Toronto Triggerfish: Info for New Members

So, you want to join the Triggerfish?
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Doesn't this look fun?


Thank you for your interest in the Toronto Triggerfish. We look forward to meeting you! Read this section thoroughly and everything will go smoothly! 

IF YOU ARE NEW TO WATER POLO (or have very little experience) and want to check us out and see what this crazy sport of waterpolo is all about, please contact us for more information or join us at our next New Player Intake.

Don't worry if you've never played before - most of us hadn't when we started either! We'll teach you everything you need to know. All we ask is that you're over 18 and can swim at least 50m of the pool unassisted (no speed requirement). Please read more about the club from the home page of this site to familiarize yourself with our group or join us on FB: TorontoTriggerfish, IG: @triggerfish_waterpolo, TW: @TOTriggerfish or Email:

Look for signs to the change rooms and meet us on deck ready to swim. Please bring a bathing suit, swimming goggles (optional), towel and a lock for the locker, and we'll supply the rest. We recommend coming a little early (about 15 minutes) to meet the team and get the required paperwork done in advance, so you don't miss an exciting minute. Download and fill out our membership and OWPA applications from the FORMS page of this website and bring them to the pool with you. We ask that you pay $5 only for your first three practices to give us a no-risk trial before we ask you to fully commit to the membership fee. 


If you have played water polo before and are comfortable with the basic skills involved (treading water, passing/catching, field positions, setting up offence/defence) and feel comfortable with the rules (minor fouls, kick outs, penalty kill, referee hand/whistle signals etc...) then we would encourage you to attend our next available Intake session. Please ask for Coach Lawrence as he will assess where to best place you as we have different levels within the team. Thank you for your interest in the Toronto Triggerfish!

The Triggerfish is an adult team for those 18 years and older.

Those new to water polo may come to any of our sessions, but will be invited to watch a practice from the deck and wait until our new player intake sessions (usually about 2 per year) before jumping in the water. This helps to ensure that you advance with other new players at the same time and maximizes the amount of coaching you will receive.

You are entitled to three trial practices, at $5 per practice, before we will ask you to make a decision about joining. Please bring exact change with you - we do not have the ability to make change on deck.

At your first practice, you will be asked for a completed registration form and waiver. This is important before you jump into the pool, because of how aquatic insurance works. Download and complete the forms (found on our Forms Page) - or arrive at least 10 minutes early to make sure everything gets done.

What to Bring

You will want to bring the following with you to practice:

Swimsuit: Your best choice for this game is a speedo-style suit, and water polo players tend to wear them tight (less to grab). However, feel free to show up in whatever swimsuit you feel comfortable in to start. You will be best served by a Speedo, TYR, or similar brand, either nylon or spandex mix. Go for a brief or squarecut suit if you are a guy, and a comfortable one-piece if you are a woman.

Goggles: We use goggles only for swimming warmup. Goggles are a safety hazard when we are playing the actual game. Bring a pair with you, and be sure to keep close track of where you place them once warmup is over - it's easy to leave them behind otherwise. But wait! I wear contact lenses! ... as do many of us. Because we do not go deep in the water, you will find your contact lenses survive just fine. If you can see properly without, that's okay, take them out - otherwise, leave them in so you can see the game, and bring an extra pair with you just in case there's a problem. We have had very few reports of contact lens issues in the pool.

Towel: Yup. You'll definitely want one of those!

Mouthguard: Competitive players usually wear a mouthguard, just to be cautious. Goalies always wear a mouthguard.

Water Polo Caps: These are part of our team equipment, and will be available for use during each practice.

Jumping In

One of our veteran players or coaches will provide you with a one-hour orientation. This is often one-on-one or with a couple other people who have arrived for their first night of practice.

During the orientation, you will be introduced to the following:

  • Water polo swim strokes and swimming drills - and how they differ from regular swimming;
  • Eggbeater (treading water), and how to jump in the water; 
  • Ball handling technique: swimming with the ball, and both wet and dry passing;
  • How to properly defend: defensive positioning and techniques; and
  • The basic positions in water polo.

After the hour orientation, we will watch the scrimmage, and describe for you the basic plays which are going on. If you are feeling brave, we will give you a cap so you can jump in and experience how much fun it is! Rest easy - we are very kind to new players.