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“It’s not the time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into practice that makes the difference.” Eric Lindros

Monday, August 4
New Board of Directors Named.

Topsail Girls Softball is excited to announce the new Board of Directors,


President                                            Brian Creech

Vice President                                   Dan Benson

      Treasure                                              Jennifer  Kratovel

    Secretary                                             Rasonda Clark

Softball Commissioner                Bob  King


Please welcome them and assist them as they take on this great organization.


The new board will take over at a special meeting on August 12.

Board Members

 TGSO Board Members.




President:                            Brian Creech                               


Vice President:                     Dan Benson                          


Secretary:                              Rasonda Clark                  


Treasure:                               Jennifer Bethea                    









Board Members at large


Volunteer/Event Coordinator:                        

Equipment/Field Coordinator:                    Brad George                                         

Fundraising Coordinator:                  

Recruitment/Public Relations:                        

Please contact one of these members for any questions, concerns , comments.

Monday, January 27
Anatomy of a Teammate

preview Anatomy of a teammate

Wednesday, June 11
Board members need/Future of Topsail Girls Softball.

Board members need/Future of Topsail Girls Softball.


Topsail Girls Softball is seeking volunteers to fill the executive Board of Directors term starting on July 1st. It is crucial that these positions be filled. Topsail Girls Softball will cease to exist on July 1st if the board positions are not filled, equipment, assets will be sold and funds remaining will be giving to a charitable organization within the community.

Topsail Girls Softball was formed around 2004 as an organization for the local girls of the Hampstead/Topsail area to have a place to learn to love the game of Softball without having to travel to Wilmington.  Topsail Girls has been a huge success for the Topsail High School Program, even though some of the girls decided to extend there playing career in travel ball the majority of those that have gone on to play at Topsail High started in the Rec program of Topsail Girls Softball, without this organization where will the girls learn to love the game?  Since 2008/2009 Topsail Girls Softball has grown from a membership of 44 girls in 3 age groups to a membership of 140 in 5 ages groups, we started the areas first girls only tball program which has since grown to the surrounding leagues, we have gone from playing all games outside of Hampstead to fielding teams to play games on our home field at Kiwanis, Topsail Girls has made several improvement at Hampstead Kiwanis Park, we installed the parks first batting cages, built the press box/storage facility, installed a score board. These things have happen with the support of our community, our parents, and a desire by the Board of Topsail Girls to supply our girls the very best.

As a board member for the last 5 seasons , watching my daughter grow to truly love this sport, watching your daughter’s play and learn to love this sport, sending girls off to the district tournament, watching the excitement of those girls win the district tournament, to earning respect of other leagues in the area. I am truly saddened to think that this will all end on June 30th. I will help anyone with the transition to ensure that Topsail Girls Softball lives another season.


The Following positions are still open, please consider for the girls

President                                            2yr term

Vice President                                   1yr to finish out term of current board member

Secretary                                             1yr to finish out term of current board member

Treasure                                              1yr to finish out term of current board member

Softball Commissioner                   John Tedrow has agreed to accept this 2yr term


If you have an interest or if you have questions please email to or call me at 910-471-2670


Thanks for your consideration,

Brad George

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