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2018 Registration Ends March 24th!!!

9-12 Year old boys and 13-16 year old boys has closed. 

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ATTENTION!!! New Little League Safety Rules go into effect as of January 2018 requiring new bats in all youth baseball leagues worldwide. Any bats that were used in previous seasons are no longer allowed in League play. All new bats will have the USA Baseball logo as seen below. Click the links below to go to Little Leagues web site to provide info on the new standards 

This rule only affects baseball. Softball bats that were previously used are still accepted, 


          Little League Announcement                Bat Information

              List of Approved Bats                        Little League Video  


Clubhouse Tips

Buying a new bat 

With the new rule changes, many are in the market for new bats. Buying the proper size bat is very important. Using a correct size bat will allow you or your child to maximize the potential for success. When shopping for a new bat there are many options you will come across. Barrel Size, weight, length, and type of material that the bat is made of to name a few. The bats that were previously being made of aluminum or composite materials were made to provide maximum reaction to a pitched ball allowing the ball to come off the bat with greater velocity or "POP" resulting in the ball traveling farther and faster. Studies have proven that this "POP" off the bat created in some cases an advantage using one bat over another and potential safety concerns with hit ball speed. The rule changes implemented were put in place to give the bats more consistency and have all bats, regardless of material, react more like a wood bat. Wood bats are more dense compaired to aluminum or composite material. The Aluminum or composite bats provide a "trampoline" affect resulting in faster and farther hits. Wooden bats for younger players can potentally be harder to hit with due to how the weight is dispersed. Composite or aluminum bats are designed to spread that weight out in the proper places during a swinging motion allowing younger players to swing bats with lower swing weights and a longer sweet spot. Remember as your child grows they will need bigger bats so there is no need to buy an expensive bat for T-Ball. Also keep in mind buying a bat that is too big with the idea that they will grow into it, will have your child struggling to swing it early on.  Find what works best for your child, in a price range you are willing to spend, taking into account all factors.  Below are some links to give you more info in this subject.

Loiusville Slugger                  Quick guide for sizes    

Dicks Sports Video Guide            Sizing Guide /Chart






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