Newington Soccer: SCN Club Policies

Refund Policy
Due to the fact that we have to pay our suppliers and trainers based on the numbers of registered members at the beginning of the season, here are our policies regarding refunds. You'll notice that they are on a sliding scale depending on how far into the season that you notify us of the withdrawal of your child's membership: 
100% of registration fees are refundable if requests are received prior to the first practice.  Registration Fees will be refunded at 50% between the first practice and the 3rd week of the season.  No refunds will be made after the 3rd week of the season.  Late Fees are not refundable.  Exceptions to this policy (medical issues, etc) may be requested by writing the Registrar.

Election Procedures

The Bylaws of the Soccer Club of Newington call for annual elections at the coaches meeting/dinner at the end of the fall season.   This meeting typically occurs on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Elections for the coming year's board are held at this time.  All board members, division coordinators, coaches, assistant coaches, and managers are eligible to vote in the elections - the exception being that only Recreational coaches and managers may cast votes for the Recreational Directors positions and only Travel coaches and managers may cast votes for the Travel Directors positions.  Everyone present may cast votes for the remaining board positions.

Anyone interested, in submitting their name for consideration on the ballot, should notify the club president in advance of the annual meeting.  

Email the Club President at

Candidates may also be "written in" on the ballot.  Ballots are counted and the results announced at the dinner.   An introductory board meeting follows the dinner.  

Travel Coach Appointment Procedure

All SCN Travel Team Head Coaching assignments are for one seasonal year only. All Head Travel Coaches are appointed each year at the May SCN Board Meeting. Anyone interested in serving as an SCN Travel Head Coach must complete and deliver a coaching application to the appropriate SCN Travel Director before the 3rd Tuesday of the April Board Meeting.

Girls Travel Director: Artur Kapuscinski 

Boys Travel Director: Rob Barresi  


Zero Tolerance Policy

The Soccer Club of Newington has instituted a zero tolerance policy as it relates to Parents' and Coaches' behavior, before during and after a game, toward our referees.   Please see the entire policy in the attached handout below.



Travel Soccer Tryout Procedures

Tryout Procedure:

Anyone wishing to tryout for the club's travel team program must be registered with the club before the date of the tryout. For the June Tryouts, you must pay the full travel fee before the tryout and if your athlete is not selected for the team, you will be refunded the difference between the travel and rec fee or be refunded the entire amount if you decide not to play recreational soccer. Remember that travel team appointments are for the entire seasonal year - fall and spring seasons. If you do not think that you can commit for an entire seasonal year, you must notify the head coach of this before teams are announced. It is possible to play only one season, but the coach may elect not to select a single season player in favor of someone who will commit to the full seasonal year.


Travel teams are divided into age groups, determined by date of birth and grade. The Soccer Club of Newington fields teams in the U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14 age categories in the fall season and includes teams up to U-18 in the spring. For Example: To be eligible to play U-14 travel soccer in the 2008-2009 season, a participant must not turn 14 before August 1, 2008. Usually, candidates will tryout for the team that corresponds to their age group, (meaning that their 14th birthday would occur during the U-14 seasonal year) but you may also tryout for the team that corresponds to your grade during the season. For Example: Participants in 8th grade could play U-14 even though they are U-13 age appropriate. This allows boys and girls the opportunity to play travel soccer with their school classmates. This affects students born in August-December, whose parents decided to send their child to Kindergarten before their 5th birthday.

Supplemental Tryouts:

Occasionally, Travel teams will hold supplemental tryouts to fill out team rosters depleted by injuries or when roster spots open up due to player attrition. Supplemental tryouts can occur at any time during the year, but the date and site of any tryout will be announced on the club website 7-14 days in advance of the scheduled date. Coaches may contact families of eligible players, by mail or phone, to inform them of the tryouts.


Field Closure Policy

The Soccer Club of Newington values the conditions of the playing fields in Newington.  The club strives to protect the investment that the town of Newington has made in the fields of Newington.  We believe that the fields at the NHS campus are amoung the finest in the state of CT.  As such, The Club will close fields to playing or practicing if it is determined that the fields may be damaged by our programs.  The Club will post field closures on the club website as soon as a determination has been made.  Decisions to close fields are made by the VicePresident/Field Coordinator of The Club, with input from the Newington Parks and Recreation department.


A new policy for field closure has been put in place. We will only close the fields that are unacceptable to play on. Therefore, If one field is closed at Churchill park, it doesn't mean that the other fields are closed. For the fields that are closed, keep in mind, coaches are not allowed to practice on fields that are reserved for other youth sporting programs in the Town of Newington.  Coaches who violate the club's field closure policy may face disciplinary action.   Violations of this policy will be considered when reviewing the coach's application for any coaching position. If a field is found and not reserved by other youth sports programs, the Club Fields Coordinator for approval. If the Field Coordinator is not available, please contact

Multiple Travel Teams in One Age Bracket
The Soccer Club of Newington has established new policies to clarify the  procedures for team formation in the event that there is more than one travel team in the same age group.  Please refer to the hand-outs attached to this article for the specific written procedures and player form.   They are also located in the hand-outs section of the website. 

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