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2/1/2015 12:00 am

“It’s not the time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into practice that makes the difference.” Eric Lindros



Monday, August 4
New Board of Directors Named.

Topsail Girls Softball is excited to announce the new Board of Directors,


President                                            Brian Creech

Vice President                                   Dan Benson

      Treasure                                              Jennifer  Kratovel

    Secretary                                             Rasonda Clark

Softball Commissioner                Bob  King


Please welcome them and assist them as they take on this great organization.


The new board will take over at a special meeting on August 12.

Board Members

 TGSO Board Members.




President:                            Brian Creech                               


Vice President:                     Dan Benson                          


Secretary:                              Rasonda Clark                  


Treasure:                               Jennifer Bethea                    









Board Members at large


Volunteer/Event Coordinator:                        

Equipment/Field Coordinator:                    Brad George                                         

Fundraising Coordinator:                  

Recruitment/Public Relations:                        

Please contact one of these members for any questions, concerns , comments.

Monday, January 27
Anatomy of a Teammate

preview Anatomy of a teammate

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