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Wednesday, June 20
Travel Soccer 2012-2013 Rosters:
Hello SCN Parents: Below please find the two documents showing the rosters for the Girls & Boys Travel Divisions for the 2012-2013 Soccer Season, beginning this Fall. For anyone not making the team, the coach of that team will be contacting you. Thank You.
Handout: Travel Soccer Fall 2012 Rosters (Girls and Boys)

Tuesday, November 1
Travel Director's
Girls Travel Director: Board Member Artur Kapuscinski

Boys Travel Director: Board Member Rob Barresi



Wednesday, February 29
Turf Field Practice Matrix
Handout: Turf Field Memo and Grid

Wednesday, February 29
Hi Everyone,

We  are thinking of offering clinics again this March for 4-5 weeks at St Joseph church in New Britain. If you are not familiar with what Futsal is please contact me and I will get you some information.  I need to know who is interested in signing up for the clinics. The cost is a prorated version of the $ 96.00 sessions. So it will be about 12 per session time 4 to 5 sessions.   It will be 1 hour either Saturday morning, or a Tuesday / Wednesday night. Please let me know if you are interested. If you know anyone else that would be interested please pass this along or forward me their email address.
Ray Gagnon
Newington U-14 Girls

Tuesday, March 29
Travel Coaches Curriculum * U9 - U14 *
Coaches, please pick your age group from the Hand Out, print and read before hitting the field.
Handout: Travel Coaches Curriculum

Saturday, October 2
Central/NorthCentral District Classic League
Central/NorthCentral District Classic LeagueRules and Regulations(Changes are in italics) 

League Governance

·         The Central/NorthCentral District Classic League will be administered by a League Director who will be jointly appointed by the Vice Presidents of the Central and NorthCentral Districts.·         The Central/NorthCentral District Classic League will be governed by a committee consisting of three representatives named by each District and chaired by the League Director. Each representative will have one vote on all combined League matters. The committee will meet a minimum of four times per year (prior to and after each season).·         The governing committee for the combined league will have sole responsibility for determining league rules and all decisions regarding the running of the League. In addition, they will be responsible for naming all League contacts including Division Coordinators and Protest chairman.·         The League will continue to use district contacts for registration, fee collection, and, as necessary, disciplinary actions.·         The League will determine an entry fee (see below) for each team wishing to participate.·         League rules and schedules will be published to appropriate district representatives prior to each season.·         The League Governing Committee will review the rules prior to each season and amend them as appropriate.·         The League will be responsible for recognizing division winners. No awards will be given within the 9 and 10 year old brackets. Division winners must have reported results in a timely manner and completed their league schedule satisfactorily to be eligible for awards. Division winners must have a minimum of a .500 record. Standings are based on a point system, three points for each win, one point for each tie.

Club Responsibility

·         Sponsoring clubs will be solely responsible for adhering to all league rules.·         Sponsoring clubs will submit participating teams to the League Director or their representative by the announced date.·         Sponsoring clubs will be responsible for communicating club representative’s names and addresses to the League Director.·         All league games must be played. If, for any reason, a league game can not be played, the designated division coordinator must be contacted for resolution. The decision of the division coordinator will be binding on both teams and will be accepted by the League.·         Player passes must be presented at each league game. Passes must be properly signed, stamped, and laminated in accordance with CJSA rules and policies. If either team fails to present player passes, the scheduled game will not be played and the following penalties shall be invoked. Games may be canceled without penalty given 48 hours notice of the cancellation.1.       If the visiting team fails to present player passes, the visiting club will be responsible for all referee fees and the game shall be rescheduled.2.       If the home team fails to present player passes; the game shall be rescheduled at the home site of the visiting team.3.       If neither team produces player passes, the game must be rescheduled at its current home site.In all cases, coaches must have properly certified passes to be on the team sideline.·         Any game not played will be reported as such. No decision by individual coaches regarding ties or forfeits will be accepted. Any game not played will not be counted in the final standings.·         Each club will be accessed a fine (see below) for any team not completing its league schedule. This includes teams that agree to forfeits without consulting their division coordinators.  Teams identified as multiple offenders will not be allowed to participate in League play.·         The League Director must be notified of any team that drops from league play prior to completion of the season. Results to date must be submitted.·         Each club will be accessed a fine (see below) per team for any team not reporting league results on a timely basis.·         Any club placed in ‘bad standing’ by the League Board will be assessed a fine of $100.·         All fines assessed against a club must be paid for the club to remain in good standing and to be eligible for future league play.·         Final standings will be published at the end of each season and sent to a representative of each participating club. This representative will be responsible for communicating League results within their club.

League Conduct

·         Since the league is concerned with the conduct of adults toward referees, District Referee Administrators are encouraged to submit reports relating to problems occurring with coaches or parents of competition teams to the League Director. The circumstances and the teams must be clearly identified.·         Protests of games and officials must be directed to the Protest Chairman. Referee protests will be accepted for 1) qualifications; 2) referee system; or 3) gross misconduct. Referee decisions during the game are generally not grounds for protest. All protests must be submitted in writing, accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $100, and postmarked within 48 hours of the game. Decisions will be rendered within 72 hours of receipt.Protest Chair:   Ron Filipek                            136 Carriage Drive                            Kensington, CT  06037·         Any questions regarding the scheduling of League games should be handled by the participating coaches. In those cases where the coaches can not agree on a mutually acceptable time/place, the division coordinator must be contacted. His/her decision regarding the time/place of the game or other adjudication will be final.·         In the event that a League game is terminated prior to the normal completion, the League official acting in their role as Division Coordinator will have sole right and authority to determine whether the game will stand as terminated or determine if it shall be replayed.·         In the event that both coaches wish to substitute a cup game for a scheduled league game, both coaches must contact their division coordinator in advance of the cup game to specify their consent.  The score of the cup game at the end of regulation time will determine league results. 

Team Eligibility

·         All teams participating in the league must meet the residency requirements of CJSA Connecticut Cup Competition with the following exceptions:Ø       For the purpose of League play, the combination of Central & NorthCentral Districts shall be considered a single district, allowing a team to utilize players across district lines with no additional penaltyØ       For the purposes of League play, if a team wishes to participate in league play and does not meet the residency requirements of CJSA Connecticut Cup competition, they must obtain approval from the District Board of Appeals prior to the pre-scheduling meeting.(Please note that the above applies only to League play and in no way alters the residency requirements for Connecticut Cup eligibility).·         In the fall, teams with U15 players must register as U15 teams, but will be allowed to play in the U14/U15 division.

Fess & Fines

·         League entry fee for U9 & u10 teams: no fee·         League entry fee for U11 and above: $30 per team·         Fine for failure to report team results in on a timely basis: $25 per team·         Fine for not completing League schedule: $50 per team

Wednesday, August 25
Report League Game Scores Here

Connecticut Junior Soccer Association

Central District

This is where you go to login your game scores

Saturday, October 2
Travel League Player/Coach Pass Rules
to:                 Club Travel Representatives
Club Referee Assigners
from:           Ron Filipek, director, Central/NorthCentral Travel Leaguesubject:    Travel League Player/Coach Pass Rules
date:           June 28, 2007 (modified)
This note is meant to clarify the Central/NorthCentral Travel League policy regarding player and coaching passes. 

A proper player/coaching pass is one that is properly completed, signed by the player/coach and District Registrar, have the CJSA seal embossed, and laminated. 

Please be sure that all your coaches are familiar with these rules and that your club referee assigners familiarize your officials with these rules.  These rules apply to all Central/NorthCentral League games. ·         All coaches must have passes.  No person may act as a coach or be present on the team side of the field without a proper pass.  If no coach with a pass is present, or if a coach is ejected and no other adult with a proper pass is present, the game must be terminated. ·         All teams must have player passes available.  If any team fails to present passes, the game must not be played.  Rosters and/or sign in sheets are not adequate substitutions for player passes ·         All players must have passes.  Any player not having a pass will not be allowed to play.  Presence on a roster is not an adequate substitute for an individual player pass.  Connecticut Cup games are played under the jurisdiction of CJSA.  Rules applying to player eligibility are different.  Please refer to the CJSA Guide for these rules at    

Saturday, October 2
Travel League Recommended Game Duration

Travel League Recommended Game Duration

Age   Duration
U9 & U10   35 minute half
U11 through U14   40 minute half
U15 through U19   45 minute half

Saturday, August 1
The Soccer Club of Newington requires player and coach’s passes for all friendly and league games
The Soccer Club of Newington requires player and coach’s passes for all friendly and league games played in Newington. Players or coach’s that do not have a current laminated pass will not be allowed to participate or remain in their team bench area during the game. Team rosters or sign in sheets will not be accepted. All teams must have at least one adult with a current pass in the team bench area, if they do not have a pass with them they will have to return to the spectator side of the field.  Teams without an adult with a pass will not be allowed to play. Passes are held by the referee during the game and returned to the team at the conclusion of the game.

Monday, January 11
Travel Funds Request Form

Fill out the form and send it to your travel director.

Handout: Travel Funds Request Form

Monday, February 1
Injury Insurance Forms

Click Here To Print...........

Saturday, March 28
Code of Conduct Contracts
Please see Code of Conduct Contracts for all travel teams.
Handout: Code of Conduct Contracts

Sunday, March 29
Travel Team Rules
Handout: Travel Team Rules

Saturday, August 1
Carbohydrates are the biggest source of energy for an athlete. They should be consumed with every meal. Carbohydrate reserves in the body are depleted when playing/training on a regular basis.If depleted too much, it can result in poor performance and increase fatigue.
Sources of Carbohydrates – Bread, Bagels, Muffins, Pita, Rice, Pasta, Cereals, Fruit Juices, Cookies, Potatoes, Candy, Popcorn, Vegetable and Cereal Bars.



Protein is another source of energy that is needed for playing/training. It is very important for recovery after playing/training and it boosts the immune system.
Sources of Protein – Chicken, Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Dried Beans, Soy Burgers, Nuts and Shellfish.



3-4 Hours before – Pasta, Sandwiches, Fajitas, Eggs with toast, Chicken, Potatoes and vegetables.
2-3 Hours beforePasta Salad, Crackers, Bagels, Pretzels, Smoothies, Cereal with Milk, Waffles or Pancakes.
1-2 Hours before – Cereal Bars, Pretzels, Toast, Nutrition Shake and Fruit Drink.



Chips, French Fries, Burgers, Chocolate, Pizza, Ice Cream, Fried meats, Nuts, Pepperoni, Salami, Bologna and Doughnuts.



Night before – About 16 oz before bed.
Morning of Game/Practice – 16 oz of water as soon as you get up and if game/practice is later in the day 16 oz before game/practice.
Pre Game/practice – 6-8oz of water or sports drink – 15 minutes before start. Avoid caffeine, soda and fruit juices.
After Game/Practice – 24 oz of fluid within 2 hours after. Best sources of post game drinks are water, sports drinks, fruit punch or concentrated carbohydrate drinks. AVOID SODA.
Source-USSF ‘A’ License Manual

Monday, February 1
FIFA 11+ Warm Up Drills

FIFA 11+ Warm Up Drills.

Click The Link To Get Started

Sunday, March 13
Coach's Practice Plans page UPDATED

Welcome to the Coach's Practice Plans page. By clicking on the appropriate Age Links below you will find complete training sessions for players ages 5-18.'s_corner.aspx

Tuesday, March 29
Coaching Articles
Coaches, please print and read.
Handout: Coaching Articles