Thousand Oaks Big League: Welcome

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World Champions

 Congratulations to Big League alumni Edwin Quirarte, Konrad Thieme, and Zac Thornton for being selected in the 2008 MLB draft.

2007 Thousand Oaks Big League Team is United States runner-up. It is our 4th trip in 5 years with two World Series titles and two World Championship runner-up finishes. We have won more tournament games in the past 5 years than anyone in the World, including a 26 game winning streak. Great Job once again! We represent our area well.

Go West!

2009 U.S. Champions

2007 U.S. Runner-Up

2006 World Champions

2005 World Series Runner-Up

2003 World Series Runner-Up

1998 World Champions

Team to be honored by Angels on September 2nd at 5 PM ESPN game.

2007 Team
Jason Barmasse
Matt Bywater
Andres Ceja
Brett Fick
Jake Fiss
Kyle Jones
Collin Lavoie
Anthony Montenegro
Ty Muller
Stephen Notaro
Tyler Peddicord
Garrett Rau
Michael Schwartz
Zack Thornton
Ben Yarin

 Congratulations to 2003 Big League alumni in the 2007 MLB draft David Fonseca (8th Round) Cody Cipriano (9th Round) and Chuckie Fick (15th Round).

Jan Heyne

Saturday, June 30
2007 Big League World Series

We represent the West in the World Series.
Handout: 2007 Division Big League Tournament

Monday, July 16
Western Regional Tournament