Toy Bowl: News: Volleyball 2008

Sunday, October 12
FG St. Rose, SG OLS-B, SG St. Rose are undefeated volleyball champions; OLS-A, OLV-A share JG title

For the first time in modern Toy Bowl history, the Senior Girls Division has two undefeated regular season champions, Our Lady of Sorrows B and St. Rose, each ending the 2008 volleyball season with a perfect 11-0 record.  Of their combined 22 matches, only two -- 1 for each team -- required three games.  Due to a scheduling anomaly, the two teams did not meet in the regular season, but could very well face each other in the post-season tournament, providing for one of the most exciting Toy Bowl volleyball finals ever.

In the Flea Girls Division, St. Rose also earned the title of undefeated champion, with an 8-0 record.  OLS-A (7-1) captured second place, while OLS-B, Prince of Peace A, and POP-B share third place, all with a 5-3 record.

With eight wins and just one loss each, OLS-A and Our Lady of the Valley A are co-champions of the Junior Girls Division, and POP-C (8-2) and St. Rose A (7-2) will share second place; St. Rose B (6-3) earns third place.

Toy Bowl congratulates all regular season winners!  Trophies for the Juniors and Seniors will be presented following each division's championship match.

While there is no tournament for the Flea Division, regular season trophies for the Fleas will be presented at 8:45 a.m. Saturday, October 18, just before the first match in the Junior Division.  Flea Division coaches, players, and their families appearing only to receive their trophies and not planning to stay for Junior or Senior Divsion games will not be charged admission, but family members are asked to pay admission if they plan to remain to watch games.