Tournament of State Champions 9-10 & 10-11 Year Olds: Alabama State Champion

Alabama State Champion
Phenix City American Little League

Phenix City, Alabama


The City of Greenville and Greenville Little Leagues welcome Phenix City American Little League of Phenix City, Alabama to the Tournament of State Champions. Just over 30,000 people live in Phenix City which sits immediately west of Columbus, Georgia and is the county seat of Russell County. The last true battle of the Civil War took place in Phenix City which was then known as Girard.   Phenix City is also located quite near Fort Benning, Georgia. Interestingly enough, although Alabama is a part of the Central Time Zone, Phenix City residents observe Eastern Time because of their proximity to Columbus, Georgia.

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson and Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Colby Rasmus are each from Phenix City. Rasmus was a player on the Phenix City National Little League team which played in the 1999 Little League World Series. Phenix City was also mentioned in the film Driving Miss Daisy.