Tennessee Dixie Youth Baseball: Leagues

District 1
Brighton Dixie Youth Baseball
Covington American Dixie Youth
Crockett County Dixie Youth Baseball
Dyer County Dixie Youth
Halls Dixie Youth Baseball
Haywood County National DYB
Madison South Dixie Youth
Munford American Dixie Youth
Ripley National Dixie Youth

  Director District 1, Tennessee Mike Coburn
Phone: 731-780-5198

District 2
Bolivar Dixie Youth Baseball
Chester County Dixie Youth
Fayette County Dixie Youth League Inc.
Middleton Dixie Youth Baseball
Ramer Dixie Youth Baseball

  Director District 2, Tennessee Dylan Hill
Phone: 731-609-1219

District 3
Collinwood Dixie Youth Baseball
Lewis County Dixie Youth
Loretto Dixie Youth
Mt. Pleasant Dixie Youth
Perry County Dixie Youth Baseball
Summertown Dixie Youth Baseball
Wayne County National Dixie Youth

  Director District 3, Tennessee Janice Harris
Phone: 931-722-3774
Fax: Cell: 931-722-8500

District 4
Adams/Cedar Hill Recreation
Ashland City Dixie Youth
Charlotte Park Dixie Youth
City of Greenbrier Sports
Coopertown Athletic Association
East Cheatham Athletic Association
East Robertson Dixie Youth
Joelton Dixie Youth Baseball
Lakewood American Dixie Youth
Lebanon Rotary Baseball League
Nashville Parkwood Dixie Youth
Pleasant View Dixie Baseball
Portland Dixie
Springfield Dixie Youth
White House Dixie Youth

  Director District 4, Tennessee Aaron Prince
Phone: 615-522-3168

District 5
Dickson County Youth Athletic Assn. DYB
Fairview Dixie Youth Baseball
Hickman County Baseball & Softball
Houston County Dixie Youth
Humphreys County American DYB
McEwen Dixie Youth Baseball

  Director District 5, Tennessee James Tidwell
Phone: 931-670-3842

District 6
Lookout Mountain DYB
Red Bank Dixie Youth
Signal Mountain DYB

  Director District 6, Tennessee Cindy Church
Phone: 931-728-4397

District 7
Adamsville Dixie Youth Baseball
Lexington Dixie Youth Baseball
Medina Dixie Youth
Michie Dixie Youth
Savannah Dixie Youth
Selmer Dixie Youth, Inc.
Tri-County Dixie Youth

  Director District 7, Tennessee Paul Plunk
Phone: 731-632-3163
Fax: Cell 731-925-0686

District 8
Campbell Co. Youth Baseball
Greenback Parks & Recreation
Harriman Dixie Youth Baseball
Kingston Dixie Youth Baseball
Lake City Baseball
Madisonville Sports & Civic Club
Midway Dixie Youth
Rockwood Dixie Youth Baseball
Spring City Dixie Youth Baseball
Sweetwater Dixie Youth Baseball
Tellico Dixie Youth Baseball
Vonore Youth Baseball, Inc.

  Director District 8, Tennessee Larry Mills
Phone: 865-696-0595

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