Toronto Triggerfish: Tournaments

Waterpolo Tournaments

The following is a partial list of tournaments either hosted or attended by members of the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Association (IGLA). If you are aware of other tournaments that should be listed, or changes that need to be made to the information already posted here, please let the Tournament Coordinator know at . 

Please Note: This list is for informational purposes only. The Triggerfish will not be attending all events in this list, and will only send official teams to a few of the tournaments. Our tournament coordinator can help bridge connections for individuals who wish to attend other tournaments on their own or as an unofficial group. Simply email: to make a request!


Feb 1-3 Seattle Otters International Open Seattle

April 5-7 Polopalooza Toronto

April 26 Champagne Cup Amsterdam

June 8-9 15th Tournoi International de Paris Paris

June 15-16 Montreal Invitational Montreal

June 25-29 IGLA New York City

June 29 – July 1 Queer Summer Splash Berlin

July 12 & 13 Euro Games Rome

August 23 Manchester Sharks Invitational Manchester 

TBD October 11-13 Wetskins Invitational Washington DC

TBD November 2-3 Champagne Tournament TBD