Newington Soccer: Training

Tuesday, August 7
Good Fundamental Traning Moves and Fitness

Hi Everyone, in attempt to get some fitness and training together, here is a list of training initiatives that I obtained from youtube.

I hope it helps your daughter or son improve their soccer skills!

30-20-10s These are great soccer conditioning as they replicate the pace of the game. Warm-up at an easy jog for 2-5 minutes before you start the 30-20-10s: Jog for 30 seconds – moderate run for 20 seconds – full out sprint for 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence for 10 minutes, working up to 45 minutes by pre-season. 


  • 600 touches in 10 minutes: Very good!
  • 1000 Touch technical workout: using the moves shown below.
  • The Daily 1000: every day get 1,000 touches on the ball (approx. 10minutes 50 BALL TAPS, BASIC ROLLS (10 each foot)

1) Inside Roll -

2) Half roll over touch -

3) BELL TOUCHES (50 touches side by side) 


1) Inside-Outside with foot

2) Triangles


Do sequence with one foot then switch (4 times each foot )

1) ‘Wave’ Pull, Instep Push 

2) Pull a Vee

3) Pull & Take with Outside of foot - Pull back

4) Pull & Roll Behind (‘pull back’) 

TURNS: from moderate speed turn 180 degrees and explode/accelerate for 3 touches. Then bring it back down to moderate pace for the next turn (4times each foot) 

1)      Pull Turn

2)      Drag-Back ‘Pull back’

2a. Pull back and go -

3)      Inside Chop 

4)      Outside-Cut

5)      Cruyff

6)      Step-over Turn

7)       Step-On Shield & Turn 

TAKE-ON MOVES explode/accelerate after the move for 3 touches. Then bring it back down to moderate pace for the next move (4 times each foot)  

1) Hip Swivel 

2) Roll-Touch 

3) Roll-Push 

4) Inside-Outside 

5) Stepover 

6) Rivolino 

7) Body Swerve/Drag Scissors  

8) Scissor 

9) Double Scissor 

10) Freestyle Soccer moves: 

Juggling: Spend ten minutes juggling the ball, pulling the ball onto your foot trying to get 50-100 consecutive juggles, then switch feet.  Recommended 6 days a week (6000 touches/week). 

Passing - BALL & A WALL Spend another ten minutes passing against a wall. Use both feet. Use one touch, two-touch, and three-touch pass backs. Pass back with both the instep and inside of feet. Include fake kicks. Keep feet moving and your weight on the balls of your feet. Receive balls with your body square behind the ball and work on accuracy with your passes.



Monday, August 1
Background Check System

This must be done on or before 9/5/2011

SCN Coach Directors,

Please direct all of your travel & Rec. coaches, assistants, and managers to update their volunteer information on the SCN Registration site,  include the following vital information:
Full Name (no nicknames- so it matches the background search)
Complete Address (including zip - required for background search)
Birthdate (required for background search)
Phone Number (required for background search)
email address  (required for background search)

This information is extremely important to be included each season - sorry for the inconvenience, but for me to add all this info manually, looking up the information from past rosters or the phone book, is very time consuming.  If we get our coaches used to this process, it makes everyone's job easier.

The Background Check System is available
CLICK TO START -Mandatory CJSA Background Checks

Any person involved inSoccer Club Of Newington, CJSA, state, district, club, or any of its teams, (recreation, classic, premier, ODP), as a coach, assistant coach, manager, volunteer referee, official, administrator, board member, or director, etc. must complete the online CJSA background check before the start of the season.  

Hi Everyone,

We will be offering Futsal clinics again this winter starting in January at St Joseph church in New Britain. If you are not familiar with what Futsal is please contact me and I will get you some information. If there is enough interest I can have Everson do a Futsal demo like last year for parents and players. I need to know who is interested in signing up for the clinics. The cost is $ 96.00 each player for a 8 week session.(same 8 week session in Woodbridge is $155.00 and North Brandford $165.00) It will be 1 hour either Saturday morning, or a Tuesday / Wednesday night. Please let me know if you are interested. If you know anyone else that would be interested please pass this along or forward me their email address. I am offering it to Newington teams and players first so I need to no as soon as possible! Once Everson opens it up to his web site the price will be higher. If you have a team and want a time slot please contact me Quickly! The group max is 16 per session. This is for girls and boys ages 8 and up to high school students. If we have enough younger kids ages 4-8 I can do a clinic for them also and work on the cost with Everson possible $80.00 for 8 weeks. Will have to check that. Please let Ray know if you have any Questions.

Ray Gagnon
Newington U-14 Girls