Topsail Girls Softball: Welcome

Welcome to TGS


Practice Schedules have been distributed to the coaches and they will be relaying it on the parents.

Be sure to check out the Calendar for upcoming events.


“It’s not the time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into practice that makes the difference.” Eric Lindros


Friday, April 10

All schedules are been updated and posted on the website. The schedules are printable.


Thank You for your Cooperation.


Topsail Girls Softball Organization 

Monday, March 23
Topsail Girls Softball Opening Day

Topsail Girls Softball's Opening Day is April 10th 2015 at 6pm.

Location: Darden Field at Kwanis Park 

We Will be selling hot dogs, chips, and drinks so come out and meet all the Athletes. We also will be having a photographer there for the team pictures as well as the individual athete photos.


Monday, August 4
New Board of Directors Named.

Topsail Girls Softball is excited to announce the new Board of Directors,


President                    Brian Creech

Vice President                    Dan Benson

      Treasure                    Jennifer  Kratovel

    Secretary                    Rasonda Clark

Softball Commissioner                    Bob  King


Please welcome them and assist them as they take on this great organization.

Monday, January 27
Anatomy of a Teammate

preview Anatomy of a teammate

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