Newington Soccer: Registration

Click Here for the Fall 2012 Registration -

Register Today! Spring 2013 Registration is now open.

 Above you will find the link to the Blue Sombrero web site which allows you to register for Newington Soccer. If you have registered in the past, then you likely already have an account. If you haven't, it doesn't take too much time to set one up. The preferred method for us to register is through the website, as it take a few of our dedicated volunteers to upload the manual registrations in the system and this online registration saves alot of our time. So save some time and save a tree by registering online! Thank you.

Here is the link to the site:

Trouble shooting tip: If you click this link, and log in, and find that it resets and does not log you in, I have had success going to and then search "Newington Soccer Blue Sombrero". I then click the link that is provided by Google. The reason I think this works is that I think Blue Sombrero Makes updates to the site and that changes something and it prevents you from logging in. When I try it, and when others try that work around, they are able to get in to their account.