Toronto Triggerfish: Contact Us

How to contact the Triggerfish!

Please feel free to contact us by email at any time at

Or follow us on any of our social media sites shown in our masthead! 


The Triggerfish Executive Board for 2018-2019 are:

President: Ken T (Arya Shark)

Vice President: Will G (HRH The Fish)

Treasurer: Zak M (Zaddy Fish)

Secretary: Carl S (Great White) 

Womens Rep: Georgina R (SunFish)

Recreational Rep: Roger T (Resting B Fish)

Competition Rep: Paul W (Silverfish)

IGLA Coordinator: Edwin L (Scissortail)

Polopalooza Coordinator: Reinier T (Flying Dutch Fish)

Membership Coordinator: Michael C (Fiscious)

Equipment Coordinator: Gregory B (Pond Scum)

Social Media Coordinator: Kfir G (Campy Fish)


Our Coaching Team includes:

Head Coach: Christi B (Angel Fish)  

Coach: Lawrence S (Ethel Mermaid)

Coach: Sean M 

Coach: Paddy M