Newington Soccer: Field Openings & Closings

Hi SCN coaches and parents.
fields are closed for the winter 

SCN Fields Manager
Note: For 2012, we will only close the fields that are unplayable. All others will remain open. In other words, If one field is closed, it does not mean that all fields are closed.  Our goal is to give as much opportunity for our kids to practice and play.

Also note a few items: We will apply a hierarchical approach to certain games if fields are closed. For example, If there is a CT cup game and the High School field is closed, it is our responsibility to ensure that game is played at another field that is open. There might be a time where your game is moved or postponed if a game of great importance needs to be played on that field. We are very aware that getting practices and games in are so important to be able to successfully develop our players skills. Therefore we will do our very best to limit disruption of games and practices this season.

Protocol for field closure:
1)  Check the SCN website at under field closures.
2)  Your coach and or team manager should contact the team by phone or email.
3)  SCN will send off an email blast to coaches and parents.
We will do our best to get this information to you as early as we can. Travel Coaches will get a text, then contact your parents about the fields. Use a phone tree.