Thousand Oaks Big League: 2005 Letter from the Prez

2005 Letter from the Prez

2005 Big League Baseball World Series

The Road to Easley, South Carolina

As I reflect on the past week’s events the Thousand Oaks Big League team made it to the final game of the World Series only to have South Carolina come out victorious. South Carolina has won 3 years in a row, twice against Thousand Oaks.  But I also realize that our hometown team is also winners.

The Thousand Oaks Big League World Series journey started on July 2nd, 2005 and was completed on August 6, 2005.  During this time the Thousand Oaks won the District 13, Section 2, California State Division 3, and the Western Region championship titles and were World Series Runner ups.  The TO Big League Team outscored their opponents 141 to 52 runs in 19 games with only had 3 losses. 

One of the coaches after a game in the World Series said, “You have to believe”.  As a team you need to believe. Believe in each other; believe that you can accomplish the task at hand.  Believe that you are true champions. 

This 19 game extravaganza called “The Road to Easley” was dedicated to a dear friend of our league Janice Marie Heyne who was tragically taken from us on Memorial Day by a crazed gunman in our sleepy town.  She was killed while helping out another friend who was also shot and killed and her husband Tim was critically injured.   

As a team the players understood what had happened and dedicated each and every game in her memory.  She was with them and watched over them during their 19 game journeys in their quest for the World Series Title. She was the angel watching over the team during each game and during their travels across the United States.   Even though the Big League fell short in the final game of the World Series you are each Champions.  You now know what is important in life.  Being kind to others, treating fellow teammates and players with dignity and respect and putting life into perspective and most important, never pass up an opportunity to hug someone and tell them you love them.

As the President of Thousand Oaks Little League it painful to lose the final game of the World Series, but what is even more painful is the fact I only had a short time to spend with the most incredible group of young men called the Thousand Oaks Big League Team.  Everyone that came in contact with our team was amazed by what true professionals you were both on and off the field.

Thanks for yet another great summer and remember “It’s Show Time”.

Your friend always,

John A. Short III

President Thousand Oaks Little League