to be done by those athletes who may arrive late. 

- Start with a light jog to warm up the muscles. have your team take a few laps. 

- Have them toggle between a jog and a sprint 

-High knees        -Butt Kicks

-Jumping Jacks        -Side shuffles

-Back Pedals           -Lunges

-Squats             -Leg Swings    

-Arm circles both Forward and Back

Here are some Static stretches that you can perform

Shoulder stretches (elbow pulls)

Neck Stretches (lightly pull head to each side)

Quad stretch (bend knee grab foot behind lightly pull)

Toe touches  










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