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Town of Brookhaven, L.I. New York - Adult Softball:2017 Regulations
Friday, February 24
2017 Fall Regulations

                          FALL 2017 ADULT SOFTBALL PROGRAM REGULATIONS
                                                                                                Revised 9/09/2017

     1. All games must be played as scheduled. No mutual agreements between managers may be made to change the date or site of a game. All schedules will be posted on the Adult Softball Website.
     2. Games will be played and start at the scheduled time. Forfeit times are noted below in Section A.7.
     3. In the event of inclement weather, cancellations will be available on a recorded message after 4:00 PM - Monday thru Friday and after 7:00 AM on Sunday. The phone number is 631 451-6237. Instruct your players to call this number rather than the Softball Office's main number. Cancellations and other information will also be posted on our Website:
     4. In the event of a postponement or cancellation due to unfavorable weather, the Softball Office will reschedule the game and post reschedule dates and fields on the website.
     5. Should a game be called due to light failure, it will be considered a suspended game and will be picked up from the point of suspension at a later date. Games called due to curfew will be official. Curfews are in effect at Raynor Park.
     6. Rescheduling information will be posted on the website (usually within 48 hours of the original cancellation).
     7. Forfeit Times: Double or Triple headers: - Game 1 - 15 minutes after scheduled start time.
                                                                      - Game 2 - 5 minutes after 1st game forfeited.
                                                                      - Game 3 - 5 minutes after 2nd game forfeited.
                                                           Single Games:
                                                                       - 5 minutes after scheduled start time.

      1. A Resident Team may have a maximum of five (5) non-residents on their roster. Non-Resident Teams may have any number of non-residents and must pay the higher registration fee. "Resident" players are residents and/or taxpayers of Brookhaven Town.
      2. Rosters and registration cards must be turned in to the Softball Office prior to the first game. The roster must list the Manager (and any Assistant Manager) in the Team contact area. All players, including man- agers who are players, must be listed in the Players area. Up to 25 names may be listed in the player area. Registration Cards must be filled out for all players and managers. Teams will forfeit their games until cards and rosters are on file in the Softball Office. NOTE: Only properly registered players and managers are allowed on the bench or playing area. This includes batting practice, pre-game warm-ups, the game, and between games. The first violation shall be a warning by the Umpire. The second violation or refusal to heed the warning issued on the first violation shall be an immediate forfeiture of the game; 2017 USSSA Rule Book page 33.
      3. Rosters will be open through Thursday, October 1st. Teams may add or delete players until this date. At no time may more than 25 players be on a current roster. All league rosters will become frozen on October 2nd, with changes allowed through October 1st.
     4. Should a player's eligibility be questioned by an opposing manager, the questioned player will be required to fill out a player challenge card. Players will be required to provide Photo ID if challenged. Any player who is not able to provide ID or who refuses to fill out the challenge card will be declared illegal and the game will be forfeited. Managers may challenge the legality of a player at any time. No more than two (2) challenges may be made in any game.
The following are the penalties:
        a) The player, if ineligible, is declared illegal and will not be eligible to play in the Town for one year.
        b) The ineligible player's manager will be ineligible for the next two (2) games.
        c) Games that the illegal player played in will be forfeited.
     5. A player may play on any number of teams but may not play for more than one team in the same league.
     6. Once a player has appeared in a game with a team, they cannot change to another team in the same league before the roster deadline unless they appeal to the Softball Office for a hearing and receive permission.
      7. Any player whose legality becomes questioned, may be suspended by the Softball office. A hearing will be held and at that time, forfeiture will be decided.
      8. Players must be age 18 or older to be eligible. To determine eligibility for Over 40 Leagues, a player's age is his age at the end of the calendar year. i.e. A 39 year-old, turning 40 by Dec 31 is eligible for the Over 40 leagues.
      9. Players may not be added at the field. Do not give registration cards to the scorekeepers.

      1. Protests must be made verbally (before the next live ball) to the umpire and official scorer and in writing to the Softball Office within 48 hours after the game. A twenty-dollar ($20.00) money order payable to BOA must accompany any written protest. (Refundable if you win protest).
      2. Only protests prepared in accordance with the 2017 USSSA Rule Book will be considered.

      1. All teams qualify for the playoffs. A single elimination format will be used until the Finals, which will be best 2 out of 3.
      2. Ties in the Standings will be resolved by:
               a) Head to Head games played, if still tied;
               b) Fewest Runs Allowed (Head to Head), if still tied;
               c) Fewest Runs Allowed versus the entire League, if still tied;
               d) Coin Toss.

       1. Individual and team awards will be given for the 1st place team in each league.
       2. Team awards will be issued to the playoff champions.
       3. Sportsmanship/Sportswomanship Award to one men's league team and one women's league team.

       1. No alcoholic beverages at the park before, during or after the game. Violation of this rule may be grounds for disciplinary action. This is a Town of Brookhaven ordinance.
       2. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players at the field. In order to keep this under control, all managers should advise their players that failure to follow the rules of good sportsmanship will result in their being removed from the game and possibly suspended from future games.
       3. Any player who pushes, shoves or strikes an umpire or official scorer either with his/her person or an object may be sus- pended for a minimum of one year from the date of the incident, after appearing before a hearing committee. Further action may be taken by the USSSA.
       4. Use of obscene or vulgar language may result in an automatic ejection from the game. Umpires are advised to strictly enforce this rule. No warning is necessary before an ejection for obscene or vulgar language.
       5. Should a player be ejected from a game, he/she must leave the field of play immediately or risk the chance of his/her team forfeiting the game. Umpires also have the authority to remove a player from Town property.
       6. The Town of Brookhaven Recreation Department reserves the right to discipline participants for unsportsmanlike conduct. If necessary, a hearing will be conducted by the Ethics Committee. Individuals will receive written notification of any action taken by the Recreation Department.

       1. If a team rep has a legitimate complaint, please contact the proper person listed below:
                                            LEAGUE MATTERS Peter Eaton 451-6128
                                            FIELD CONDITIONS Parks Department  451-6199
                                            UMPIRE PROBLEMS Jim McDowell  767-1856

       1. If, after three (3) full innings of play, one team leads another by fifteen (15) or more runs, the losing team will get one more official at-bat to reduce the lead. If the lead is not cut to ten (10) or fewer runs in that next at-bat, the contest is over.
       2. If the lead is cut to ten (10) runs or below, the contest will simply continue as usual. However, should a fifteen (15) run gap be opened again in later innings, the rule goes back into effect.

      Any individual ejected from a game will be ineligible as indicated.
                1. 1st Offense: Next two (2) games. If the ejected player fails to sit the next two games,
                                        forfeit wins will be awarded to the opposing team. The player will be required
                                        to sit out his/her next two (2) games and the team representative/manager
                                        will also sit out his/her next two (2) games for failure to comply. If the ejection
                                        occurs in the final game or games of the season, the penalty will carry over to
                                        the next season. If a player plays for multiple teams, this 2 game suspension
                                        only affects the team involved in the ejection.
               2. 2nd Offense: Any player ejected a second time will be declared ineligible for the remainder
                                        of the season, including playoffs and tournaments. If a player plays for multiple
                                        teams, a 2nd ejection from any team will render that player ineligible for all
                                        teams for the remainder of the season.
                3. Note: In addition to the above suspensions, further disciplinary action may be taken against
                             an ejected player after a hearing by the Ethics Committee.
                4. Appeal Process: A twenty-dollar ($20) money order payable to B.O.A. must be included
                             with your written appeal. The fee will be refunded if the ejection is overturned.
                5. Ineligible persons are not allowed in the dugout or in the field of play until their suspensions
                              have been served.

       1. Any batted ball hitting the white portion should be fair and any ball hitting the orange part should be foul.
       2. On the initial play to first base from the infield or outfield the batter-runner may only touch the orange portion of the base.
       3. The defensive player must touch the white portion.
       4. This rule is in effect only on the initial play at first base which does not include: Returning to the base after over running. Running on a base hit to the outfield (runner may touch the orange or white part). Re-tag to advance on a fly ball.
       5. Effect: If a base runner uses the orange portion at any time after the first attempt at first base and is not in contact with the white portion, then he is considered off the base.
       6. Penalty: The batter/runner is called out on appeal. Play continues, ball is alive and in play and all other runners are in jeopardy.

       1. National League (Mens Monday Night): Wood, Metal and Composite bats are allowed in this league. This is the only league that will allow composite bats. Only USSSA approved bats will be allowed. Bats must have the USSSA stamp on the taper between the barrel and the handle.
       2. All Other Leagues: Only wood and metal bats are allowed - no composite materials. Only bats on the Approved Bats List are approved for use in the Town of Brookhaven Adult Softball Program. This includes Batting Practice, League Games and Playoffs. Managers and players who wish to have a bat added to or removed from the list may appeal (in writing) to the Softball Office. This list will be updated on a regular basis. Based on appeals and playing conditions, the Softball Office reserves the right to change this list without notice.
Penalties: Any player who uses a non-approved bat will be ejected and serve a two game suspension. Note: The Approved Bats List is available online at our website: and will be mailed to team managers before the beginning of the season.
       3. Cracked, Worn, or Damaged Bats are not altered bats, but will be removed from play. USSSA umpires and directors are authorized in their discretion to remove from play any bat which shows wear such as worn off or cracked graphics or damaged barrels, handles, tapers, plugs, cap or knobs. Umpires or directors in their discretion may either remove the offending bat from the game or tournament and return it at the end of play or simply ask the player to put the bat away and not use it in USSSA play. If such a bat is brought back into USSSA play, the owner and user of such a bat may be suspended from USSSA play for up to one year.
       4. Altered Bats: Brookhaven Town will strictly enforce the USSSA rule on altered bats. The responsibility of knowing whether a bat is altered is that of the user and the owner of the bat. The fact that the individual did not know that the bat was altered is not a factor in imposing any suspension. The question is only whether the bat is altered or not.

        1. Playing rules contained in the Official 2017 USSSA Slow Pitch Rule Book will govern play in all leagues, except where Town Rules conflict.
        2. The Town Scorer at the field will determine ground rules at that particular field. Should an umpire interpret a ground rule incorrectly during the course of a game, the scorer may, and should, intercede at once.
        3. Any game stopped because of weather is not a suspended game (e.g. lightning, rain, fog, snow, etc.)
        4. A game is considered a legal game whenever the losing team has batted four (4) times.
        5. All team representatives have the responsibility to pass on rule changes to their players each season. For example: Allowed Bats, 6 Foot Pitching Area, Offensive Team equipment interference, etc.
        6. Start time will be 7:15 pm. One and one-half (1 1/2) hour time limit for each game. Any inning in progress will be completed unless the home team is leading while at bat.
        7. Any night, including Saturdays, may be used to play make-ups or other rescheduled games. This applies to all Brookhaven Town league games.
        8. Forfeiture of a game or games on two (2) playing dates during a league/playoff schedule will result in the offending team being dropped from the program.
        9. Players may not use excessive speed at any time in delivering a pitch.
       10. Dual first bases (safety base option) will be used for the 2017 season.
       11. All teams, in all leagues, at all fields, are limited to six (6) over-the-fence home runs. Anything over-the-fence after six (6) is an out. This is a dead ball situation, all runners return to their bases.
        12. Men's leagues will use the 12 inch ball. The Women's leagues will use the 11 inch Softball. Night leagues in both Men's and Women's play will use an Optic Yellow covered ball.
        13. Men's league bases will be set at 70 feet. Women's league bases will be set at 65 feet.
        14. The Town strongly recommends that all pitchers use face masks and other protective equipment.

          1. Courtesy Runners are allowed in all Leagues.
          2. After the batter has reached base, his courtesy runner, if used, must be inserted before the next pitch.
          3. Courtesy runners may be used for two batters each inning. Exception - Over 50 Leagues may use any number of runners each inning. Runners may be any roster member of the offensive team whether they are listed in the current batting order or not.
   a) If the same batter reaches base twice in an inning, you may run for that batter again.
   b) If a courtesy runner is on base when his turn at bat comes up, he is out. He is removed from the base and takes his proper turn at bat. If the out is the 3rd out of an inning, he will be the first batter in the next inning.
   c) If a courtesy runner is not able to continue as a runner while on base because of injury, he may be replaced on the base by either the original batter or by a legal substitute in the runner's spot in the batting order. In either case, the injured player will be ineligible for the remainder of that game.
         4. Players with a physical disability may apply in writing to the Softball Office for a permanent courtesy batter/runner waiver. The runner who is running for the batter from home plate must start from a position 5 feet farther from first base than the 3rd base foul line. This waiver runner does not count towards the limit on Courtesy Runners.
         5. Each Courtesy/Waiver runner may only run once per inning.

         1. Field Coordinator: Each site will have a recreation staff member who will put down the bases, provide balls and line-up cards and determine if the fields are playable. This individual will keep a scorebook.
          2. All USSSA rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
   a) Teams must have nine (9) players to start a game, and may list up to 13 players in the batting order. Batters may be added at any time. Batters removed from the game (injury, ejection, etc.) must be substituted for, or that spot in the order will be an out.
   b) Brookhaven Town 15 run rule will be used.
   c) Brookhaven Town player ejection rule is in effect.
   d) Composite bats are allowed only in the Monday Night National League. They are prohibited in all other leagues, and only bats on the Approved Bat List will be allowed.
   e) USSSA has eliminated the free foul ball after strike one. The Town will continue to use the old USSSA rule: 2 strikes is an out, 3 balls is a walk, and after strike one, the batter may hit one foul ball, a second foul after strike one is a dead ball out.

O. RECREATION (noun): to create anew, restore, refresh, refreshment of strength and spirits after work. (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 1984).

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